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What each planet in astrology means, sun through pluto

Pithy run-through of the astrological planets.

Everyone wants to become the best version of themselves. Astrology can assist with this. It’s true: the Sun is the most important planet in the birth chart, but there are nine other planets that comprise the personality. In addition to the Sun and Ascendant, every chart — which means every person — has a Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. By understanding what these planets represent, you can begin to understand yourself, and ultimately become the best version of you. 

The Sun represents the creative drive and radiation of the spirit, and conveys the central source of the personality. All of the planets in the natal chart come together to express the personality through the unique vehicle of the Sun. The Sun’s symbol is .

The Moon rules the emotions, instincts, habits, and capacity for nurturing. Its sign  determines your behavior as an infant, because you are strongly in tune with your instincts during infancy. The Moon’s symbol is .

Mercury rules over the mind and intellect, how you communicate, where techniques and skills are available to you. Mercury’s symbol is .

Venus symbolizes the give and take of love and sensual pleasure; how you perceive relationships, what type of qualities of affection you’re most receptive to; and also your artistic talent. The symbol for Venus is .

Mars rules your outward activity, passion, desire, how you pursue your goals, assert yourself, and how/where you take action. The symbol for Mars is .

Jupiter describes how you express your faith and generosity, how you expand yourself; what your higher aspirations are, and what stimulates your self-confidence and wisdom. Jupiter’s symbol is .

Saturn is the planet of limitation and restriction; its sign describes your style of self-discipline, how you set limits, conserve your resources, and act responsible. Saturn’s symbol is .

Uranus is your urge for change and ability to visualize possibilities; its placement describes where you find/seek freedom and originality. The symbol of Uranus is .

Neptune describes how/where you feel confused or disillusioned, but also how/where you are most creative, compassionate, and idealistic. Neptune’s symbol is .

Pluto is the planet of intense passion, change, and upheaval; its placement describes your deepest compulsions and obsessive qualities, the area of your life most in need of transformation, and also how you can renew and grow spiritually. Pluto’s symbol is .

All of these planets come together and seek expression through the Sun. 

The personality longs to become actualized, and this can happen once you dig deeper into your birth chart. Hopefully this brief explanation of the Sun and other planets can provide you with a base-level understanding of the personality and its many layers so that you can start understanding your own.