April 2020 Horoscopes

also published in The Paper

Overall, April is bearable. Though it’s difficult to believe, with the Sun-in-Aries, and Mercury entering the fire sign on the 11th, our search for an identity and some sense of freedom remains amidst the Covid-19 chaos. When Venus enters Gemini on the 3rd, there will be tons of talk about relationships and money, and a shallow concern for comfort. And while there’s value and indeed money to be found in communication during this transit, don’t get too distracted by the small talk. On the 7th, the Full-Moon-in-Libra highlights our insecurities surrounding relationships, whilst also giving us the opportunity to balance the partnership scales. Starting the 19th, the cosmos shifts, and Taurus takes the solar wheel, bringing a desire to manifest all that we dreamt of during Aries season. This is intensified on 22nd, with the New-Moon-in-Taurus. Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration, turns retrograde in Capricorn on the 25th, a transit which prioritizes the rebuilding of power foundations. Finally, Mercury enters Taurus on the 27th, and we’re once more thinking of love and money.  


Align with like-minded friends, and embrace a surge in mental activity. Though confined to your home, you can still get excited about love & life, even if both seem less lively than you want. Starting the 3rd, curiosity and passion are vivified during the breezy Venus-in-Gemini transit, which has you talking (over text/email/Zoom), writing, and learning more. On the 7th, emotional issues with your partner come to a head. The instinct to compromise arises during a warring argument, but before you apologize and promise to change, defend your decision(s). Starting the 19th, you can take pride in your talents, and find comfort in being wanted. Just watch that you don’t get too complacent, taking from, rather than giving to others. The Taurus New Moon allows you to reassure your desires, though you start pondering how to get more on the 27th. Retrograde Pluto-in-Capricorn pushes you to let go. There’s a lot you want to accomplish. Are you working hard enough? What’s getting in your way? Cut your losses, quash self-made impediments, and soar… 


The best thing for you during this quarantine is to recognize and experience previously unfelt feelings. Surrendering to your subconscious is energizing, though you may feel conflicted about what you uncover. Best not to identify too strongly with these worries. Relax and appreciate your surroundings (since you’re seeing them more than usual), but curb the instinct to splurge on unnecessary home beautifications: Venus-in-Gemini will make a fool of your finances if you let it. On the 7th, the stress of working-from-home reaches its peak. Is your health and wellness routine being pushed aside? Balance must be struck, because smiling through the strain won’t make it go away. Starting the 19th, enthusiasm and bravado spiral upwards, bringing with them your need to express yourself. Try not to waste this surge of self-confidence by needlessly bickering with others. Your life outlook changes on the 22nd, so set the intention to start over. Release your need to control and deepen your wisdom with Retrograde-Pluto-in-Capricorn. Every crisis with authority presents the chance to mature. April is a turning point… 


Go attend to your friendships. There’s no better motivator than you right now, as your creative mind and unique perspective can provide much needed insight. Opportunities for enormous growth are found in technology and the media. Flirt with passion, and savor the whimsy that surfaces on the 3rd — just don’t go broadcasting every affectionate thought that pops into your head. You know how fleeting feelings can be, so practice some finesse. On the 7th, a creation of yours receives worthy recognition, but your desire for importance pushes you towards passive power plays. Don’t play games: express your need for support. Starting the 19th, you find fulfillment in seclusion, and invest your energy in your imagination. On the 22nd, set the intention to manifest your deepest daydreams. Retrograde-Pluto-in-Capricorn asks you to dig deep into the shame surrounding your ambitions, stop blaming others for any lack of success, and let go of the guilt surrounding your goals. Your need to succeed may be driven by an obligation to your family, but now is the time for self-mastery… 


Candor is a quality to cultivate this month. Communicate your wants or risk repressing them forever. Starting the 3rd, your love life gets resuscitated, and you escape into daydreams with your beloved. Just don’t deceive yourself: These premature fascinations are as vain as they are secret; whatever starts doesn’t finish… On the 7th, balance must be struck at home. How can you satisfy the family’s needs without sacrificing your wants? Security is a sacred necessity for you, as is a desire for peace, so think real hard about which way the scales must dip. Independence slows down starting the 19th, and you steadily plod your way upwards with friends, whilst setting the intention to be more single-minded about what you want. Retrograde Pluto-in-Capricorn forces an examination of your partnership(s). Who does this relationship really benefit, them or you? It’s wise to probe into seemingly shameful problems the hard way: directly. Avoid avoidance, and dismiss your desire for approval. Acting in contrast to the past allows you to move steadily towards a more substantial future…  


Let’s be frank: Motivating others has always been an unsung talent of yours (probably the only unsung talent of yours), so dial up the friendliness, and get to galvanizing. Reach out to new people and expand your worldview, this ultimately leads you to your leadership niche. Starting the 3rd, you can relax about your role with the work group, because dynamics soften. When you use wit to voice your ideas, they are met with open-minded appreciation. On the 7th, your need for reassurance separates you from your partner. To restore harmony, you must relate to your mate and cut a deal. Embrace patience starting the 19th, and take a more deliberate approach to your work. When you organize your expectations and create a practical plan of attack on the New-Moon-in-Taurus, you’re a hundred steps closer to getting the recognition you seek. Retrograde-Pluto-in-Capricorn tests your commitment to your goals, challenging you to discipline your routine. Can you stay efficient amidst waves of disorder? If so, then productivity will skyrocket. You gain wisdom as well as experience…   


Venus-in-Gemini quickens the pace of your work life starting the 3rd. But there’s no need to worry: higher-ups are much friendlier to you (provided you actually finish all the projects you say you’re going to start). An emotional intensity has taken over your life. You’re thinking and feeling more deeply than you’d prefer, but this touchy-feely time is crucial for your personal growth. On the 7th, indecision surrounds your finances, don’t resist the instinct to harmonize. Starting the 19th, you actually take pleasure in expressing your feelings; doing so helps you connect better with others. Even amidst the confinement, there’s a pep in your step, a wind beneath your wings if you will. On the 22nd, you expand your hopefulness and extend well wishes out to every soul on earth, whether you’ve met them or not. As the month winds down, Retrograde-Pluto-in- Capricorn reinforces your need to be right. You should halt this habit and ask yourself: Is your revulsion towards incorrectness driven by a fear of admitting you don’t always have all the answers?


Let the 7th be the night you demand some emotional attention. Always the arguer, you’ll be more inclined to defend your position and put the attention on you — and that’s ok. On the 3rd, a quest for free & easy romance begins, and you go swimming in the online dating pool or start learning valuable lessons from your partner. Either way, relationships play a big part in your decisions this month. (When don’t they?) Whether with friends or with your bf/gf, you’re seeking out lively, dynamic conversation and maybe even a debate or two. What else are you supposed to do if you can’t go anywhere? Well, starting the 19th, get in touch with your unseen sides, and take those debates to another level. A certain someone takes hold of your mind (or you, theirs), and on the 22nd, you reflect on why this is, burrowing deep into the mysteries of your attachments. Retrograde-Pluto-in-Capricorn dredges up some pains about family and your early home environment. Significant and lasting transformation comes when you remodel your psyche… 


Slough off the pacifism and pleasure-first mentality of March, now’s the time to get back to work. Initiate a new-and-improved routine that prioritizes duties and efficiency over play. On the 3rd, weird, strange, and contradictory values of your intimate affairs come to the surface. You are curious about your beau’s secrets, but should avoid exploiting what you find (even if it’s amusing). The 7th is a night for soul-and-heart-searching, just be sure to keep a level head about the karma you encounter; show yourself some compassion to find inner peace. Starting the 19th, close friends, open enemies, and/or your partner prompt you to examine your needs within relationships. Do you work well together? If the answer is no, set time aside on the 22nd to clear the air, and see how your situation together can improve. A ransack of your personal expression begins on the 25th. Retrograde-Pluto-in-Capricorn pressures you to turn your intense focus on your intellect — how you learn and communicate. The sooner you question your mental attitude, the better off you’ll be… 


Searching for action? Though struggling with forced hibernation, it’s good for your creativity to lust after freedom and change. On the 3rd, you can find harmony and oneness with others, provided they’re interesting enough to keep you interested. (So, probably not.) Still, dealings with business and one-on-one partnerships run smoothly, but trickery could be afoot in your transactions, so stay alert. On the 7th, a group project ends and you get all the applause you’ve been hankering for; this surge in love received reminds you of your lofty life goals: mass appeal. Starting the 19th, you embrace the role of helper, lending a leg up to all the people in your day-to-day environment. Being useful helps you help yourself, since you’re already generous to a fault. You can take this generosity to another level on the 22nd, setting the intention to acquiesce resources needed to continue your service to the public. Speaking of resources… Retrograde-Pluto-in-Capricorn has you pondering your values and self-worth. What’s most important to you in life? The answers may surprise even you… 


Chaos is everywhere, but you’ve kept your cool. Good thing, too: your iron will and practical mind are an asset at home. Who else but you could hold down the fort? On the 7th, this responsibility to “be the rock” becomes overwhelming. Your inner softy tells you to suck it up, but know this: at home or at work, equality shouldn’t be a sometime-thing, and those taking advantage of your dutiful nature need to be tactfully reminded they can shove it. Before this, you start to feel the itch to learn a new skill. But you pay so much attention to the details of planning it, that you don’t actually learn anything. Oh well. Starting the 19th, you get in touch with your inner child, doing arts and crafts stuff, and by the 22nd, you’re sharing these youthful activities with your kids, which boosts both your self-esteem. Starting the 25th, Retrograde-Pluto-in- Capricorn reminds you that just because you’re so good at getting things done, you shouldn’t always be the one who has to do everything…  


All right, no one said quarantines were easy, but if anyone can do what needs to be done for the good of the group, it’s you. Sure, you’re more restless, curious, and aggressive, than usual, but at least you’ve got creative outlets! (If you don’t have any creative outlets, you should find some, otherwise, your brain will be working overtime.) Though social urges are strong, you must resist the temptation to fly the coop. Invent something that can take you away from your everyday world; or you could just play video games all day. On the 7th, feelings of generosity swell, and you’re more inclusive. You should host a webinar for friends, you’ll be the charming host. Starting the 19th, the pressure to decamp diminishes, and you’re actually at ease staying at home, and appreciative of your familiar surroundings. Take this gratitude up a notch on the 22nd, and set the intention to find more pleasure in simplicity. Retrograde-Pluto-in-Capricorn backpedals through your past, forcing you to face unfinished business. Don’t flee too far into unreality…  


Passion and pacifism are key parts of your identity, but remain cloaked by your gentleness and serenity. Your intense need for love smolders on while you wish and wait for the perfect mate, all the while wishing and waiting you could just take action and– oh, what’s that, on the 3rd, love arrives at home, delivered by Venus-in-Gemini! During this time, you communicate your romantic feelings with just about anyone who will listen, rejoicing in the freedom these lighthearted confessions provide. Though uncertainty about your feelings lingers (when aren’t you uncertain?). On the 7th, a surge in passive resistance allows you to deepen your connection with your partner without even lifting a finger. Starting the 19th, informal discussions impell you to find more fulfillment in the everyday. Though you’re still wondering why life isn’t more magical? On the 22nd, set the intention to appreciate yourself, remembering that you bring the magic to life, not the other way around. Retrograde-Pluto-in-Capricorn has you feeling out of control, but this is where you thrive. Find strength in surrender… 

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