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All about Aquarius zodiac sign: personality traits, sign dates and more

First rule of thumb with a Water Bearer: don’t expect anything except the unexpected…

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, whose dates fall between Jan. 20 and Feb. 19, of most calendar years. The sign is depicted by the Water Bearer glyph, and is ruler of the 11th House, with the planetary ruler, Uranus.

First rule of thumb with a Water Bearer: don’t expect anything except the unexpected… Aquarius organizes and draws things together. They can solve problems a hell of a lot easier than most. And Water Bearers are very gifted when it comes to understanding the wiring and machinery of things. Moreover, they rapidly recognize the patterns in life that connect one thing to another before most of the zodiac has even opened their eyes.

Aquarians are possessed by a vision; an ideal of themselves that they can’t quite fathom, and believe this ideal sets them apart from the rest (it usually does). What the Water Bearer longs for most is to develop into that personal ideal while finding fraternity with like-minded people.

No one has ever accused Aquarius of feeling too much, or blamed them for oversharing. They, like Capricorn, are not the type of people who pour, talk, or cry their hearts out. In fact, you’d never know something is bothering Aquarius until it’s too late. They don’t give you very many subtle clues of passionate distress.

An excerpt from Aquarius: The Variable, my ebook on the fixed air sign. Within this book are 30 pages of enlightening and invaluable astrology information about Aquarius’ element, modality, House and planetary associations, and more, written in a lucid, humorous, and undoubtedly Cosmic Cannibal way.

Aquarius: The Variable is broken up into four sections. In the first section I describe the physical characteristics and aesthetic preferences and themes of the fixed air sign.

Following that is THE GUTS, where I define how Aquarius reasons, feels, and conducts themselves, as well as what their character strengths are, and also what diversions and occupations they are drawn to.

Next, in THE GLYPH, I explain the meaning of the Water Bearer glyph and Saturn-Uranus rulership by way of myths, constellations, and other seemingly unrelated material.

The third and final section, THE GRIEF, is a guidebook for spotting and solving the most common, yet commonly overlooked Aquarius behavioral predicaments.

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