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11th House and the Fate of Fame

Forget genius! Here’s how Aquarius and the 11th house is destined for distinction.

Fame. What is fame? According to Dictionary.com, Fame is “the condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements.

Astrologically speaking, when you talk about Fame, you almost always have to mention the Sun, because it is the planet of fame – rather, it is the planet that best personifies our hunger for fame.

The Sun is the planet of the self, it is our face to the world and how we take center stage to make a creative impression. Corresponding with its ruling sign Leo, the Sun also rules drama, ambition, artistry, and admiration. Think of it this way: the Sun wants to vividly shine, and desires to be admired through the vocations and/or activities related to its natal house placement. Simply put: wherever the Sun is, that’s how it wants to get noticed.

People with strong aspects to the Sun, or a Solar/Leo dominance passionately seek to leave their mark on the world in some way, and they will more than likely do so in a dramatic way in hopes of achieving some degree of fame.

But what does this have to do with with the 11th house?

Well, upon examining the charts of many notable entertainers, I noticed a common thread in their astrological tapestry, and that was the placement of personal planets in 11th house. For this post, I’m focusing on the 11th house solar placement shared by Lady GaGa.

The 11th house is often described as the house of friends, clubs, social groups, and professional associations. These dominions signify the power of the collective and how one finds strength in numbers. But the 11th house also represents how we grow and actualize ourselves, and what we as individuals desire and want to achieve through collective creation.

When the Sun is placed in the 11th house, there is a powerful craving for fame in its broadest sense. Now, ordinarily, FAME is connected with the 10th house, because that is the house of achievements and social recognition. However, the 10th house is strictly limited to mundane, material success and completion, suggesting that once the mountain of success is scaled, there is nowhere to go but down.


Because it is an airy house, meaning it is a house ruled by the air sign Aquarius, the 11th isn’t steered by accomplishments on the material plane that have a definite end and beginning; rather, the 11th house is transfixed by aspirations of the higher mind, those of inventive ideas and distant desires that can only travel onwards and upwards.

The same 10th house achievements that reap social recognition turn into mass popularity when they evolve out of the 10th house and into the 11th.  And here’s why:

The 11th house, is sometimes called Bona Fortuna, or Good Fortune. It is the house of wishes, hopes, and dreams, but also of distributing those wishes, hopes, and dreams with the masses on an impersonal, larger scale. An 11th house Sun wants to band together with like-minded companions to create and shape innovative visions into existence.

Dane Rudhyar talks about the 11th house as it relates to social involvement: “the power of society, of the collectivity or the group, is released through the individual … or more specifically, through the activities the individual performs through the social unit.”


The Sun in the 11th house can impart an instinctual feeling of fame, like a prophecy. A person with the Sun, or numerous planets in the 11th house believe they are worth knowing and wished to be accepted by society on a grand scale usually – but not always – because of their pronounced creative vision. This combination of drives is the incarnation of mass communication and convergence; these people want to be lionized by the many, not just the few. Whereas the 10th house is more concerned with profiting from social recognition, and building an empire or brand, the 11th house isn’t driven by material gain. Lady GaGa explains the dissimilarity between fame and money:

Fame is not pretending to be rich, it’s carrying yourself in a way that exudes confidence and passion for music or art or fishing or whatever the hell it is that you’re passionate about, and projecting yourself in a way that people say, ‘Who the fuck is that?’ It has nothing to do with money…You gotta have the fame, you gotta exude that thing. You gotta make people care, you gotta know and believe how important you are. You gotta have conviction in your ideas.

Conviction in your ideas. That statement epitomizes the meaning of the Sun in the 11th house, and how it has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with believing in yourself, your creations, your artistry, and ultimately, your fate.

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