TAURUS: The Delight

It is no longer acceptable to simply write the Bull off as an obstinate pleasure-seeker or homely hog, or even a fixed, unfailing plodder. Taurus is biding their time, saving and organizing their resources until it is the perfect moment to say to the world in a quiet, secure manner: I have. And indeed, Bulls have just as much, if not more to offer the world as anyone else. Taurus is the inceptive earth sign, which means it has laid the groundwork for the zodiac’s other two muddy buddies. Their strength of purpose and gentle charisma, in addition to their understated nonaggression allows them to arouse interest from even the most unresponsive people, making us all wish we knew more about this steady and serene sign. Fortunately for Bulls and no-Bulls alike, this sign isn’t exaggeratedly complex. Taurus isn’t trying to hide any facets of themselves from the cosmos or populace. In fact, most of what you hear about Taurus is true. If, however, you’re reading the room when a Taurus occupies it. And not simply relying on the unkind testimonies and claptrap most reports seem to provide.

This is an excerpt from my ebook, Taurus: the Delight, which is the second chapter of my complete astrology sign description book, The Zodiac Abstract.

Within this book are 30 pages of enlightening and invaluable astrology information about Taurus’ element, modality, House and planetary associations, and more, written in a lucid, humorous, and undoubtedly Cosmic Cannibal way.

Taurus: The Delight is broken up into four sections. In the first section I describe the physical characteristics and aesthetic preferences and themes of the fixed earth sign.

Following that is THE GUTS, where I define how Taurus reasons, feels, and conducts themselves, as well as what their character strengths are, and also what diversions and occupations they are drawn to.

Next, in THE GLYPH, I explain the meaning of the Bull glyph and Venus rulership by way of myths, constellations, and other fun seemingly unrelated material.

The third and final section, THE GRIEF, is a guidebook for spotting and solving the most common, yet commonly overlooked Taurus behavioral predicaments.

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