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Zodiac Sign Love Relationships: Aries, how the cardinal fire sign is in love

Ever wonder how the zodiac signs really act in love relationships? There’s no better way to start off these love horoscopes than with the zodiac’s first and only cardinal fire sign: Aries. This is everything you need to know about the love character of Aries.

Aries love hard – there’s no doubt about it – and they expect their crushes, baes, and significant others to handle their unique type of tough, unvarnished love without disintegrating into piles of human rubble. Finding ‘The One’ who cannot only weather the Aries love storm, but accept it, embrace it, and deliver it back with allegiance is exactly what love-hungry Aries are looking for. They are generous with their hearts, and they will do just about anything for anyone they love or are lusting after.

True, most Aries are hard-headed Romeos and Juliets who love chasing–both people and goals–but beneath their layers of seemingly tough-skinned selves, Aries are deeply sensitive people. It’s just that their sensitivity is subjective and self-based. (Meaning, they tend to care more about their feelings than yours–sorry, but it’s true.) So, it’s a bit of a savage love, when dating an Aries (especially an Aries man).

Aries in Love

In love relationships, fire sign Aries need stimulation and challenge, but they also want someone who is independent and can stand on their own two feet whilst still acting as a Knight in Shining Armor. If you’re in a relationship with Aries, you can expect a lot of heated arguments (which are caused by jealousy and a secret fear of abandonment), as well as a lot of blunt, direct proclamations of their feelings.

Even when pillow talking with their sweethearts, Aries will be brash and authentic. They won’t just say something to woo or flatter you, as false compliments aren’t really the Mars way of getting what they want. Aries believes love should be an honest affair where everyone’s feelings and motivations are laid out on the table for the whole world to see and hear. When they feel something, even if it is a crush, a Ram in love will express it without hesitation or censorship.

Now, if you can get past the forcefulness of their affection, and really appreciate the uncomplicated enthusiasm, then Aries is a perfect zodiac match for you. However, you may need to watch out for Aries’ impatience and fast-moving attention span. If, after a certain amount of time, they haven’t conquered or been conquered by their lover, Aries will move on to someone and something new.

What Aries is Attracted To

In their love lives, Aries are naturally attracted to passionate, intelligent, and courageous people who aren’t afraid of a little friction. Aries like friction, and they don’t mind fighting for what they want, but what they really need in a relationship is unaffected tenderness and someone who will be there for them when they get down in the dumps. Basically, they want a passionate romance void of emotional dependence, with active affection that isn’t sticky sweet, and just the right amount of heat, freedom, and trust.

If you charm their instinctive side and ego by sharing their beliefs, interests, and / or passions, Aries will offer you an impressive payout of love and acceptance in your relationship; but if you can’t carry your own weight, Aries will resent you until they can get rid of you.

Confidence ignites an Aries fire faster than someone who is needy or desperate. But Rams need to be the one who makes the first move, even the shy ones want to be in charge, and they love to pursue ivory-tower goals, because a victory means more to them if they had to fight for it.

What Aries wants out of a relationship

Every Aries expects their potential mate(s) to have enough nerve and dedication, and share their ball busting bravado, as they find unapologetic and self-motivated men and women irresistible. It’s the challenge and thrill that excites an Aries, not guessing games, and they can’t fake interest, so if they’re not chatting you up or chasing you down, chances are they don’t want you (sorry!).

Rams will rant and rave about their battle scars, believing that the sheer bravery of their endeavors will make them more desirable and impressive. You’ll never hear and Aries of either sex discuss their weaknesses, nor will they relate to you in a corny, lovey-dovey manner, as they aren’t ones for talking tenderly. If you want to see their softer side, you should appeal to their generous hearts with sincerity, and be patient with them, because Rams are actually very fragile when it comes to the subject of romantic rejection, despite what they insist on telling everyone.

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