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All about Sagittarius zodiac sign: personality traits, sign dates and more

Archers are a bunch of high-spirited, independent optimists turbo-charged with a desire to experien…

Archers are a bunch of high-spirited, independent optimists turbo-charged with a desire to experience and explore all the curios of information that exists in their world. You don’t know big until you know Sagittarius. Astro-Archers are almost always looking towards the brighter horizon, and almost never looking back because they are interested in the education and truth that is beyond their current surroundings….Sagittarius is shooting upward towards Olympus, searching for their specific type of exaltation. When they release the arrow, they are releasing themselves into new territory…

An excerpt from Sagittarius: The Wildfire, the 9th installment in my Zodiac Abstract anthology. And what is in Sagittarius: The Wildfire?  Well, it is more than just a sun sign description book. My aim was to provide information pertaining to every Sagittarius placement (sun, moon, venus, mercury, mars, and the ascendant), while still making everything easy to read for both astrology newbies and devotees. Here’s a quick run-through of what you’ll encounter:

The first section I describe the physical characteristics and style preferences of Sagittarius. Following that is the GUTS section, where I describe every basic quality of the sign, how Archers think, speak, and act, and also what hobbies and occupations they are drawn to. Next I’ll explain the meaning of Sagittarius’ animal and planetary symbols by way of myths in the GLYPH section. Lastly, I expose the bad habits and negative expressions of the fires sign’s aforementioned ‘good side’ in the GRIEF section.

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