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The Glyph and Myth of Leo

Ever wonder to yourself: What does that swirling symbol of Leo really mean? Learning about the fundamental behaviors of the zodiac signs can be accelerated when you look beyond the surface, and explore the specific symbols that were chosen to represent each astrological figure. For Leo, there is the deviously direct animal symbol of the Lion which has many obvious character parallels. But there is also much, much more…


The glyph, with the closed circle and swirling tail can be seen as a depiction of the bounteous creative and dramatic achievements (the tail) emanating from Leo’s core (the closed circle). Taken even further, the closed circle also suggests the fires sign’s fixed mode of existence, experience, and expression – a form of self-aware awareness. Everything radiates from Leo, which is why the creative self-expression of this sign is emphasized to the high degree it is. The highly possessive Lions need to make things – – both in life and love – – their own… Leos are better suited towards physically creative paths that involve channeling passion into purpose


Fixed signs have an internal sense of self-sufficiency that causes them to base their identities on the amount of success they have solely created and secured. But this sign in particular feels defined by its amount of dramatic output. The steadfast and optimistic Leo outlook only plummets when it isn’t dynamically expressing its thoughts and feelings through some sort of stimulating physical outlet. Astro-Lions want a kingdom they can lead and call their own. But they are animals to their core, deeply connected to their self-image and families – – no matter how far from them they might be.

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