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Welcome. I’m writer and astrologer, Cosmic Cannibal.

Welcome. I’m Cosmic Cannibal. 

Astrology is the fetish of my life. Here you’ll find it blended together with grapevine gossip on the 12 zodiac signs, and information about the planets, houses, aspects, and transits. 

Astrology to me is a colorful way of understanding the personality so that we can accept and grow our individuality, and that of all whom we encounter. My goal of this site is to explain the signs, the planets, and other aspects of the birth chart in entertaining and enlightening ways.

The material presented here is largely factual, with twists of humor tossed in to ensure you, the reader, enjoy every word written and learn a thing or two about the ZODIAC, PLANETS, HOUSES, and many other crucial components of the starry art, including ANGLES, ASPECTS, and ASTEROIDS, and compatibility. Oh, and I can’t  forget the HOROSCOPES, because there are lots and lots of horoscopes and satiriscopes and sometimes a combiation of the two (seriously, this is my bread and butter). 

If you’re looking to hear your horoscopes read out loud, then check out my podcast COSMIC CHRONICLES: Astrology with Cosmic Cannibal, which has many of the horoscopes featured on this site, but with a dash of disco music and snark. 

So go on, take a bite out of astrology!

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