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The Glyph and Myth of Scorpio

Astrological glyphs can be exceptionally confusing things. Or they can be  nuggets of gold that reveal the primal motivations and behavioral background of each sign. Scorpio is one of those signs whose symbols can be both exceptionally confusing and informatively rewarding, but only when you cover every base, and leave no stone unturned. As with the rest of this water sign’s content, the glyphs and planets chosen to represent it are loaded with nuance and gravity. Needless to say, there is a lot of ground to cover in this section.

Pluto, the planet of transformation and destruction, is named after the Roman god of the same name, who was, in turn, modelled after the Greek god, Hades. As a planetary ruler, Pluto imparts some overpowering and vast effects, mostly emotional and psychological. But Pluto isn’t the only planet claiming ownership of Scorpio. Mars, the planet of action, hostility and drive, is the water sign’s ancient night ruler. And it is the planet responsible for Scorpio’s aggression, ambition, and anger. These two planets are heavy hitters in terms of behavior traits, quite like their fabled counterparts.


Photo credit:  SCORPIO by Bird Black Emporium 1.5.16

For Scorpios, there is almost always a war raging within them, as the underworld is more than the realm where lifeless souls spend eternity, it is the entire subterranean sphere of the unconscious… and Scorpio is an emotional and psychological miner who digs deep to penetrate and uncover what most other signs stash in the subconscious.

Because the Medusa Scorpio faces comes in the form of their own plutonian depression, pain, and/or intense fury. Staring directly at the monstrous Gorgon would engulf Scorps with darkness, which is what tends to happen more often than not. When you have such a sensitive connection to the unconscious, and a need to control what is lurking there, like Scorpio does, dodging the dark reservoir is nearly impossible.

Scorpio’s glyph, with the outward tail, is the reverse of Virgo the Virgin’s glyph. No two signs have more of a reputation of repressing resentments and letting them fester quite like these two. The glyph related to Scorpio has an outward pointing arrow, which means the expulsion of energy. As much as Scorpios like to keep things well-controlled and classified, there needs to be an emotional output or else they will experience the chthonic clampdown that will change them into a real-life Medusa or Cerberus, guarding their personal underworld of secrets and darkness.

So there you have it, a brief but fully-loaded foray into the inner meanings of the fixed water sign’s glyph, planets, and myths. For the complete story, check out my ebook, “Scorpio: the Shroud”, and the antire astro-anthology “The Zodiac Abstract”, which you can get here.

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