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What to Expect During the Libra Full Moon 2020

Everything you need to know to manage the 2020 Libra Full Moon

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The Libra full moon, which takes place at 18°42’, at 8:35 pm MT, gives us a strong need for compromise, cooperation, and balance in our one-to-one partnerships. 

Things definitely feel imbalanced right now, as we’ve been informed that the next week and half is likely going to be one of the hardest for many in the U.S. due to a surge in Covid-19 infections and possible deaths.

Perhaps this super full moon arrives just in time, presenting us with the opportunity to talk through the emotions of our personal relationships, and find oneness with others even amidst this trying time.

Still, beneath the potential for unification, there’s a hidden fear of disturbing the peace with this full moon. Can you summon courage from the Aries Sun to speak your truth, (tactfully) sharing your feelings regardless of whether they are “good” or “bad”? If so, the peace you’re so afraid of disturbing might actually be preserved. 

Venus-in-Gemini is rubbing cosmic elbows with Mars-and-Saturn-inAquarius, making this Full Moon an airy affair. There will definitely be an urge to talk out our feelings.

Venus-in-Gemini will soften any hurtful words, while Mars- and Saturn-in- Aquarius ask us to logically consider the other person’s point of view. This lunation could bring conflicts with your spouse, tension between your business partnership, a significant interaction with an adversary, or an end to a relationship. The shadowy side of this moon could make us lazy or evasive with our own or another person’s feelings. 

Mars-in-Aquarius is also making a square to Uranus-in-Taurus and a sextile to asteroid Chiron, which manifests major out-of-the-blue obstacles that could rock our world and unleash a world of hurt if we let them. 

And with the sextile between Mercury and Jupiter, whatever we say has the potential to be received well, but may inflate our emotional response, wounding us more than helping us heal. This is intensified by the quincunx aspect between the Moon and Neptune (ruler of delusion, illusion, and confusion).

You may find inspiration falling from the sky, a creative project could finish, or an unpleasant daydream that has interfered with your sense of reality may finally end. 

Before we can expect to reconcile interpersonal problems, the Aries Sun and Libra Full moon — which takes place on the Axis of Relationships — asks us to cooperate with ourselves. Libra is a sign centered on cooperation, civility, and integrity. 

So ask yourself: Where in my life are the scales unbalanced, and how can I utilize the Libra energy to be civil with myself, cooperate with others, and restore my integrity? 

Listen to the sensitive instincts, refine your feelings, and remember: Before peace and balance can be restored, things must first rupture. 

Here’s the Libra Full Moon chart:

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