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Planet Abstraction: Mars

Mars can make someone hostile, antagonistic, or even violent – but these are extreme expressions of…

The planet of action and passion, Mars is an important component of the personality. Named after the Roman god of War, Mars, and its corresponding sign Aries represent the raw, untamed physical nature of a person. It is the planet of physical action.

Typical Mars associations are: confidence, bravery, action, sex, violence, anger, independence, aggression, war, confrontation, ambition, impulsiveness, courage, initiative, and energy.

The atmosphere of Mars is dusty and dry, with extreme seasons; short intensely hot summers, and briefly cold winters. These attributes are similar to the behaviors of an Aries or fire sign Mars. When they want something, they want it with a high degree of desire and passion, and that intensity is what pumps blood through their body. But when they are thwarted, Aries will fall down briefly, like the cold winter, only to be inspired by yet another extreme desire.

Your aggression and drive are seeds from Mars’ loins, urging you to make an effort or overcome something. Like Aries, Mars can make someone hostile, antagonistic, or even violent – but these are extreme expressions of the planet’s self-assertion. Mars’ disposition changes from sign to sign.

The 6 masculine signs of the zodiac Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius encourage and incite Mars’ aggression and need for action.

When placed in the Fire signs, Mars makes a person impulsive, quick to anger, passionate, ambitious, and possibly destructive. But they are also optimistic and always ready for action, which makes them competitive and combustible. Confidence is intrinsic for a fiery Mars, as is will power; they are independent and act on their own accord. The person is explosive, both creatively and passionately, and has a burning desire to make his or her mark on the world. But there is no stamina, because the person burns so brightly and so hotly, that their flame of passion, desire, and/or drive burns out too quickly.

People with airy Mars are more fickle and temperamental, because there is an electric charge of enthusiasm that often spirals into nervous instability, making them feel scattered. Mars encourages the individual to challenge his or her mind, and it is likely to make the person very argumentative, but playfully so. The person’s brain will be working constantly, shooting out ideas left and right, but again, unless the chart has heavy earth, the person will lack the stamina and grounding to put the ideas to good use. Still, they will be very friendly, outgoing, and prefer fair competitions.

The 6 feminine signs of the zodiac, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces dilute and sustain Mars’ energy flows.

Earth sign Mars channel the dynamism of the planet more constructively than the rest of the signs, and have impressive endurance. An earthy Mars often makes a person – regardless of Sun sign – very in touch with the body, and they see it as a tool that aids in their personal expression. They are slow to anger and capable of handling a lot, but can be lazy as compared to masculine sign Mars, who are so mobile. Mars in earth set realistic goals, because they are driven by material gain, and they take their time, enjoying the work that is required to complete or achieve their goals.

When Mars is placed in a water sign, a person appears weak or idle, but this is because the aggression of the planet can only be stimulated by the emotions. Defensiveness and passive aggressive behaviors are often the only way watery Mars can find expression, because the lava –like flow of energy is blocked and at war with the nurturing, feeling instincts. They are usually gentle and non-confrontational, and use their feelings to charge their energy like a battery. Water Mars always rest in between activities, like pit stops, and don’t possess the same vigor as the masculine signs. They do, however, have incredible strength and resilience, but they can be discouraged rather easily, because they don’t have a boastful confidence.

It is interesting to note the gender imbalance of Mars, and how it affects expression of Martian energies. Women with a masculine sign Mars want to assert themselves and seek to be independent, defying the traditional role assigned to females. But sometimes the urge to take charge can make them overly hostile or combative, just as the reverse is true for men. A man with a feminine Mars (specifically Mars in Cancer, or Pisces) feels impotent in the world, because he is not as assertive or heroic as other men. So there is a battle between the instincts of your personal Mars, and the ideals and stereotypes of society’s Mars.

Understanding the psychology of the Red Planet helps us to grasp the motivations of everyone we know. And knowing how to handle your own Mars can unblock pent of frustrations that impede the flow and expression of other planets.

Also I must add that it is important for Mars to evolve and move beyond the traditional negative, selfish expression usually associated with the planet, because Mars is supposed to be a warrior and defender – not a tactless brute.