The Birth of a Cosmic Cannibal

I’ve been mulling, well gestating really, like a weird wine, growing into a crazed astro-fanatic for years. It started with a mix of curiosity and pride as I perused the pages of my favorite teen magazines looking at the horoscope section in the back, emblazoned with short forecasts of my month to come. Even then I thought horoscopes were bull shit, but the six letters that spelled my celestial surname left a saccharine coating on my tongue, and I was enthralled. “I’m a Gemini” I would often boast with borderline Leo-like pride. I felt that being a Gemini summed me up better than a back-cover VHS synopsis of the movie Spice World, even if I had no idea what it meant.

But my curio-pride began to shift into a desired interest as I ventured into my true teens, peeking at the taboo astrology books section of Barnes & Noble. You see, they were taboo because I’m Catholic, and my mom, who stayed in a convent for awhile, would have nun of that “astrology crap” in her house. And that only made me hunger for more. My aunt, also a Gemini, was this occult queen, who not only had her own copies of astrology books, but took me to get my very first chart reading (and side note: it sucked). So during my frequent, often week-long stays at her residence, I, along with my cousin, devoured the contents of her mystical bookshelf, in search of discovering some secret I believed beating in the heart of astrology. There was something about this astrology crap that fascinated me to no end.

So began the beginning of my beguilement, voraciously I inhaled the content of various cosmic authors; The AstroTwins, Starsky & Cox, Martine, Stephen Arroyo, Grant Lewi, Howard Sasportas, Liz Greene, and the goddess herself, Linda Goodman. I ripped, chewed, and spat out zodiac words and phrases, tearing through the flesh and bone of Sun signs, Moon signs, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto… I consumed it all in my attempt to know it all. I had no idea astrology was such a tasty art! But I felt there was something missing from this massive collection, I just didn’t know what. So I taught myself more of the complexities of astrology, the real anatomy of it, and it became clear: I wanted to be one of these astro-stars.

Suffice to say, I love this crap, the planets, signs, houses, aspects, asteroids, birth charts, and whatever else, I LOVE IT. And it is my love turned mania that caused my evolution from young Gemini-obsessed girl to full on mutated Cosmic Cannibal. I have accumulated so many theories and insights, I’m bursting – literally, my mouth is frothing with zodiac information, and like rabies, it’s gonna spread.  I. Want. More. And I want everyone to be infected. So let the cannibalism spread…

4 thoughts on “The Birth of a Cosmic Cannibal

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      1. Of course! Libra all over – Sun and Ascendant. Moon in Capricorn.. My mother is a Gemini 🙂
        Astrology really leaves you wanting more, I can really appreciate that.. and I love your vhs spice world reference, ha!


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