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Your birth chart is an essential tool for carving out your personal journey in this world. I have worked with countless clients to help them gain a deeper knowledge of their birth chart by interpreting the planets in the signs and their placement in the astrological houses. Every client — just like every chart — is different. As such, I offer various types of readings:

30-Minute Express Birth Chart Reading focuses on a specific planet or point in the chart, with the intent of exploring all the nuances of the planet’s or point’s placement in its sign & house and all major aspects made. Price for this reading: $25 for a WRITTEN-ONLY interpretation; $20 for an over-the-phone reading (which is approx. 30 minutes). 

Here are some Express Birth Chart Reading options:

  • Solar Reading — analyzes the sign & House placement of the Sun, the most important planet in the chart, and how its placement describes your basic identity & life’s purpose. 
  • Lunar Reading — analyzes the sign & House placement of the Moon, describing your habits, instincts, imaginative qualities, and emotional nature. 
  • Rising Sign Reading — analyzes the sign of the Ascendant, the “mask” given to us based on the time of birth, and how this mask colors your entire chart & personality. 
  • Love & Lust Reading — analyzes the sign & House placement of Venus & Mars, describing how you love, what you find attractive, and how you define & seek passion.
  • Vocation Reading — analyzes the Sun & Midheaven, as well as any 10th House placements, describing which career path is best suited to you. 
  • Saturn/Saturn Reading — analyzes the sign & House placement of Saturn, highlighting the obstacles & karmic lessons you face.
  • Lunar Node Reading — analyzes the sign & House placement of the North & South Nodes, crucial points in your chart which describe your past habits & future life’s path.
  • Transit Reading — analyzes the transits for a specified date, explaining significance, impact, & duration of the transits as they aspect certain planets & points in your chart.

60-Minute Readings explore the nuances of the luminaries & personal planets — Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars — as well as the Ascendant; includes interpretation of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto), with additional emphasis on House placement. This option is good for those who are new to astrology & their birth chart, and want to learn more about their planets and signs. Pricing for this option is $40. 

75-Minute Readings focus on the above mentioned chart placements — luminaries, personal planets, outer planets, House position — with additional interpretations of dominant signs/planets, and planetary aspects, and how they all work together in the chart to influence your personality & life purpose. Additional emphasis is made on crucial points of the chart (ASC, DSC, Midheaven, Nadir, Chiron & Lunar Nodes). The price of this option is $50.

60-Minute Synastry Readings are for partners (2 charts). In this interpretation, planets & aspects of the two charts are analyzed side-by-side, so as to explore compatibility between the two lovers (or potential lovers). This is a great option for anyone wanting to know the astrological chemistry between you & your loved ones’ chart. The price of this reading is $60. 

Transit Report is for more advanced astrology students who want to know what the year has in store for them. This Report highlight significant transits catered to your birth chart. Price of this report is $15.

All of my interpretations are catered to your needs, so please be as specific as possible about what you want to know about your chart. My readings are as conversational as they are empowering and informative, and suitable for all levels of astrology fans. (Please note: all readings are done over the phone, unless noted otherwise.)

Before you buy, please send to zodiac.abstract@gmail.com the following information:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your date of birth.
  3. Exact Time of birth.
  4. City and Country of birth.
  5. Phone number and email for the reading.
  6. Your preferred type of reading (Express, 60-Minute, 75-Minute, Synastry, Transit Report, etc.)
  7. Any questions you may have.

I will contact you to schedule your reading.

Thank you very much for choosing me to be part of your astrological journey. I look forward to interpreting your chart!

— Camille, Cosmic Cannibal