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Three Astrological Forecasts For A Better Outlook On Spring 2020

The planets got your back! (Published in The Quaranzine, 3/27/2020)

So let’s be honest, we’re all freaking out at the moment. With record unemployment, an economy in shambles, and emergency stay at home orders in place due to Covid-19, the world is starkly different than it was months ago. And it doesn’t look like any of this is going to change in the immediate future. But there is hope from above. Three key astrological events can provide us with some much needed inspiration to survive the fear and uncertainty of this pandemic. I’ve broken down these events below. 


With the Sun transiting Aries, we must tap into the inspiring nature of the cardinal fire sign. Ruled by Mars, the planet of outward activity, Rams lead the charge against the most impossible odds with energy and confidence. 

The astrological element of fire is active and expressive, intended to inspire and ignite the world. Fire sign Aries is all about using their energy and courage to encourage others to believe in themselves and their strengths even in the toughest of times. The tough-yet-tender-hearted fire sign also bravely fights for the underdog. 

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is instilled with the desire to initiate. In fact, the first day of Aries season corresponds with the first day of spring. And spring is about starting over and moving forward. As such, Aries always believes in tomorrow. That outlook is something we all could use right now.


Saturn is known as the ‘Karmic Teacher.’ While that’s not a pleasant title, the planet’s transits are instrumental, as they present us with structure and the opportunity to define and manifest what we want. On March 21st, Saturn entered Aquarius, shifting the way we structure our lives in a major way. 

Air sign Aquarius (which is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus) is a sign all about innovation, freedom, altruism, and social change. During Saturn’s transit in Aquarius we will be presented with the opportunity to manifest far-reaching social change that will liberate us from our current limitations. Will the process be slow? You betcha. Outer planets like Saturn stay in one sign 2-3 years, taking about 29 years to come full circle. But rest assured: future-oriented Aquarius is steadfast in its pursuit of change. This forward-looking resolve will help us reform and make philanthropic progress gradually. 

In fact, some Saturn-in-Aquarius changes are already in the making. The U.S. Senate has moved towards voting on a coronavirus stimulus package, which is aimed to assist Americans in need by putting the people first: giving direct payments to those affected by job loss, suspending student loans, and boosting unemployment benefits and hospital aid.


Mars gives us the opportunity and energy to strive for what we want. The planet enters the air sign Aquarius on March 31st. In astrology, the air element relates to the realm of thought, ideas, and imagination. Thus in these coming months, all that we strive for (Mars) must be done on the mental plane (Aquarius). That is, we must collectively focus on all those Aquarius ideals— namely freedom & altruism— in order to forge meaningful changes.

Mars & Saturn will be conjunct in Aquarius on March 31st. A conjunction occurs when two celestial bodies are at the same degree of the same sign. There is immense strength in this unification, but it can be overpowering. As with anything, astrological planets have skillful and unskillful applications. On their best days, Mars gives us energy and courage, and Saturn gives us patience and discipline. But on their worst days, the two planets can make us impulsive, non-cooperative, fearful, or pessimistic. 

When Mars & Saturn connect in the sky on the 31st, we will be hyper-aware of our limitations and how slow things are moving. Many of us will become frustrated, fearful, impulsive, and/or angry (if we’re not feeling this already). However, this conjunction serves as an opportunity for us to readjust and get our lives in order, using the logic and objectivity of Aquarius to guide our actions. 

Always remember: Planets don’t have control over our actions. We do. It’s up to us how we respond to this situation, and it is imperative now more than ever that we help one another out.

So during these next few weeks, let’s all take a page out of the books of Aries and Aquarius. Rams rise to challenges. They keep the faith even when doing so seems impossible. It’s true, we’ve never faced anything like this Covid-19 pandemic, but it’s in the DNA of every Aries to not only be the first to do something, but to also beat the odds and come out on top. And though all of us (Aries included) would prefer to brave a different challenge, especially given the emergency stay at home order, this pandemic is our challenge. So we must summon the inspiring spirit of Aries, and tap into the altruism of Aquarius to look out for one another so that we ALL come out on top.