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All about Gemini zodiac sign: personality traits, sign dates and more

Curious about the zodiac’s only mutable air sign? Well, Cosmic’s got you covered.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, whose dates fall between May 21 and June 20 of most calendar years. The zodiac sign is depicted by the Twins glyph, and is ruler of the astrological 3rd House of learning and communication. 

You may have heard about the overactive attention span of Gemini, and how it makes them seem a little ADHD and unqualified for any job that requires concentration, and that it disrupts their ability to finish their thoughts or tasks. But what I am guessing you haven’t heard is the catalyst behind their microscopic focus: the infamous and insatiable curiosity, which is a fusion of impatient interest and innocence. In Gemini’s bright, observant eyes, the world is fit to burst with new things for the Twins to discover, and they need to discover it now. Gemini is very much the fiery air sign, because it shares a lot of characteristics with the zodiac’s blazing brethren; a sense of urgency, optimism, and adventure seeking to name a few…”

This is a tantalizing taste of the 30-page eBook, Gemini: The Rave from my astrology sign description book, The Zodiac Abstract. This is more than just a Sun sign description book. Gemini: The Rave is a lively and enlightening exploration of the mutable air sign.

Within this book are 30 pages of enlightening and invaluable astrology information about Gemini’s’ element, modality, House and planetary associations, and more, written in a lucid, humorous, and undoubtedly Cosmic Cannibal way.

Gemini: The Rave is broken up into four sections. In the first section I describe the physical characteristics and aesthetic preferences and themes of the mutable air sign.

Following that is THE GUTS, where I define how Gemini reasons, feels, and conducts themselves, as well as what their character strengths are, and also what diversions and occupations they are drawn to.

Next, in THE GLYPH, I explain the meaning of the Twin glyph and Mercury rulership by way of myths, constellations, and other fun seemingly unrelated material.

The third and final section, THE GRIEF, is written as a guidebook for spotting and solving the most common, yet commonly overlooked Gemini behavioral predicaments.

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