The Zodiac Abstract

Ready for the ultimate zodiac sign book?  12 juicy chapters of  hilarious, enlightening, and useful astrology information. Long gone are the days of mystical mumbo jumbo and planetary puzzlement. The Zodiac Abstract is a real-world explanation of the zodiac signs, carefully composed from my years of sign-to-sign interaction and observation.

The Zodiac Abstract 12 chapter anthology is now available!  Zodiac Abstract is more than just a sun sign description book. My aim is to provide information pertaining to every zodiac sign placement (sun, moon, venus, mercury, mars, and the ascendant), while still making everything easy to read for both astrology newbies and devotees. Are you curious about the real-world definition of your sign? Wondering if a Pisces will be a good fit as your boss or beau? This is the book for you!

The first section I describe the physical characteristics and style preferences of the signs. Following that is the GUTS section, where I describe every basic quality of the sign, how each one thinks, speaks, and acts, and also what hobbies and occupations they are drawn to. Next I’ll explain the meaning of the zodiac sign’s animal and planetary symbols by way of myths in the GLYPH section. Lastly, I expose the bad habits and negative expressions of the every astrology sign’s aforementioned ‘good side’ in the GRIEF section.

Click the button below to get your copy of this 360 page ebook that races to the finish line of fire signs, digs deep into mantle of the earth signs, theorizes like airy astro-Aristotles, and rides every wave of the water signs to give you a detailed and entertaining portrait of the 12 astrology signs. And after you’re done, send an email with your email to, and I will send you your copy.

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