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February 2020 Horoscopes

There’s too much happening to relay it quickly!

published in The Paper

As per the astrological status quo, the planets are changing this February. 

The patchy planetary schedule is as follows:

  • Mercury enters Pisces on the 3rd, encouraging the use of intuition & empathy over dispassionate logic; because Pisces is an emotional water sign, hypersensitivity could become a problem. 
  • On the 7th, Venus enters Aries, igniting social urges & desires for intense relating; there’s energy, enthusiasm, and exuberance all around. 
  • Drama & romance sweep through the sky on the 9th, with the Full-Moon-in-Leo. 
  • The 16th is a double header: Mars enters Capricorn and Mercury goes retrograde. Mars-in-Capricorn steels resolve, while Mercury retro turns thoughts inwards.
  • On the 18th, Sun enters Pisces, ushering in more sensitivity & compassion, whilst bringing passivity & vagueness. 
  • Finally, the Sun and Moon align in Pisces on the 23rd, and this New Moon presents an opportunity for contemplating deepest dreams, and how best to realize them. 

Though the transitions are seemingly indistinct, the ripples created affect each of the 12 zodiac signs differently. Read your Sun & Rising Sign horoscope below for how best to navigate this month’s ripples.


All January long you’ve pondered what to do with your life. Now, think about what you want to receive. Alone time reveals how to free yourself from restrictions. What do you know you need to let go of? What do know you need to let in? Keep in mind: Knowing is one thing but acting is another. With Venus-in-Aries, an ardent need for freedom clashes with a fiery desire for relating. Should you accommodate or be more assertive? The Full-Moon-in-Leo may have the answer: embrace that which stirs passion and sparks pride, and let go of whatever does the opposite. (It really is that simple.) With Mars-in-Capricorn, ambition to achieve is at its peak. Expel this energy by committing to a meaningful project. Thoughts turn inward starting the 18th, and it becomes obvious how your actions juxtapose your intentions. Acknowledge faults & virtues, look to the past, and recoup your confidence. A psychological breakthrough occurs around the 23rd with the New-Moon-in-Pisces. Face your inner reality and confront karma, but save some psychic space for spiritual connections…


Tension is often a direct byproduct of your need to control. Lay down your arms in collective endeavors and let others carry their own weight for once. Mercury-in-Pisces has you thinking of friends & future progress. Your February task lies in finding how to utilize and combine the two without sacrificing your freedom or overstepping your bounds. Boundaries, Taurus, boundaries… Venus-in-Aries ushers in selflessness as you come to terms with the past. Though gratification isn’t immediate, excessive self-denial could turn charity into envy; when you want to explode, exercise gratitude instead. Feel your way through the surge of nostalgia brought by the Full-Moon-in-Leo. Privacy is important. Don’t fight the urge to stay home and self-soothe; doing so will sharpen your sixth sense. Make meaningful connections and reach new heights with Mars-in-Capricorn. Your capacity for creative academic work expands and you (should) have confidence in your achievements. Around the 23rd, new friendships form that have a special link to your higher hopes. Bask in the outsourced love and attention accompanying the New-Moon-in-Pisces. Common-ground-clubs lead to common good…


Good things come to those who wait, but you, Gemini, have waited long enough. Mercury-in- Pisces clouds your view of tomorrow, forcing a battle between analysis & intuition. It’s best not to analyze the unknown; welcome it instead. Venus-in-Aries arouses a need to belong, but at times you feel left out. Isolation improves insight on occasion, but long-standing loneliness leaves you questioning your eccentricities. Solution: Help the group to help yourself. Drama & disputes with siblings or sibling-like friends stir powerful emotions on the Full-Moon-in-Leo; mental activity is lively — use it wisely. Face your creative depths with Mars-in-Capricorn. During this seemingly strenuous self-exploration, hidden talents and resources emerge. Share them, and you will transform. Emphasize your standing in the world starting the 18th. Make strides towards sought-after career aspirations. Sun-in-Pisces works wonders for you and your highest wishes. Invite in new professional opportunities on the 23rd with the New-Moon-in- Pisces. Promise to publicize — that is, say aloud — what you wish to achieve. Ultimately, the smallest steps get you where you want and where you need to be…


Consider February the month to soul search and begin a 30-day spiritual quest. Mercury-in- Pisces nudges you to expand your horizons and shake up the status quo. How will you answer this mystic summons? Venus-in-Aries demands more courage in love & career. Friction and frustration occur; use the intense surge in bravado to express your wholehearted desires for merging & moving forwards to align with your higher purpose. Gratitude abounds with the Full-Moon-in-Leo. Bask in the glory of your talents! Mars-in-Capricorn wedges a bone of contention between you and your partner(s). Try not to get too snappy in one-on-one confrontations — speak your truth constructively and fight only for that which deserves your emotional energy. Starting the 18th, yearning for adventure is heightened. Religion, philosophy, long-distance travel (astral projection maybe?) — these subjects are beckoning you to get out of your shell and experiment. Compass-like, your intuition reveals the right course of study in the days leading up to the New-Moon-in-Pisces. Make like a guru and meditate on your path to enlightenment. There are no rules or limits…


Lose yourself in the unknown. Whilst juggling relationships and work and school and everything else going on, Mercury-in-Pisces asks you to dream & concentrate. Though clarity wavers, intuition swells & long-buried emotions rise to the surface. Doubt not your own strength– find it by delving into these mysterious feelings. Connections with others deepen when you get to the bottom of yourself. The warm’n’fuzzies return with Venus-in-Aries. Fiery fondness for your mate gives you a new lease on life & love; arm yourself for adventure. The Full-Moon-in-Leo is all about you: what can you finalize, decide, or let go of in order to confidently charge through the rest of 2020? Fate comes to fruition… Mars-in-Capricorn offers a one-three punch: Work hard. Get things done. Take pride in accomplishments. Just don’t expect a gold star with each achievement — the responsibility for applause lies with you alone. When Pisces season arrives, passion heightens & emotions grow heavier. On the New-Moon-in-Pisces, set the intention for intense union with your beloved, and shift your attitude towards metamorphosis. Surrender, trust, and witness your life sizzle… 


Voulez-vous parler des poissons? Mercury-in-Pisces streamlines communication with others; though meaning gets lost in translation. Typically a lucid thinker, you’re repeatedly asking, Wait– what am I trying to say? All while projecting your puzzlement onto others. (This worsens when Mercury goes retrograde. Sorry!) Impassioned feelings intensify with Venus-in-Aries. Arising crises & conflicts challenge your courage; scour inner nooks and crannies to find strength camouflaged as fear. A blast from the past blows into the present around the Full-Moon-in-Leo, momentarily fixing attention inward. How can you attain the appreciation you so desperately long for? Mars-in-Capricorn enhances self-assertion, concentration, and competitiveness, but how and when you use each depends on timing. Get physical (i.e. play some sports or go to the gym) to relieve restlessness. Close relationships — either business or personal– become a major theme starting the 18th. And on the New-Moon-in- Pisces, someone (though I can’t tell you who) will make a move towards you. Be ready for that job offer / date inquiry/ marriage proposal and/or event invitation… (Is that vague enough for you, Virgo?) 


Let Mercury-in-Pisces help you let go of your perfectionist mindset. Don’t feel overwhelmed by details or elusive worries; clarity comes when you connect body and mind. Though now more charming than ever, your need for approval & fear of conflict skyrocket with Venus-in-Aries. Smile through anger, but avoid confusing relationship roles. Whose needs come first? Remember: you’re always somebody; you don’t need another’s love to remind you that! No more wishing: A major payoff from work arrives with the Full-Moon-in-Leo, and you finally decide to prioritize your goals. Friendships strengthen. Mars-in-Capricorn creates a stir on the homefront. If you live with other people (especially your parents), you may wish you didn’t — they’re the source of excessive commotion and strife. Silver lining: the battles between security and safety propel you into seeking your own place. Beginning the 18th, your better able to articulate and bring order to what once seemed diffuse. With New-Moon-in-Pisces set new priorities to improve productivity, perform selfless service for others, or create some magic. Don’t be deluded about your wants either; simply believe… 


Showmanship and showing off need not distract you this month. Mercury-in-Pisces summons some selflessness in the way you think and communicate, so step back from the melodramatic brooding, and loosen up. You’ll soon see that it’s refreshing having detached empathy. Besides, sensitivity to your children’s (or your inner child’s) needs take priority. Venus-in-Aries fires up flirtiness as well as irritability. Make known your desires and pursue, but also consider your body’s needs over its wants. Destiny knocks with the Full-Moon-in-Leo, and issues surface regarding reputation as well as ego. Just watch that stinger of yours… Pace of life quickens with Mars-in-Capricorn, and the urge to argue is strong. Ideas appear much more important than they really are. The trick is to argue with finesse and avoid attacking just for the sake of it. (Repeat this mantra: I am not like Donald Trump…) Starting the 18th, relax and let other people worry about drama (it’s quite entertaining to watch, actually). By the New-Moon-in-Pisces, an intention manifests to play. Bonus: all of this fun boosts your self-esteem…


Share visions and find amusement in life –those are your goals this month. Mercury-in-Pisces allows you to fully absorb nuances and subtleties of the past you may have overlooked. The nostalgia is fleeting, but seemingly overwhelming emotions will spur woolgathering. Lucky for you, Venus-in-Aries has you feeling like a kid again. Take a risk and throw yourself into romance, art, or anything that feels new; invest in the simple joy of enjoyment. Restlessness reaches new heights with the Full-Moon-in-Leo. In your endless quest for freedom and fun, are you overdoing it? Plans for travel — be they physical, imaginary, or astral — finalize. Build confidence and find your backbone with Mars-in-Capricorn. Take inventory of strengths & weaknesses, expectations, and goals. You’ll find that most of your so-called impediments and “weaknesses” turn out to be imaginary. Ultimately, this enhances your self-worth. Escapism surges starting the 18th, and you feel like you’ve misplaced your ability to deal with reality. No matter: The New-Moon-in-Pisces is the perfect time to set the intention to change your lifestyle and take care of you…  


Choose to express yourself serenely this month. Sensitivity to your immediate environment increases with Mercury-in-Pisces, as do urges for healing interactions & feeling-based communication. Before you vomit up your lunch at the thought of sharing your feelings, consider this: doing so will heal underlying nervousness. With Venus-in-Aries, security needs conflict with desires for freedom, which stirs hostility towards those at home. It seems everyone needs taking care of, so ask yourself, who’s taking care of you? Reassurance arrives with the Full-Moon-in-Leo, but there’s a power struggle between you and your intimate partner, which you’ll win (because you always do — still, don’t keep score). Show the world what you’re capable of with Mars-in-your-sign. Make impressions. Fight for your rights, and use this courage surge to motivate others. No one sees you as being overly forceful, so feel free to boss them around as much as you feel necessary. Everyone wants your opinion on, well, everything starting the 18th, so the New-Moon-in-Pisces is a good time to take a short trip or add some movement to your day-to-day… 


All I’m going to say is I hope you enjoyed January… Mercury-in-Pisces has you thinking about your self-worth and whether or not it’s worth anything at all. IT IS, which you intuitively know, but still repeatedly question. (Story of your life, right?) Show yourself some compassion! Venus-in- Aries reanimates your social life, bringing into your everyday life pleasantly fresh encounters with friends, siblings, or sibling-like friends. Close friends and/or partners– be they -in-crime, or -in-life-and-love– come into focus on the Full-Moon-in-Leo. Either you break up, reconcile, or reinforce your commitments to each other. Mars-in-Capricorn puts you in the shadows. Irritable and stifled, you feel like you’re not getting credit for the things you’ve done. (This is half true.) Self-assertion and lack-of-acknowledgement is undermined by bad behaviors. The only way out is through: confront yourself, not others. Inertia kicks in starting the 18th; strive for quality over quantity. The New-Moon-in- Pisces brings a sense of comfort and peace in passivity, quieting any festering insecurities. Evaluate innate talents & tools and set an intention to fine-tune them…


Poor is the soul who can’t believe. That’s no problem for you: Mercury-in-Pisces helps you translate the invisible realm of the imagination. Words can heal, so step out of your innermost cave and speak your mind — just watch your wallet. Venus-in-Aries has you fast & loose with cash, also making you a field magnet for intense energy. Why is everyone so angry? It’s not you, it’s them: Impulsivity is in the air. Break up with a bad habit for good with the Full-Moon- in-Leo. Applaud yourself for enacting self-discipline. Mars-in-Capricorn incentivizes active pursuit of goals & ideals. Participate in group affiliations, and dreams will manifest. Now’s the time to resist your tendency to take the backseat; it’s ok to go for what you want. Seek your purpose starting the 18th. Sun-in-Pisces propels you to act beyond what you think you’re capable of; though seemingly scary, it’s ultimately beneficial. Change the way you feel by changing the way you look. The New-Moon-in-your-sign is the time for you. Heal energetically & don’t let slip away the opportunity to make strides…