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FIXED SIGN SUPERIORITY: the meaning of the modes

All 4 of the fixed zodiac signs carry with them some type of superiority complex. And with their u…

Astrology divides the 12 signs into 3 groups (4 signs from each of the 3 elements), or modes, to describe the manner in which they use their unique characteristics and gifts. Some signs are naturally inclined to lead, while others are organizers, and the rest are variables. The traditional names of the modes are: Cardinal, they are the chief facilitators who initiate action (leaders); Fixed, who stabilize and give ideas shape (organizers); and Mutable, the ones made to circulate ideas, and go with the flow (variables). This time it’s all about the stubborn, proud, inflexible fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Contrary to what you may have already heard through the astrological grapevine, Leo isn’t the only fat-headed fixed sign. Yes, the Lion can be a walking, talking billboard of bragging and self-congratulatory praise. But they aren’t alone. All 4 of the fixed zodiac signs carry with them some type of superiority complex. And with their unique complex comes a bevy of other behaviors not widely discussed by mainstream horoscopes. Spoiler alert: a high number of cult-leaders, despots, and dictators are born under fixed signs.

We’ve all heard the word: Taurus is stubborn. But obstinacy most commonly surfaces in the form of control. Taurus loves to control their environment to preserve a sense of comfort and ease. They do things their way at their pace. You can’t push these boars no matter how hard you try. Once Taurus is set in his or her ways, they will be there for a very long time. Bulls are permanent, you see. But people of this earth sign also like to collect, a quality that is shared by their other fixed comrades. Only, Taurus’ collective compulsions leads to hoarding of objects, and the stockpiling of useful friends. Bulls judge people based on how useful they may or may not be to them. And they put them on a shelf to wait until Taurus has calls and expects them to come running. Taurus says: If they want me, they can come and get me, because I’m not moving.

Now, Leo is very similar to Taurus in the way they expect people to be at their beck and call (which is why they frequently clash). Taurus expects it, and Leo demands it. But the difference between a Bull and a Lion is simple: Leo amasses attention from an audience of admirers. Lions don’t care about lifeless items like collector’s coins or vintage dolls like some Bulls do. No, all a fire sign like Leo wants is eager onlookers. The Lion’s arrogance can be astounding and debilitating when it leads to a high level of haughtiness. Leos can think they are too cool, too great, too smart, etc. etc. for their small time city, relationship, or profession. And as a result, they end up driving away the opportunities they are desperately trying to draw to them. But they’ll never admit to being desperate, because royalty doesn’t grovel. Leo says: If it isn’t about me, I’m not interested.

From a loud ego to a silent one, we reach watery Scorpio, the 8th sign of the zodiac. Now, Scorpions take Taurus’ control, Leo’s ego, and tosses it into the boggy abyss of secretive strategy to rise as a new type of power. And Scorpio is all about power. But how they get their supremacy can be unsettling. Scorps use their emotional intelligence to their advantage, stockpiling secrets and retaining a vice-like grip on sensations. They want to know they have you (or whatever their goal is) in their possession. Mind games, blackmail, and other forms of mysterious manipulation are all tactics the sly Scorpio employs to trap you and back you into a corner. And the Scorpions’ ego and fixed self-importance keeps them from admitting that the real reason they are so emotionally and psychologically tactical is because they fear getting hurt. Scorpio says: I don’t trust anyone but myself with my intensity.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, fixed signs don’t like to admit their weaknesses or vulnerabilities. And Aquarius is no exception. What happens when air breezes into the fixed modality? One word: omnipotence. Water Bearers are traditionally open-minded people, with wide interests and an even wider intelligence. The problem with their cerebral accretion is that it leads to an unwarranted feeling of intellectual invincibility. Aquarius thinks the rules don’t apply because they can out-maneuver the rules. And the allegedly selfless Water Bearer has a strong sense of pride in his or her own uniqueness. Similar to Leo, Aquarians need fans. But not just any fans. Devotees, followers, and disciples – those kind of fans; people who are so in awe of Aquarius’ divinity and specialness that they’ll do or say anything their air sign shaman decrees. Water Bearers like to use their avid fans as guinea pigs – testing new theories or brainstorming ideas because Aquarians have to keep shocking people at all costs. Aquarius says: I can do as I want because I’m one-of-a-kind.

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