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Duplicity and Duality: the Mutable Modes of the Zodiac

Fraud comes in many forms, whether lying to oneself or others. And regardless of type, the unconsci…

As you may or may not know, the zodiac is broken up in 2 different ways: by element and by mode. In astrology, modes are simply manners of expression; ways in which the signs further separate each other. But the modes also reveal certain behavioral characteristics lurking inside every sign. Since I like to explore the psychology, and therefore the shadows of the signs, I felt it was high time to look deeper into the modes. I am starting with the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. These dudes and dudettes go with the proverbial flow, because that is what they are good at, being masters of duality, multi-tasking, and flexibility. Altinger their make-up and attitude on a daily basis is like breathing for these four signs; it’s automatic. But somewhere along this path of constant change, they develop a sneaky little virus called duplicity. This bacterial bastard lives in all the mutable signs, and feeds off of their survival instinct of adaptation. So the more they become something for someone else the more duplicity spreads. Now, duplicity is defined as “deceitfulness; and double dealing”. And while you can argue that every zodiac sign dabbles in some form of dishonesty, the mutable guys and gals do it excessively.

duplicity breaks these mutable communicators into pieces. Photo credit: Lancia TrendVisions – Trend Wall

Gemini, often associated with double-talk and being two-faced, is the premiere communicator, and the zodiac’s very first mutable sign. Its glyph is the Twins, and that should tell you right there what to expect of its natives: multiple personalities. Duplicity strikes the Twins very early in life as they discover their flair for creative persuasion, as well as their inherent chameleon qualities. They use these gifts to get on people’s good side and market themselves. The con artists of the zodiac, Geminis aren’t just two-faced fibbers, they’re prisms of artifice. But their biggest scam is duping themselves. See, they like to change and alter themselves to align with the motives of other people, because it keeps them from facing their inner dichotomy of whims whirling around their heads.

Now, Virgo’s tricks are slicker, because the Virgin is much too modest and unaware that they are employing any type of deception. A marginal switch from Geminis, who know they’re lying, but choose not to do anything about it. Virgo wants to be put to good use, so they will humbly submit themselves to any given task at any given time to please people. And this is where their duplicity sneaks in. Virgos are like clay, flexible and malleable, always willing to be sculpted to fit the mold and needs of their immediate environment.  Their humility and service become their defense against helping themselves, or in other words, taking responsibility for their lives. Virgo often harbors bitter resentment towards those whom they serve, becoming the personification of passive-aggressive behavior. They smile sweetly and accept your orders willingly, then snarl in frustration as you turn your back, adopting the delusion that they are being oppressed.

These signs have multiple personality mutations. Photo credit: Fluid Self-Portraits on Film by Laurence Demaison – Lomography

Similar to Gemini and Virgo, Pisces assumes a number of personas to both please and puzzle people. But their duplicity is employed as a weapon of evasion. Everything about this sign is elusive and indefinable. Fish never wish to be pinned down to one definite view or belief, and they never want to disrupt or disturb anyone. Pisces exemplifies going with the flow, and this usually means going against their will to appease the wants of others. This allows the real Pisces to swim away unseen and unscathed. The Fish tend to lose their independence, free will, and free thinking in the thoughts, concerns, and actions of other people. This is what makes them such great actors. All of the mutable signs are fantastic thespians actually, because of their ability to become something they are not.

Sagittarius is the only mutable fire sign in our astrological bunch. And it is allegedly a truth-loving sign – a fact which would oppose the dishonesty of duplicity, causing you to think that the Centaurs are never deceitful or devious. But they are. Each mutable sign struggles with introspection in their own uniquely ignorant way. And for Sagittarius, it’s less of a struggle, and more of a melee. This is an expansive sign that seeks to explore and search for a higher power to believe in. But instead of acknowledging this longing for religion, the Centaur finds a logical activity to replace it: Traveling and Learning. Sagittarius consumes knowledge avidly, and would give anything to explore the worl. But they never stop to ask themselves, ‘What am I really searching for?’ It’s interesting, because heavy holiness is not usually associated with such a silly and boisterous sign, and I think that is one of the ways duplicity paralyzes the sign. Sagittarius doesn’t want to seem deep or philosophical, so they laugh away their spiritual thirst.


Seeing more than double? That’s mutable magic.  Photo credit: from Daves’ Grooveland; grooveland.tumblr.com

Fraud comes in many forms, whether lying to oneself or others. And regardless of type, the unconscious urge to take on the role that the world requires of them is a defense weapon the mutable signs use to avoid a direct confrontation with reality and truth. They are crafty, these mutes. Stay tuned for my next post when I discuss the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. If you think mutable signs are whack-jobs, then you don’t know the fixed zodiac.