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August 2019 Horoscope

Wave goodbye to the bad juju of July, and welcome the (mostly) good vibes of Leo- and Virgo-ruled A…

Doth thine memory deceiveth me, or has Cosmic Cannibal never deigned to record a forecast for August? (Bigger question: why am I talking like Billy Shakespeare? Hm…) The Sun is surfing through Leo; Mars and Venus are fixed in the fire sign; and Mercury is soon making its second debut in the fixed fire sign. Feelings of playfulness, passion, and drama abound. And just when we are sure we could forever soak in the good vibes of Leo season, the denouement arrives. Like dominoes, the planets topple into Virgo: Mars enters Virgo on the 18th, Venus enters Virgo on the 21st, Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd, Mercury enters Virgo on the 29th — and there’s a Virgo new moon on the 30th! I speak for everyone when I say: we ain’t ready to get analytical and practical with all this Virgo ju ju. Nevertheless, scroll down to read what the rest of summer — with its inner and outer planetary changes — has in store for you.


Are you finding it hard to discipline and deny yourself simple little pleasures? Midway through the month this attitude shifts. Starting the 11th, your perspective on life expands with Jupiter direct in Sagittarius, and prankish ideas pop into your head with Mercury in Leo. Still, you’re turning a deaf ear to every idea but your own, and taking on a rather inflated view of yourself (more inflated than usual, that is). Retrograde Uranus draws attention to your values — how you value yourself, your natural talents, and your possessions. Unexpected changes will continue to rock your personal effects and finances, and you question your self-worth. On the 15th, friendships suddenly seem super important and emotional. Beginning the 18th, Mars — your ruling planet — in Virgo turns your attention to matters of health and service. When Venus and the Sun join the Virgo party, you’re motivated more than ever to get sh** done. 


The times they are a-changin’, aren’t they Taurus? It’s advised that you start swimming, or you’ll sink like a stone. You’ve been uncharacteristically withdrawn from your ordinary world, preferring to surround yourself with the comforts of family and the familiar (this is not implying that the familiar isn’t without its share of drama). Jupiter direct in Sagittarius brings benefits from other people’s resources starting the 11th. Powerful but fortunate changes remain on the horizon. You’re still searching for freedom though, and Retrograde Uranus pushes you into periodic bouts of irresponsibility and — dare I say — rebellion as you try to break with the past and make major changes to your present. Professional problems test you on the 15th, and you’re even less inclined than usual to express your emotions. On the 18th, you plow ahead, freighttrain-like, towards having a good time and expressing yourself creatively. Enjoy this period while it lasts. 


Good thing you have control of your life. (You do, don’t you?) Starting the 11th, lovers, lawyers, and anyone come out of the woodwork with Jupiter direct in Sagittarius. The planet of luck is broadening your partnerships, and making connections on your behalf. Plus, Mercury and the Sun in Leo light up your mind in invigorating ways. But maybe look into honing your nonverbal abilities. Retrograde Uranus brings random shockwaves of insight that won’t feel that good. Nevertheless, it is in the tempest of so-called chaos that synchronicity and your psychic abilities thrive. The 15th marks the end of a publishing, schooling, or travel project you’ve been endeavoring since February. Starting the 18th, with Mars (promptly followed by the Sun and Venus) in Virgo, home becomes a source of great comfort and irritation, and you’re being asked to look inward and examine all the habits you’ve enabled this past year.    


Can you believe July? At least you’ve got your money, Cancer. And if you don’t, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Leo make money (and making money) your main concern. Starting the 11th, Jupiter turns direct in Sagittarius, and you feel surprisingly fulfilled at work and your sense of purpose expands. But retrograde Uranus is making you rethink your long-term dreams and aspirations. How can you realize your creative dreams? It could be as simple as going against the flow, and refusing to obey orders of the past. New and interesting friends bring challenge and (mostly) positive change. The Aquarius full Moon on the 15th is a doozy for your nonmaterial resources (i.e.: Sixth sense), and your psychic insights are astoundingly exact. When the planets shift to Virgo, your desires to take read, write, and learn get a boost, and all of your communication talents get put to good use.


Life is finally looking up for you, Leo. On the 11th, feelings of confinement and confusion that have beleaguered the bulk of July get put into the past (where they belong) with Mercury in Leo. You heart and mind are aligned, and you’ve reclaimed a great deal of power. Jupiter direct in Sagittarius rekindles your courage to be exactly who you are — haters and shaders be damned. Meanwhile, retrograde Uranus is rocking your professional life. Your social status and even your profession itself is headed for a titanic change. All that was murky and wayward seems crystal clear starting the 18th. Mars in Virgo shifts your laser-like focus to money and values. Then Venus follows suit on the 21st, and your self-worth improves, as does your attitude towards personal possessions. Business and/or romantic agreements are finalized on the 15th, but watch the shadows: an enemy of yours might resurface.


Very often, you feel slighted. Starting the 11th, those feelings subside. Jupiter direct clears up any domestic problems plaguing you, and brings a certain level of calm and intuitiveness that you would do well to utilize. Mars enters your sign on the 18th, and with it comes an upsurge of energy to tackle all those nifty Virgo hobbies — cleaning, organizing, compulsively obsessing over alphabetizing your Spotify playlists, etc. On the 21st, you get another boost with Venus in your sign. Confidence soars, which makes the daily grind a lot less, well, grinding. THEN on the 29th, Mercury enters your sign, and there’s a Virgo New Moon on the 30th. Retrograde Uranus is prying open your third eye and adjusting your thinking or maybe you’re planning a trip to some exotic location. Accept the accidental insights and take a good, long look at your world. It’s giving you (subtle) constructive criticism.


Like it or not, Libra, Mercury, Sun, and Venus in Leo are radiating warmth and excitement in your social circle. Jupiter direct softens your inner magistrate, making you more tolerant. And if you’ve been mulling it over (which I know you have, because you’re the most indecisive sign in the zodiac — but also the most deliberate), now’s the time to join that writing/book/bridge/sagha club. In fact, doing so will be really good for you. With retrograde Uranus, you’re delving deeper into your creative depths, sifting through the psychological muck, and you could use a positive release. On the 15th, the Aquarius full moon shines a big ol’ spotlight on your love life. You’re highly social and concerned only with amusing yourself — even more so than usual. Beginning the 18th, you dive into a dreamstate, the likes of which encourages an open and honest dialogue with your deepest self.


So now that July is over, it’s time for you to transform. Starting the 11th, you get more of what you want — both in a material and spiritual sense with Jupiter direct. Plus, it’s easier to finalize projects at work with Mercury direct (just watch that you don’t get too… arrogant). With retrograde Uranus, you’re once more questioning your need for relationships. And if you’re starting a new one, know that it’s going to be reckless and unstable. On the 15th, take some much-needed private time to reevaluate your habits (good and bad) and feelings about home and career. Efficiency, discrimination, and a surprising desire to go out and about begin to take hold of you on the 18th. From then thru the 30th, you’re a busy bee — networking, socializing, not being a weird loner, etc. — and the cosmic chemistry of Virgo energy works wonders for your higher social aspirations. 


Stop what you’re doing and heed my advice: get your head out of the clouds, summer is nearly over! Starting the 11th, self-discovery thrives and you’re outgrowing your childish instincts, making way for a renewed sense of self-confidence. With Mercury and Venus in Leo along for the ride, ideas are dramatic and prolific (maybe a tad overinflated, too). Retrograde Uranus amps up your need for job independence. Oppressive obligations get cast aside as you continue to search for a job that makes good use of you. On the plus side, you’re acquiring new skills during this search; and on the downside, you’re hella anxious. On the 15th, meaningful conversations allow you to open up the doorways of communication and your daily life gets an important change. Beginning the 18th the details surrounding your professional life and/or reputation become crystal clear. The dots are connecting you to a brighter future.


Coloring the big picture, that’s what you’re thinking of these days — at least, from the 18th thru the 30th, with Mars, Venus, the Sun, and New Moon in Virgo. You’re going places, Cap, and if not literally, then mentally. Starting the 11th, you either take on the role of, or attract a spiritual teacher. This guru could be anyone, but their lesson will look the same: don’t resist the undesirable parts of yourself. Retrograde Uranus takes you on a short trip through your creativity. Suddenly, your kid(s) seem(s) more rebellious than usual and requires more attention. So too does your creative self-release. Write, paint, knit, or do whatever creative activity brings you joy. Bonus: you’ll discover more ideas while doing so. Familiarity brings you comfort in distress, and on the 15th, you’ll need more of the familiar around you as you get a mite possessive about your resources. 


All July long you wondered whether or not you had lost your mind. But see, those sensations that manifested in different spots in your body, they’re called feelings, Aquarius. You may pride yourself on being above your feelings, but you aren’t. Starting the 11th, you’re back in your element: being one with the group. Idealism swells and you’re ready to reform the social structures (again). Though ruled by Uranus, its current (and forthcoming retrograde) transit through Taurus is taking a wrecking ball to your personal life. Connections with the past and your family are being untethered, and rigid structures about your home life get a makeover. The full moon on the 15th amps up your need to belong, but friends and family may find you increasingly more demanding days leading up to it. Compulsions are surfacing, confrontations are inevitable, but you’re only mildly compelled to solve any of these problems.


Partnerships. Your third eye is focused solely on partnerships — for the second half of August, that is. The first half, you’re incorporating drama into all aspects of your day-to-day. Expect emotional squalls at the office. Starting the 11th, release your tendency to underrate yourself at work. Uncharacteristic confidence in your achievements attracts the attention of more than just your boss; your reputation greatly improves. Retrograde Uranus shakes up your day-to-day, and you alternate between feeling erratic, unsettled, and encumbered. Old thinking habits fall away, making room for new ideas. The week leading up to the full moon you’re in total hiding, keeping your emotions and insecurities under wraps. Seclusion gives you the chance to process all that’s on your mind, and by the 15th, a psychic revelation arrives. From the 18th through the 30th, your right and left brain harmonize, and you’re better equipped to communicate with your partner(s).