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The Glyph and Myth of Pisces

There is duality and deception aplenty inside the cryptic symbols of Pisces, from the glyph to the …

Pisces is a composite of all the other zodiac signs, with parroted traits. Parroted – – not pirated or  paralleled. You see, each zodiac sign has a corresponding planetary ruler and element, and each ruler imparts distinct characteristics that no other sign has. Same thing rings true for the element. That’s why Geminis and Virgos, whom share the same ruler but unrelated elements, are not categorically similar. Pisces has a ruler and element of its very own, and the myths and mysticism surrounding them are part of what make this sign so fishy.16f5eea046cf9185a4760fac3d5c4043

The rather large Pisces constellation lies between Aries and Aquarius, and has a number of faint stars that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Within the dimly lit yet sizeable constellation, is a depiction of a pair of fish tied together by a cosmic cord. The two are swimming in separate directions. One can be spotted leaping upward towards the sky, while the other plunges down into celestial obscurity (the cord is there to keep them together). Strangely, this sign does not have an accurate mythic equivalent. The Roman god Neptune doesn’t align with the values and characteristics of Pisces, nor does the Greek Poseidon. There is, however, a small tale involving the goddess of love that was invented to explain the formation of the constellation. The starry fish are said to represent Aphrodite and her son Eros, who, while bathing in the Euphrates, disguised themselves as fishes to escape the monstrous Typhon. To avoid separation, the tails of the love goddess and her cupid offspring were tied together. Already, the meaning of the water sign’s glyph is slowly surfacing. The constellation’s two fish symbolize the dichotomy of resistance and passivity that lives in every Piscean. And though it is undesirably succinct, the mythological tale still manages to emit some Piscean poignancy…

Life perpetually asks Pisces one unpretentious question: should you go with flow or fight your way upstream? Self-indulgence and self-denial are recurrent themes for astro-Fish. Both can threaten to undo Pisces like the monster Typhon. This sign has two choices: Act or react; evade and avoid, or face reality and flourish. Remember, reality is sometimes too heavy and harsh for Fish (which is why they flock to fiction, fantasy and religion, or anything that supplies soothing asylum). Pisces has mastered Aquarius’ altruism, and doused it with emotions, but hasn’t quite developed Aries drive or self-confidence. So the Fish are again stuck in the middle. They know they want to help and give to the world, but they aren’t sure what they are supposed to give…


…Amidst their confusion, Pisces need to somehow acquire a metaphorical and altruistic cord that strings their two half-spheres of spiritual hope and physical reality together. The most constructive thread would foster their fantasies and not crush them, turning fiction into actuality. The dual circle glyph can also be an image of Pisces’ prospective synthesis. The left arc, similar to the bottom fish, represents the sign’s habits, safe reactions and escapist tendencies. And it is at odds with the internal values and future aspirations of Pisces, symbolized by the right arc. Astro-Fish need the proper spillway that permits a constructive draining of their imagination into a realistic reservoir. In other words, Pisces needs to find something that allows them to be a mouthpiece.

While this information – taken directly from my Pisces ebook! – is dense, it sheds an abundance of light onto the reality behind the zodiac’s most cryptic, and perhaps most prolific mutable water sign.

Featured image credit: “Pisces” by Carolina Espinosa