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Dark Side of the Moon in the signs

Dive into the shady territory of the moon signs…

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There’s a lot of misdirection in astrology, particularly when it comes to the negative expressions of the Moon in the zodiac signs. In this article, I’m diving into the shady side of the moon in the signs to shine a light on some of the unpleasant traits, bad habits, and plain old shady stuff of each astrological moon in the one of the 12 zodiac signs.

The Moon is the astrological planet of the emotions, habits, instincts and imagination. Like any other planet in astrology, the Moon has a good and bad sign. This is also true of the Moon in the signs. (A good Moon Sign reading can help all of this, btw.) But before we go exploring the bad side of each moon sign, let’s take a look at how this shadow side expresses itself in each astrological element.

Moon in Fire, Water, Air, and Earth signs

When in one of the fire signs, the Moon throws temper tantrums. They get irritable and impatient, and alternatively explosive or seething. Ignoring the more emotional aspects of the moon, like sadness and depression, is a bad habit for Fire Moons. Often, Fire Moons are quick to blame others.

Earth sign Moons are not easy to deal with, as they can be inflexible and insensitive. In the earthy zodiac signs, the Moon’s main concern is maintaining their security and comfort, and so they resist change and self-examination. Addictions to material things like clothing, food, or work is common.

Air sign Moons, because they don’t know how to handle emotional waves overcoming them, and want to handle things rationally, try their hardest to talk their way out of things. They often play the blame game, pointing fingers at external things to explain their internal instability. A moon in one of the airy zodiac signs attempts to overpower feelings with logic.

Water sign Moons are sneaky, working in ways that make others feel guilty for having upset them. If/when hurt, a Moon in one of the three water zodiac signs does something to physically hurt themselves so that the injuring party will be forced to feel remorse.

Moon in the Signs
Dark side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon in the Zodiac Signs

Please note, these descriptions are intended as a source of entertainment and education about the NEGATIVE expression of the Moon in the signs. There are positive and constructive expressions of every Moon sign, but as the title suggests, this article focuses on the Dark Side of the Moon.

Moon in Aries is the Firestarter.

The dark side of the Aries moon sign is its self-absorption. Everything is a personal attack on the secretly weak Aries ego, and they don’t hesitate to let you know it. Expect many obscenities and objects thrown at you if you hurt them or ignore them.

Aries Moons react impulsively and explosively, because they are self-centered and just want attention. They don’t care how they get it, or why, as long as all eyes are on them. This behavior also makes them supremely insensitive.

An Aries Moon is satisfied when they have your attention, but the Firestarter comes out when they get bored. Aries Moons hate stagnation, and because they are initiators, they incite as much chaos, action, and destruction as possible.

Moon in Taurus is the Glutton.

More, more, more, this moon must have more! Moderation is not a strength of the Taurus Moon sign, so there is quite often an addiction of some sort. Food, porn, food porn, shopping, chocolate, drinking – if you can buy it and gorge on it, the Taurus Moon does. In short, this moon can have difficulty resisting temptation.

Crimes of excess aside, the darker side of the Taurus Moon is its low tolerance for forgiveness. When Taurus Moon has been slighted, they refuse to budge until the affected party pleads forgiveness. There’s a bit of a superiority complex in every Taurus Moon caused by the fixed modality, which seeks to draw things to it.

Unmoved by the feelings of others, unless they are drenched in chocolate, the Taurus Moon acts on its own accord, and obstinately refuses to admit they are wrong. So, stubbornness is a given, but there is also the habit of using people for Taurus’ entertainment.

Moon in Gemini is the Mouth.

Gemini Moon can’t sit still for too long, focus on one thing, or even maintain a stable emotional temperament. They get bored too easily. Their fickle emotions are always blinking from one to the next, without any permanency, but the one thing you can always count on is a smart remark.

Gemini Moon signs are often very sarcastic and glib, and find silence strenuous. So, backtalk is pretty much guaranteed. Excessively curious, they are always nosing around, looking for things to momentarily occupy their time and attention. Still, the true dark side of the Gemini Moon is moodiness and duplicity, which can make them seem inconsistent and shallow.

Depth, as well as commitment of any kind scares the life out of this mutable Moon. So, it can self-soothe with mind games and manipulation. The smooth-talking Gemini moon can coerce anyone into anything, and will do so just to keep themselves entertained (for now).

 Moon in Cancer is Guilt Trip.

The emotions of this cardinal moon are vulnerable to every type of hurt out there, so they are always on high alert. The Cancer Moon uses self-protection tactics like lying or mood swings to deflect from others seeing them affected. Instead of direct confrontation, this misleading moon will use subtle manipulation and victimization.

Guilt is Cancer Moon’s favorite weapon. Taking on the role of both mother and child, Cancer Moons scolds you, holds you, and never lets you go. They are in a word: possessive. And they fear abandonment. The dark side of this moon is that they try to act tough, physically or emotionally bullying you, but are highly vulnerable to retaliation.

Moon in Cancer usually attacks others as a defense tactic. This tactic backfires, leaving this Moon crying into their empty bottles of booze or buckets of ice cream. Two nasty habits of the Cancer Moon is alcoholism and emotional eating.

 Moon in Leo is Righteously Wicked.

Cold, childish, pompous, and touchy — these are the four cornerstones of the Leo Moon’s shadow. Even though they often feign confidence, the appearance is a sore spot for every Leo moon, and they often feel insecure about not living up to some grand standard.

Instead of accepting the insecurity, the Leo Moon gets haughty and holier-than-thou, acting as if the world isn’t good enough for the greatness of the Lion. Needless to say, this fixed moon does not handle rejection well. The dark side of this placement is that Leo wants to be the center of attention. And can shun whoever ignores or rejects them.

As warm as Leo can be, when hurt a Leo Moon turns into an ice queen. They will often revert to schoolyard tactics (think Mean Girls Regina George) to ensure you’ve been put in your place. If that doesn’t work, expect a dramatic monologue and theatrical threats.

 Moon in Virgo is the Skeptic.

Secretly insecure about pretty much everything, the Virgo Moon tries very hard to soothe their worries and doubts with work – housework, bookwork, dirty work- any work will do so long as Virgo doesn’t have to sit still and meditate.

This mutable Moon sign will sacrifice their time and talents so Virgo can escape themselves. Plus, taking on the world means they can whine about it. They don’t like too much attention, because they don’t know how to handle it. And they hate compliments. Virgo Moon would prefer you keep sappy sentiments and emotional extremes to yourself. The dark side of the Virgo Moon is the critical eye.

They spot faults effortlessly, and get obsessed with details to the point of insanity. They don’t trust emotions, because they can’t label emotions (and Virgo needs detailed analysis and labels for everything). Virgo Moon will be quick to point out your flaws, and can do so rather cruelly.

 Moon in Libra is Two-Face.  

This cardinal moon is dead set on being right and getting their way, but it is crucial for them to win fairly, even if that means arguing all night. The dark side of the Libra Moon is the obsession with perfection. Libra Lunars need to be thought of as the level-headed baby face.

When they are upset, they turn to stone, and plaster on a plastic happy face, because they dread the thought of people seeing them act ugly or senselessly. They can and do act ugly, usually through gossip or rumor spreading. Everything is done with tact and beauty, however.

And even though they actively seek balance, and find it excruciatingly difficult to make a decision, Libra Moons are wildly temperamental, swinging from cheeriness to gloom, like a pendulum. They are vain, and feign independence. They rely on a partner, but require that said partner to be gloriously gorgeous.

 Moon in Scorpio is the Sadist.

Pleasure and pain are one in the same to a Scorpio Moon. Your pain gives them great pleasure. There is plenty of malice bubbling inside this fixed, passionate moon that builds like a volcanic eruption. The most unsettling aspect of this lunar placement is the control.

Scorpio Moon masks its true motives and meanings, keeping emotions contained until they have decided it is time to blow and seek revenge. Revenge is what keeps the Plutoninan Moon in orbit – other things like, demolition, transformation, and humiliation play a part, but not like good old fashion vindication. This entire moon is a dark side, because it is very manipulative and possessive, not to mention suspicious and destructive.

Scorpio Moon is usually lacking in the forgiveness, mercy, and compassion departments. When thwarted, scorned, or hurt, the Scorpio Moon acts as judge, jury, and executioner, punishing like Old Testament God.

 Moon in Sagittarius is the Bookie.

This Moon is senseless, restless and addicted to risk. The dark side of the Sagittarius Moon and what earns them the moniker of Bookie is their desperate and active extroversion. They like travel, dares, and action, and will often incite a riot within their group of friends, just to keep things thrilling, because thrills take attention away from real emotions.

This jumpy mutable Moon never slows down, never minces words, and avoids feelings like the plague. Two words: tactless instigation. They can be clumsy with affections and secrets, and oblivious to everything that doesn’t involve them. This moon finds it very difficult to see the people and feelings that exist outside of their large bubble of bedlam, but require perpetual pandemonium to feel safe and secure.

There is a gambler inside every Sagittarius Moon that is waiting for his or her chance to roll the dice on something irresponsible. The temper is titanic in this Moon, and they are prone to random explosions.

 Moon in Capricorn is the Stoic.

Cold and calculating, sarcastic and stoic; Capricorn Moon’s dark side is impervious to the wants and needs of others. When they are deeply depressed, sullen, or sour in any way, Capricorn Moon expects the world to accommodate them.

They’re not foolish enough to expect the harsh world to make them feel better, but instead, deal with their surliness, just like the Goat does every day. Both headstrong and unscrupulous, the Capricorn Moon manifesto is utterly Machiavellian. This is, after all, a cardinal Moon, so the instinct is to take charge and lead. Capricorn Moon is never afraid to usurp anyone’s throne, and will do whatever it takes to dominate their outer environment via their emotions.

There’s a rigid standard a Capricorn Moon applies to everyone, and because they are so hard on themselves, they turn that judgement outward, scrutinizing and dooming others. Capricorn Moon’s emotions hide behind their work and sarcasm.

 Moon in Aquarius is Mr. Roboto.  

The dark side of the Aquarian Moon is the inability to handle emotions rationally. A fixed Aquarius Moon gives its native two options: destroy or power down. Their biggest insecurity is that they don’t feel normal – at least emotionally, because they are so cut off from feeling. A Uranian temperament is not a sensitive or selfless one, and the emotional storms are unexpected and erratic.

There is often a sudden urge to demolish the things they rationally assign blame to, like a child. So if they are worried about getting hired for a new job, instead of admitting that they actually feel human emotions like worry or anxiety, the Moon in Aquarius will instead irrationally, and sometimes violently, complain about plastic bottles being stored in the garage, while making sure to destroy every plastic bottle that comes in their line of vision.

If they don’t do this (or something similarly strange and destructive), Aquarian Moon will power down, and the only reactions you receive will be lifeless small talk unrelated to any subject or silence (because they retreated back into their brain).

 Moon in Pisces is the Masochistic Martyr.

When in the zodiac sign Pisces, the Moon hate to be hurt and evade pain like Wesley Snipes evades his taxes, employing an arsenal of tactics aimed at preserving illusion. Illusions make them feel safe. Pisces Moons love excuses and dishonesty, only they don’t see white lies as being dishonest, and they don’t believe their excuse are, actually excuses.

In fact, the darkest aspect of the Pisces Moon is self-deception. Many Pisces Moons paint a dramatic and somber picture of them as a victim or martyr. Why? Because they want people to feel sorry for them. Here’s the thing: Pisces loves pain – they just refuse to admit it. And it’s not the pain itself they flee, it’s getting caught.

A bad Moon in Pisces does anything to soothe emotional suffering even though it secretly craves it. This is an adaptive moon, prone to heavy addictions and escapism. Confronting a Pisces Moon can feel like trying to catch a slippery eel. Each time you try to get any sense of truth out of it, it slithers away. Moon in Pisces likes to see themselves as helpless little creatures. But they are not.

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