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Zodiac Sign Love Relationships: Sagittarius, how the mutable fire sign is in love

People of this fire sign are expansive, and seek someone equally as flamboyant and extravagant as t…

For the mutable fire sign, loving liaisons are all about the Ex’s and O’s.

Sagittarius seeks to explore and expand through the experience and exoticism of new love. I say new love, because the Centaur demands a high level of novelty in order to stay interested. People of this fire sign are expansive, and seek someone equally as flamboyant and extravagant as they are.

That covers a large portion of the Ex’s, but what about the O’s?

Oh, well, Sagittarius out-does every other sign in the zodiac when it comes to wooing, wining, dining, and dating. Centaurs outperform Libra and Gemini in the charm department; outmaneuver Aries when chasing a potential paramour with their outgoing nature and outlandish antics.

Their overt overtures of enthusiasm will dazzle you, that’s indisputable.

Rendezvous will be outrageous in size and splendor. Sagittarius will make a daytrip (and possible road trip) out of what should have been a regular walk in the park, bringing their no limits approach to even the smallest everyday activities.

The mutable fire sign is, in one word, friendly. In fact, most relationships start as friendships for Sagittarius, as the line between intimacy and companionship is a thin one. Yes, Centaurs must be friends with you before they even utter the word love aloud.

Often, Sagittarius will shoot for the moon and land in a bed of starry eyed suitors clambering for his or her fiery fondness. However, any type of desperation is a definitive deal-breaker for every Sagg.

Out of a mate, Centaurs desire confidence, openness, and a willingness to explore life. That old T-shirt saying, “Single and ready to mingle” summarizes Sagittarius’s attitude towards romance (even whilst in relationships). They are notorious serial daters.

Excitable and eager, exuding positive rays of possibility, Sagittarius is very much the airy fire sign (which is why it opposes the fiery air sign, Gemini, on the zodiac wheel). The mutable fire sign rules things such as aspirations, ethics, philosophies, long journeys, and the higher mind. Thus, when a Sagg stumbles upon romance, it goes to their head-heart (every Sagg thinks with their passions first, and their logic second).

The Centaur is actively amorous, eager to experience culture through relationships with others, and more precisely through the import and export of ideas (this is the sign of the higher mind, after all).

The Quick Draw McGraw Sagittarius is armed with darts of desire ready to spring into the far-off distance.  Once smitten, Sagittarius can speculate the ways in which he or she can snag their targeted paramour.

As pointed out by Starsky and Cox in Sextrology, Sagittarius subconsciously draws on the themes of courtship and marriage. Many a Sagg is twice (or thrice) divorced because of this deeply embedded drive. Courtship is the more exciting phase of love for centaurs, and naturally leads to marriage (their not-so-favored byproduct of a thrilling chase).

Still, Sagittarius aspires to obtain a just attitude towards love and sex. Centaurs like their relationship to be fair. However, the sign tends towards bigotry, insensitivity, and .

Commitment doesn’t frighten them. Neither does monogamy. The aspect of relationships that terrify most Saggs is monotony.

A lack of variety can slaughter the interest and libido of nearly every Sagittarius.

There’s an additional intimacy issue the Centaur struggles with, caused by their hyperbolic planetary ruler, Jupiter.

Romance is an out-of-body experience that frequently tears Sagittarius from reality, and into a tertiary perspective. One senses that the Centaur –as notoriously bold and blunt as he/she/they are—isn’t fully committed to every moment nor experiencing the joys of a cherished romance.

If a Sagittarius has captured your interest, ponder this before leaping into anything permanent:

Was the sky god Zeus ever accused of anything but pillaging and philandering?