Lusty Leo: The Lion in Love

Leonine love is a jungle full of Nevers.

Never cage or try to control a Leo, you will see their fixed feistiness come front and center. They’ll resist and resent forced enclosure because they’re independently owned and operated. Leo is no one’s property. You are theirs.

Never demand or expect Leo to be anyone but who they are, this will only result in icy irritation. Instead, try straightforward compliments. Honeyed words shiatzu the Leo ego, thus making them warmer and more pleasant to be around.

However, one must remember that it is what you do for a Lion that is much more important than what you promise or approximate with slick words.

Simply telling Leo you love him or her isn’t enough, you’ve got to show them and shower them. Make your proclamations of devotion as dramatic and impressive as the Lion himself, and make sure you earn their respect first and their love second. Lions will never exalt or even bother liking someone whom they don’t hold in high regard.

And how, pray tell do you get this fixed fire sign’s respect?

Be a peer, not a peon. Never kiss the Lion’s ass unnecessarily. Stand up for yourself. Be authentic, with spine and individuality intact, and dare to defy the gravity of Leo’s greatness. Lions only share center stage with deserving players who equal them and exceed their lofty expectations for amour.

These vain and competitive cats want to be looked up to and beheld, but also secretly and regularly dared.

Do you think feisty Lions like Mae West, Madonna, or the fictional Cheetara (from Thundercats) reveled in the company of anyone who didn’t bring out the best in them?

Absolutely not!

If you are anything like Leo – brilliant, cocky, heroic, dominating, protective, and / or playful (except for the quiet ones, who are steady strategists in love) – you’re in luck, because Lions only love and trust what they understand, i.e.: themselves.

As such, they habitually attract fellow fire and a few air signs that have got just as much vim and vigor as Leo. Traits like diffidence and docility not only confound, but also repel the big cats who are both independent and idealistic, and always prefer to hunt their prey.

What you give a Lion, they will return in spades, as extravagance is this fire sign’s signature. So you want to pamper these passionate predators, because they will double over their affection and attention only when their need for attention and affection has been met and indulged.

Leos are loyal, and they demand the same type of unflinching fidelity from their partners. He- and She-Leos are immensely generous with their love and warmth, but only under one condition: you must give them the laughs, heat, and recognition they crave.

When it comes to the game of love, Leo’s got chops, and they aren’t afraid to flaunt or flash them to any and every person who seizes their attention. Showing off is automatic for the He- and She-Cats, as is self-centered and occasionally irrational behaviors.

Lions are half-wild flirts, with a G-spot ego, who show and act on their feelings ardently.

Once they want something, there is no stopping, censoring, or controlling them, as the gorgeous but natural-looking cats of this fire sign are blatant when it comes to desire. Their fierce approach to romance is endearing, but its takes hefty effort to sustain those feelings over a prolonged period of time. Though they expect a lot from their lovers and friends, testing and challenging their will power as well as yours, the right person can convert the Lion from self-loving showoff to a warm, demonstrative kitten (or neon tiger, as pictured).

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