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Capricorn: the Skeleton

Designer and illustrator Dan Beckemeyer

Capricorn, the heart and soul

The Zodiac’s Goat is an ancient and noble bastion of caution, responsibility and…yeah, whatever. A more modern translation of Capricorn would be BORING, and I will admit, I possessed that unevolved mindset during the primitive stages of my astrological pilgrimage, but that is only because I was disillusioned by traditional tales usually told when describing Capricorn. That, and I was more concerned with deciphering the codes of my signs, as opposed to some stick-in-the-mud square.  And therein lies the good ol’ Goat’s fate: being brushed aside as a serious and archaic old fart who never has any fun or makes any friends. There are never any madcap nouns or adjectives used to illustrate the character of Capricorn. It’s no wonder they are suspicious of astrology, I mean, would you trust a subject that has told the entire human populace you are a boring, conservative, square?? Uh. No.

I could masticate every myth about Capricorn from now until next week, but then I’d have no material for my book, and honestly, the one area of focus I’ve been engrossed in has nothing to do with Capricorn being cautious or boring, I just needed a good introduction. Capricorn is a family oriented sign, not in the typical G-rated-7th Heaven type of way, but in a loyal-to-my-bloodline sort of way, which is why I called them a bastion – they support their tribe. All Goats will agree that they feel an obligation to their family, and sometimes guilt at not fending for them. Even if their clan is a bunch of backwater hobos who cook crank in the woods, Capricorn will love them and feel a need to provide for them. And it is this unconditional love & loyalty that works like Haitian voodoo on the family members (or very close friends), causing them to in turn, feel bound to Capricorn. Through their Saturn osmosis, Capricorn becomes the symbolic skeleton of their kin, a support system that holds everyone together, and keeps them upright.

Charcoal and Bone VIII by ~napoleoman. napoleoman.devian... ::

Don’t be so somber Capricorn! We need your bones.

But what happens when the Goat is gone? Well, we turn to jelly. Recently a Capricorn pal of mine moved away from all of her family and friends to go become a big shot graphic designer. She’s got a butt load of siblings, that doubled as her BFFs, and they were devastated; friends from work were crushed; I was devastated and crushed. What surprised me most was not the fact that everybody missed her, she’s a great gal (super funny), but rather that she had become a ghostly force uniting people. Friends and family commiserate over her departure, and have become closer through her connection to us all. But not like a Bette Midler “Wind Beneath My Wings” sisterly salute, when they hang out, they talk about how much they miss her, or “that one time at Goodwill when she…” (Capricorn’s love Goodwill btw – there’s something about the stockpiles of cheap knickknacks that sends them reeling). This a surprising feat for a sign that is usually so quiet, reserved and boring. But not too surprising if you’ve examined Capricorn’s blood ties like I have. I noticed the same incident take place when my brother, a Capricorn, is absent from family get-togethers. All we talk about is him!

Because it is in Capricorn’s character to build bonds & legacies, and the 10th house, Capricorn’s natural astrological house, is all about reputation and how society views you, this skeletal role begins to make sense. The good ol’ Goat wants to be indispensable to everyone – friends, family, company – it don’t matter, as long as Capricorn knows they matter. It’s not attention or acceptance seeking, like other signs, it’s a requirement to be the core of something that they themselves have built. Capricorns rarely express this aspiration, usually because they don’t know they feel it, but all of them become a skeleton in some form or another. Which is a very good thing, because us fire, water, and air signs really need the support now and then. So I guess cautious, responsible, traditional, and boring, need to be replaced with something a little more uh…bony? Like, “Capricorn is a tower of ivory tissue that reinforces the…” oh hell, I don’t know. I’ll work on it and get back to you, okay?