CANCER: the genesis

The Crab is just, uh … susceptible to injury. Concentrated thoughts, sentiments, and memories are crammed together in the dense, squishy core of Cancer which is protected by a tough, yet gentle shell. Multiplex moods that are constantly receiving multi-veiled transmissions from inner and outer sources regularly expose them to personal and emotional mutilation, which makes life less than comfy for the home-loving and imaginative Crab.

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GEMINI: the rave

You may have heard about the overactive attention span of Gemini, and how it makes them seem a little ADHD and unqualified for any job that requires concentration. And that it disrupts their ability to finish their thoughts or tasks. But what I am guessing you haven’t heard is the catalyst behind their microscopic focus: the infamous and insatiable curiosity, which is a fusion of impatient interest and innocence. You see, in Gemini’s bright, observant eyes, the world is fit to burst with new things for the Twins to discover, and they need to discover it now. ..

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TAURUS: the delight

Taurus is the inceptive earth sign, which means it has laid the groundwork for the zodiac’s other two muddy buddies. Their strength of purpose and gentle charisma, in addition to their understated nonaggression allows them to arouse interest from even the most unresponsive people, making us all wish we knew more about this steady and serene sign.

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ARIES: the gladiator

” It’s futile and hazardous trying to hide Aries’ positive attitude or arresting ardor. Not only because Rams are so white hot and amazing, but because they can’t hide anything (and they hate when people hide things from them). Smokescreens require graceful deception. And no Aries is famous for being particularly graceful or deceptive. But […]

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