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Full Moon in Scorpio: The Purge

Like the alchemical process of nigredo suggests, this full moon is encouraging us to be extensively cleansed and cooked, removed of what is dragging us down in order to start things afresh. Naturally, such a drastic disintegration of our inner psyche and outer reality can feel like a violent thunderstorm. The common complaint with a full moon in Scorpio is the feeling of disintegration or like everything around you is crumbling. It isn’t. That’s just the powerful influence of the luminary on our human meat suits and minds.


This is your psyche during a Scorpio full moon

The full moon in Scorpio opposes the sun in Taurus. Scorpio is a water sign of power, passion, and complexity; it rules our emotional and psychological resources, secrets, and taboos. Taurus is an earth sign of harmony, pleasures, and productivity, and rules our possessions and self-worth. The clash of these fixed titans results in a very raw, real feeling of tension, anxiety, and even hostility towards getting to the bottom of our current personal/financial concerns. There may seem to be a sudden surge of built-up tension longing to be released, be it in the form of a creative work or the aforementioned resolution of a personal relationship or economic problem.


The two opposing signs are also concerned with security in some form. A Taurus sun wants to feel the ground, and craves creature comforts and financial stability; while the Scorpio moon desires emotional indemnity and wants to go beneath the earth, into the shady soil. The opposing pressure of a Scorpio moon and Taurus sun may result in manipulative behaviors towards securing financial or emotional collateral.

However, this tension can be used constructively towards harmonizing the emotional and material needs, accomplishing goals, or tapping into the deep, dark reserves of our shadows to transform how and what we value. Either way, this May 2017 full moon is beckoning some sort of a purge. In order to move forward into the proceeding season of spring/summer, we need to remove and release what is hindering our momentum, by integrating the oppositional energies of Taurus and Scorpio to steadfastly face our difficult obstacles and troubling situations.