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Leo compatibility: the zodiac signs that attract and repel the fixed fire signs

Sign-on-Sign Synastry, baby. Loving Leo the Lion

So, you’re galloping through the forest of fire, air, earth, and water signs, and stumble upon a most intriguing creature. This person is at once, aloof, warm, magnetic, and self-possessed. He/She/They are enigmatic like a Sphinx, with the body (and often verbal) language that screams self-possession.

Once you figure out (or are more than likely, told) that this person is a Leo, it is imperative you know the how’s, why’s, and what’s of compatibility with this fixed fire sign.

The reason Leos like Cancer, Virgo, and Libra is simple: undivided adulation and attention. Those 3 signs like to cozy up with bossy decision-making somebody’s like Leo. The problem is that Lions like sugar, spice and more than someone nice. Nice is good, but it doesn’t get the heart racing quite like Aries, Gemini, or Sagittarius’s jerky hard-to-get-ness does. Every Leo wants a hard-won lover who isn’t boring or overly agreeable, and can impress them yet still make them laugh.

Aries are daring, and Geminis are super smart, so both signs have a shot at becoming Leo’s best friend and soul mate, provided they learn to love the big cat’s audacity, and not challenge it (Aries) or mock it (Gemini). The qualities shared by the Lion and the Ram can be comforting or maddening, depending on how self-absorbed either person is. Aries will inspire Leo to enjoy being in the battlefield of love, with all of its exciting sensations, encouraging them to worry less about how they are regarded, and care more about having fun.

Because they are romantic, intelligent, and companionable, Libras can make a splendid match for Leo, but their lying passive-aggression might cause the Scales to lose some of the Lion’s respect. Leos are direct with their affections, aims, and admirers. If they like you, they’ll let you know in their own way (either verbally or by buying you something extravagant), so they expect the same type of honesty from their partners and pals. However, signs like Libra, Gemini, and the water trinity aren’t always 100% authentic, preferring to lie in a state of ambiguity (water) and aloof civility (air). Leo does not. Lions can quickly lose their patience if they get even a whiff of backhandedness and / or lying, which those all of those signs are prone to.

Air signs are inclined to withhold certain bits of information from their partners, should they see them as offensive or beastly, and water signs keep secrets as a way of self-protection. Since Lions don’t give a flying fuck whether or not they come off as offensive or beastly, and don’t believe in withholding the truth, they won’t tolerate the air and water signs’ lies by omission and avoidance of confrontation. No phonies are allowed in their kingdom, only legit, attentive suitors need apply.

Another trait that might send Leo reeling is Libra and Gemini’s proclivity for peripheral flirting. Leos are territorial, jealous, and call for complete adoration from their partners, and ample autonomy. Overly sociable signs like Libra, Gemini, and Sagittarius can’t resist charming the pants off of people and letting their attention wander. This type of divided devotion can get under Leo’s fur and cause copious aggravation. As long as these signs keep it platonic between them and their pants-less public, there won’t be any unnecessary Leonine dramatics regarding adultery and / or betrayal.

A little playful teasing can work to keep the Lion’s fixed passion flames stoked. Kicking up the intrigue via second party flirting can be rousing for the domineering Leo, but only if you and Leo both know you’re playing around. Otherwise you might regret the innocuous flirtations once the Lion’s claws come to rip your head off, and Leo is flossing pieces of your ego out of his or her teeth.

In the event that this feeding happens, don’t be afraid of the confrontation. Stand your ground. Leos love a good, healthy challenge. Just so long as they get to win. It is worth remembering that Lions prefer the taste of a deserved victory. False success given to Leo by Yes Men challengers will not satisfy their hunger. Lions like a suitor with a spine and a sense of self. Authenticity is Leo’s most favored character trait. People who don’t know who they are or what they want frustrate the fiery-fixed feline.

So the meek and mild-mannered signs like Pisces, Virgo, and Cancer won’t last a day in the ring with the Lion King – or Queen, respectively.

The problem with Aquarius and Sagittarius is that they treat Leo like an equal, or worse: a sibling.

Brotherly/sisterly love is fine for friendship, but it can quickly turn romance rancid for this passionate paramour whose life and creativity depends on the excitement and pleasure of love. Love is the sin qua non for regal Leo, and they expect to be treated like royalty by their partners, atop a pedestal of praise and respect. Neither Aquarius nor Sagittarius believes in putting people on pedestals, as those 2 signs are the zodiac’s equal-opportunity lovers.

Ever the shameless exhibitionists, Leos play to their audience with flair and swagger, because they believe in providing entertainment at all costs. What they don’t expect from Aquarius or Sagittarius are the laughs their static strutting instigates. Water Bearers and Centaurs think the Lion’s not-so-humble bragging about glory and importance is absurd, and they aren’t afraid to let Leo know this.

First comes fury then comes feelings of fondness as He- and She-Leos learn from Aquarius and Sagittarius not to take themselves so seriously. A level-playing field can be advantageous for Leo in the long run, because it takes the narcissism out of their approach to intimacy, and allows them to bask in the inspiring company of others, thus making them more generous with their attention.

Leos scorn being upstaged or defamed, and they particularly loathe lies and disloyalty, which is why they can find the straightforward company of earth signs calming. The grounding and responsible Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn can have a beneficial influence on Leo, helping the at times undomesticated Lion become more in control and tame. However, the Lion’s obstinate and stony shadow is mirrored and inflated by ambitious and dry-humored Capricorn, and their mean-streak provoked by the people-pleasing Virgo and languid Taurus.

Both Taurus and Capricorn can be too silent and unresponsive for Leo during heated arguments, causing the Lion, who associates anger with eroticism, to think they aren’t loved. One time rejection is enough for Leo, as they demand above anything else, sincere, adoring attention from their beloveds. Rejection will cause the otherwise playful and love-loving Lion to freeze. The only way to thaw them is through mutual apologies. The pride shared by the 3 signs will prevent such cease-fires. Unfortunately, the same thing is true for a Scorpio and Leo union, unless there is a favorable balance of air and water in the other person’s chart.

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