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You’re My Obsession: the secret neuroses of the signs

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Obsession can be a beautiful thing, but not today…

Every sign in the zodiac is capable of, and plagued by obsession. And when we think of obsession in astrology, our well-trained minds immediately jump to Scorpio, poor fanatical fixed sign.

Anything involving passionate thoughts that are all consuming are always associated with the water sign. I’m not going to attempt to change this stereotype, because it is true – Scorpio is an obsessive sign — but it’s not the only one. The virus of manic fixation can infect all of the 12 zodiac personalities, and their symptoms vary in severity from innocent infatuation to full on foaming-at-the-mouth-rabies.

Obsession, for the Zodiac, is simply a mutation of the attention & capacity for application. It can be advantageous, and assist many in acing their astrological assignment in life, or it can be toxic, and cloud their focus, misdirecting their ambitions. This post focuses on the poisonous aspect, because it is far more interesting and far more frequent.

Signs like Cancer, Virgo, and Pisces are at the mercy of their hallucinatory obsessions, and become dependent on the explosion of purpose obsessions give them, as they are not typically determined signs.

The two water signs require inspiration from an outside source –a host if you will– and find it difficult to function or cope without one. They’re like parasites. Their idea of completion is hooking themselves to something that is bigger, stronger, and more confident. So their host’s obsessions become their own.

Virgo needs some sort of existential muse to fuss over as well, only they aren’t as co-dependent as the other two. Cancer and Virgo’s obsessions are almost always insecurity-based, and involve some sort of worry; worry over not being accepted and loved, or losing something or someone, or worry over the outer world’s perception of them. Pisces’ obsession stems from their escapist tendencies. They become addicted to the unreality their over-active imaginations creates, and obsess about experiencing ecstasy.

Obsession gnaws on the fears and uncertainties these 3 passive signs inhibit, and it is much too intimidating for Cancer, Virgo, and Pisces to confront the thing that seems to offer sweet psychological sanctuary.

On the reverse end of the spectrum, there are the self-professed manic-addicts, who thrive on the rush of power and exhilaration obsessions provide. These users and abusers are Aries, Leo, and Capricorn.

For Aries, their courage elevates as their drive forces them to obsess over finishing first, and being crowned the victor. And they can get pretty belligerent with this bug up their ass to snatch their prize. That’s what the obsession makes itself out to be in the Ram’s thick skull: a prize.

Same thing goes for Leo and Capricorn. They both have something to prove to themselves by grasping their goals and being the stars in charge.

Leo will fixate, stalk, and hunt their prize like prey, determined to dominate, because the obsession has them believing that success will bring them fame, glory, and admiration. Neither Aries nor Leo are chronically addictive signs. They’re just rush junkies, and will toss the obsession once they satisfy it.

Capricorn, however, isn’t so hasty or wasteful, but they are just as hungry. The Goat possesses a more compulsive hankering for power, and gets a hard-on for a specific thing that will bring him or her longstanding success. They are the most OCD folks, because they like control, and the feeling it gives them.

Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are all cursed with the same compulsion of the next category: curiosity.

Gemini’s appetite, is quick-changing, insatiable, and the most prone to permutation. Their “obsession” is more of a craze really, like a time-bomb trend. It’s ticking for a few minutes, then boredom detonates any interest. Gemini is usually too careless and superficial to obsess.

Likewise, Sagittarius experiences information-related hunger pains, but their enthusiasm is more wolfish than Gem’s. Like their fire sign bros, Sagittarius is addicted to the chase, and could care less about winning. Their compulsion is to ingest as much information as possible, because the world fascinates them.

When fascination turns into fixation, you get Scorpio, the O.G. obsessive. I include them in this group, because unlike the other signs that are often passion and power’s pawns, or inquiry’s playthings, Scorpio is the master. They control their craving for the unknown so that the obsession never has a chance of eating them. It’s really a remarkable talent, to be so composed while being consumed.

As we continue on through the zodiac cycle from flightiness, fascination, and fixation, we reach the fanaticism of Aquarius. Unknown variables are maddening for Water Bearers, and they develop a feverish fetish for facts. Their curiosity is unquenchable, and their experimental behaviors are weird enough as is, so when you add this obsession with combining disseminated parts to their radical intellect, and fanatical idiosyncrasies, you have astrology’s Dr. Frankenstein. It’s ALIVE!

The last on the list are Taurus and Libra. You would assume that the offspring of Aphrodite would be obsessed with peace and harmony, and the similar flowery bull sh** associated with Venus, but they are not.

Taurus is often prone to greed, becoming obsessed with sensual pleasures like food, sex, food, clothes, food, and did I mention food? The Bull can obsess over what they have and what they don’t have. Gluttony is the proper term – that and lust and envy.

Libra has developed a habit of making sure people like them, being the ‘good guy baby face’, and it can drive them off a cliff to think that they look bad. Vanity. Libra is vain, and obsessed with looking perfect. So basically Aphrodite knocks out 4 of the 7 deadly sins in just 2 signs.

So there you have it, the secret obsessions and behaviors of the signs – and that certainly wasn’t all of them. For the zodiac, obsession is a delusion, a bacterial virus that feeds off of your sign’s distinctive traits, twisting them into a psychological weapon that can, will, and is used against you, only now you have a vaccine.