CANCER: the genesis

“It’s not that Cancer is super-sensitive, with tears streaming down their face 24/7 like an American Indian watching a litterbug. The Crab is just, uh … susceptible to injury.  Concentrated thoughts, sentiments, and memories are crammed together in the dense, squishy core of Cancer which is protected by a tough, yet gentle shell. Multiplex moods that are constantly receiving multi-veiled transmissions from inner and outer sources regularly expose them to personal and emotional mutilation, which makes life less than comfy for the home-loving and imaginative Crab. All they want is to feel safe, to be rooted to something, solaced by the closeness of familiarity. But shelter keeps eluding them. So they put up a front – a defensive front. Like the other 2 water signs, Cancer is a master of the smokescreen. These people are usually much loved by the outside world, because they are always playing a part. Cancer is a natural actor, gifted with situational camouflage that allows him to adapt to the mood spiraling around him. They are aware, though not always consciously so, of the secret flow of unspoken feelings in a room, and can instinctively adjust to fit the role needed…”


This is a a mere morsel of the 20 page Cancer: the Genesis chapter of my new astrology sign description book, The Zodiac Abstract. And what’s in it? Well, it is more than just a sun sign description. My aim was to provide information pertaining to every Cancer placement (sun, moon, venus, mercury, mars, and the ascendant), while still making everything easy to read for both astrology newbies and devotees. Here’s a quick run-through of what you’ll encounter:

The first section I describe the physical characteristics and style preferences of Cancer. Following that is the GUTS section, where I describe every basic quality of the sign, how Moon Children think, speak, and act, and also what hobbies and occupations they are drawn to. Next I’ll explain the meaning of Cancer’s animal and planetary symbols by way of myths in the GLYPH section. Lastly, I expose the bad habits and negative expressions of the water sign’s aforementioned ‘good side’ and the damage it can cause in the GRIEF section.

Click the link below to purchase the Cancer ebook that swims in the Guts, Glyph, and Grief of the zodiac water sign (it’s only $2.99!). Then send an email with your email to and I will send you your copy.

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