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Aries Compatibility: the zodiac signs that attract and repel the cardinal fire sign

Love doesn’t always mean fireworks for the first fire sign of the zodiac. It can mean frictio…

In a relationship, the energetic and egocentric Aries will never be overly considerate or rational, nor will they come off as being perfect or pretty. In fact, they can seem simultaneously aloof and openhearted. Their rough around the edges demeanor is only endearing when it’s not rubbing the quixotic polish off of your infatuation. If you’re an action-oriented idealist who values fidelity, then you’ll find Aries absolutely amazing, but if you’re one of those people who prefers pragmatism and needs repeated verbal reassurances in place of chivalric enthusiasm, then a relationship with an Aries man or Aries woman might be a tad troublesome.

Aries and the Fire Signs

An Aries on Aries affair is rare, but it is workable if neither Ram gets bored by the faults they share but don’t always see. More than likely, these two will make great friends, because they will recognize and forgive flaws and fuck-ups with unexpected gentleness, but the biggest problem for these attention-getters is sharing – sharing their hearts, minds, and focus with the other.

The candor, competitiveness, and confidence of Leo can be a major turn-on for Aries, and the Ram may feel like he or she met their match in the best way possible. Leo is the only sign that has an equally humbling and inspiring effect on Aries, motivating the Ram to be better. The Lion’s pride and intermittent indolence can rub Aries the wrong way, however, and the Ram may find certain Lions stuffy, stuck-up, and stubborn. As long as both Aries and Leo get equal portions of praise and attention, without cutting into that of the other person’s, their egos won’t make life a living hell.

Sagittarius’ adventurous, up-for-anything spirits stir up the Ram’s wild side. The Centaur’s bluntness and bubbly curiosity, not to mention their optimism resonate with the Ram, making them smile from ear to ear, and helping Aries to stay youthful amidst the harshness of the real world. The two fire signs will have loads of X-rated excitement, as they seek to out-do the other person, and win the unconscious “Who’s the Best?” contest, but Sag’s machine gun-like attention, lack of follow-through, and tendency to bite off more than they can chew may annoy the short-tempered Aries, who wants a partner who is fun and free-spirited, but also dependable.

Any fire sign can have a rewarding relationship with the Ram, because they share the same way of thinking, doing, and getting angry.

Aries and the Air Signs

Air signs can be stimulating for the forward-thinking, independent Aries, but some key differences in their dispositions can make or break the would-be affairs.

Gemini’s witty weirdness, and spunky smarts bring a lot to Aries’s table to feast on, resulting in a pairing of pure pleasure. The effervescence of the Twins’ personality really strike Aries to their core, and they share the same zest for life, and have an ease in communicating and connecting, but the dynamic Ram will soon realize that sometimes Gemini is more small talk than big action, and Gemini’s indecision and inconsistency, which the Ram will initially excuse will cause incurable irritation.

Rams will find they are in awe of Libra’s level-head and ability to pause, but remain impervious to the air sign’s hesitancy and charisma, neither works on this fire sign, who believes a person’s worth is based entirely upon their amount of physical – not mental – activity. After witnessing Libra’s two-faced passive aggression and hesitancy one time too many, Aries will end it.

Aries thinks Aquarius is the smartest person the Ram has ever met. Still, they don’t much like Aquarius’s inability to involve themselves passionately, and Aquarius disapproves of Aries’s uncontrollable outbursts. So in reaction to the other person, exchanges can get a little frosty before they call it quits. However, they can find rapport and good vibrations in one another’s spontaneity. Love, after all isn’t always smooth. No two signs are better at bewildering their beaus than Aries and Aquarius. A match between them guarantees a rioting romp – though it might not be hot enough for Aries’ chivalric nature.

Though air signs are theoretically the most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius should avoid playing too many mind games with the earnest and open Ram.

Aries and the Water Signs

Water signs can be intensely attractive to the manly-minded Rams, because they possess heavy doses of softness, but their evasive and tentative natures can cause more confusion than desirability for Aries should secrets and self-pity make an appearance in the relationship.

Cancer’s cuddly sweet sentimentality and incessant attention will start off cute, but Aries will yearn for ways to assert and dominate to counteract the gentleness they associate with debility. And Cancer may go behind the Ram’s back or try to manipulate them – neither strategy is wise for the water sign who is much too sensitive for the macho inattentiveness of the Ram.

Scorpio and Aries will butt heads way more than they will live peaceably, but the Scorpion’s passionate involvement titillates the Ram, making them feel safe and warm. Indeed, the fixed force of the water sign, which masks a deep emotional center is something the fire sign will be fixated by up until Scorpio’s dark shadows start to surface. Eventually, Scorpio’s psychotic jealousy and possessiveness will eventually consume them both, leaving Aries permanently scarred and scared for the first time.

The dreamy and uncertain Pisces doesn’t immediately catch the Ram’s eye, and the water sign may be too mysterious for this flaming subjugator. The two can live in a state of nonviolence for as long as the Fish go with the Ram’s flow, but once the veil is lifted, and Aries sees that Pisces, with all of their shifting moods and wishes, is just an illusion, they will be too angry to want the Fish to stick around.

Stockpiling secrets is a no-no for Cancers, Scorpios, or Pisces involved with Rams, and will only end in catastrophic screams and late night tears for them all.

Aries and the Earth Signs

The earth signs may prove to be too cold, commonsensical, and careful for the Tasmanian He- and She-Rams, resulting in an extreme bubble burst for the fire sign.

Aries will be impressed by both Capricorn and Taurus’s tell-it-like-it-is manner of speaking and thinking, as well as their sense of calm. And they can learn a lot from each other, should they choose to do so. But chances are, they won’t. The Bull’s possessiveness and pride, not to mention his or her lack of romantic incentive and open interest will frustrate the Ram beyond words. Aries holds much respect for Capricorn, but the love component may be AWOL for this pair.

Rams and Goats share the same ambitious ego, but Aries will find out the hard way that every argument, contest, and conclusion will be won and decided by Capricorn who outmaneuvers everyone, including the Ram with his or her silent determination. Fights are inevitable, but Aries won’t get much out of stoic Capricorn, forcing the fire sign to split.

Virgos usually seem too pristine for the raw and unfiltered Aries who prefers love to be peppery and full of passion. Although Rams do enjoy the Virgin’s realness of thought and sincerity of deed, they are more likely to get some form of people pleasing perfection from the Virgin in favor of fevered flavor. However, should Aries be courageous enough to chance it with Virgo, they might be surprised by how zesty the Virgin can get when he or she feels appreciated.

Aries may find the realm of romance to be an arena of prize-winning pleasure that enlivens and inspires them, or they may find it to be a thorny field of antagonistic approaches and agonizing experiences that scrape the brass off their championship hearts. Love can go both ways for this fire sign. Rams are ruled by Mars, the planet of assertion, action, and confrontation, so in the affairs of the heart, their instinct is to compete against or contest with Venus’s desire for refinement, seduction, and female charm.

Yet they are still magnetically attracted to uber femme Venus archetypes (that means you Libra and Pisces), until the pretty Venusian polish wears off. Alpha Aries are by no means suave suitors when it comes to courtship, they have a tendency to rush into and out of love, leading with their heads, which are steered by concentrated, transitory spirits and macho desires. This causes a heavy amount of emotional and psychological damage for them. Still, they adore the orgiastic rush a new love often provides, as it unleashes all of their dormant Martian qualities all at once.