The Importance of Astrology

Astrology is often labelled an eccentric, superfluous subject, and tossed into the gutter to mingle with the debris of other unimportant, nonsensical, new-age studies. Many people (primarily skeptical Earth signs) consider it useless and laughable. On its surface, the art of Astrology appears to be impractical, illogical, and immature, due to the fact that many widespread so-called ‘astrologers’ have defamed the prestige of this scientific art through the pop-astrology and -horoscope medium. But several astrologers, in an attempt to save the sullied reputation, have thoroughly penetrated the depths of the subject. And as a result bore many impressive and respectable titles related to the field.

Not convinced? I’ll persuade you…

Astrology is a multi-faceted art and science that borrows many techniques from traditional education courses, and requires immense discipline to master. Now I will spare you a prolonged dissertation on the logistics and theoretical origin of Astrology, and instead present to you a succinct summary of its rudiments.

In their desperate search for human meaning in the sky, the earliest human beings (a.k.a. Cavemen) began to record the similarities between seasonal changes and astronomical cycles. This continued on into Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, and Greek and Roman cultures. The development and application of Astrology gestated and grew with each rising and falling society, combining geography, geometry, astronomy,  eventually using the elemental rhetoric of chemistry, and now psychology. Succinct, right?

Astrology is a study of human behaviors and relationships, as well as a blue-print to self-realization, and it splices the nature of all of these subjects to create its own intriguing and highly adaptive scholarly species. This stubborn underdog of the new-age movement refuses to relent its permeation of evolving cultures, nor does it lose its momentum. It is an art, full of color, that is devoted to the comprehension and logic of human vibrancy, and will continue to imprint and share its knowledge with the world of admirers and skeptics alike.

The natal chart, or birth chart, which shows planetary placement and positions through the zodiac signs and astrological houses, helps in the comprehension of the logic; the reasons why a person acts, thinks, and unconsciously behaves the way they do, as well as why they seek out relationships, and certain hobbies and professions. Knowledge of the chart gives you knowledge of the person, but for you to be able to gain said knowledge, you must understand and speak the language of astrology. Lucky for you, I’m fluent in Zodiac. I can explain to you why Astrology is worth your time, and simplify the massive procedure of understanding your own chart.

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