Venus Enters Gemini

Fri., April 3rd ☉ ♈, ☽ ♌, ☿ in ♓, ♀ ♊, ♂ & ♄ ♒, ♃ & ♇ ♑, ♆♓

Ah, Venus, the planet of love, has finally cycled back to Gemini, the sign of my Sun. Any time you have a transiting planet in the sign of your Sun, it’s super beneficial; it practically imbues your life with the planet’s qualities. And trust me, everyone wants their lives imbued with Venus. 

Besides describing our love natures, benefic Venus also symbolizes our capacity for harmony. In fact, Venus transits are aimed at harmonizing, beautifying, enhancing, and softening; Venus wants us to find pleasure and experience beauty in our daily lives again and again. Certainly with the planet in Gemini I can expect an increase in harmony, beauty, pleasure. Ugh, I hope so. Beauty, pleasure, and harmony have definitely been missing in my life recently. 

Just spitballing, but a possible example of this lack of harmony, beauty, and pleasure could be the following: 

This past Monday at 6:30 am, I received a very distressing phone call from my Aries beau, whose name has been kept secret for reasons you’ll soon understand. 

“Babe, what’s wrong?” I said, feeling groggy and disoriented as I grasped around my night table for my glasses. 

“Camille, Keara’s going ballistic, she’s gonna kick me out–” the Aries croaked.

“Ok, calm down,” I said, putting my glasses on; my throat felt thick like it does after a hangover or bad night’s sleep. Light was beginning to peek through my blinds, and my cramped room looked way too bright. I rolled onto my stomach, away from the light. “What happened?”

“Keara found our texts!” The Aries repeated, sounding scared. “She knows we’ve been seeing each other! She’s threatening to kick me out of our apartment! She said I’m never gonna see Isaiah or Tianna–”

“Oh crap!” I gasped. I could see the swarthy, bearded, tattooed Aries, looking like a panicked yogi, his large brown eyes, even more wide with fright as he paced his apartment, while his children slept peacefully.

“She wants me gone,” he continued, “she threw my stuff everywhere before heading off to work. I don’t know what to do, Camille — I’m not sure I’m going to have a place to live–”

My grogginess evaporated. Replacing it was a sudden urge to save the day. 

“You can come here–” I offered wildly, wondering how in the hell I was going to explain to my roommates that this Aries, whom I’ve been secretly seeing for seven months, was going to be crashing in my nonexistent basement for two — maybe three weeks. “Or I can help you find some other place. What about Ethan? Mike? Just tell me what you need. I’m here for you–”

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do,” he interrupted. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Ok, well, now’s not the time to fall into your 1st House South Node,” I said, hoping my little astrology joke would lighten the situation, even though this situation wasn’t at all funny. 

I rolled onto my back to stare at the ceiling and think.

“Remember, babe,” I said, trying to calm the Aries, “Uranus is squaring both Mars & Saturn, so sudden acts of hostility and independence are expected — actually — Mercury is squaring the Moon too! Hey– Maybe this is an opportunity? Maybe it’s time to speak your truth!”

“Independence…? Opportunity…?” the Aries murmured. “Yeah, yeah… maybe you’re right…” He no longer sounded panicked, he sounded distant. Detached. Calculating. 

My save-the-day instincts that had replaced my grogginess were now being replaced by curiosity. Suspicion. Something wasn’t quite right. The light outside my window was getting brighter, now casting deformed striped shadows on my closet and crap-cluttered dressers. 

“I’m confused,” I said, my voice steadier than I felt, “why would it even matter if Keara kicks you out? Why would she care if you and I…? I thought you two were getting a divorce.” 


Something hot crawled up my throat. Panic, was it?

“That’s what you said, isn’t it?” I asked, sitting up. “That’s what you’re working on, right?” 

More silence. More panic.

I tossed my bed covers off of me. 

Babe,” I pressed, my voice growing slightly hysterical, “you said you and Keara were getting divorced. So why would she be upset about finding texts on your phone? Why would it matter to her that we’re texting or seeing each other if you two are getting divorced?” 

Even more silence. The kind of silence that squeezes your heart and head like a vice.

“Please say something,” I whispered, as more panicky doom rushed through me.

“Camille–” The Aries paused. His voice took on a business-like tone. “I know how this is going to seem, and I promise you it’s not like it at all, but…I have to stop talking to you–”

“What?!” I croaked. “But we –” my mind raced over all the plans he and I had made: taking a road trip to Edgewater in June, Katie’s wedding in August, moving in together… “What about your birthday? What about the presents I got you?”

Back in February, I bought him an astrology workbook, and a gorgeous Aries candle that has crystals cooked inside it. I had teased giving him the gifts for weeks. Now, I wish I had.

“You have to let me at least give you your presents–”

The Aries sighed, interrupting me. “It hurts so much to hear you talk about my birthday, about my gifts, but I wouldn’t feel right accepting them.”

My throat tightened, as did the vice around my heart.

“It tears me apart to have to do this!” The Aries said, not sounding torn apart at all. “But you’re strong, you’ll bounce back!” 

“Yeah, but–”

“It’s like you said, this is an opportunity for me to speak my truth.”

“Yeah, but I meant–”

“I have to do the right thing…for my wife, for my family.” 

The heart-vice tightened once more, squeezing so hard, I thought my heart might pop. 

“I’m sorry, Camille,” The Aries said, “Keara needs me. She’s my wife, you know? And,” he gave a hollow laugh, “we both knew what this was when it started…you were just a fling.”


I don’t remember who hung up the phone or when, all I remember is throwing my phone across the room, not the least bit concerned with whether or not the way it thumped loudly against the wall would break it like the Aries broke my heart. 

I wasn’t the least bit concerned with anything at that point, tbh.

That situation with the Aries is the type of ugly, painful, and embarrassing life situation that Venus-in-Gemini will smooth out. Hopefully.

The Aries hurt me in a way I can’t even begin to describe with words (only emojis such as: 😫😩😧😡😤😭😰😱😲😵). And I spent the rest of the week in a numb haze, listening to sad disco songs (some pop and soul), and trying to summon my resolve and immerse myself in any activity besides thinking about the Aries. Still, sick, twisted thoughts filled my head. 

I couldn’t understand how an Aries, a sign astrology says is so truthful and honest and unable to deceive, could be so untruthful, dishonest, and not only capable, but also willing to deceive not just one, but two people for SEVEN MONTHS. I also couldn’t understand how I, a Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo Mars / Jupiter / Rising woman with goals and dreams and self-respect had allowed myself to be lied to, deceived and pushed aside by an untruthful, dishonest, and deceptive Aries for SEVEN MONTHS. I mean, I’m an astrologer, how did I not see this coming?

But that moment — the moment when my Aries “boyfriend” dumped me on his birthday at 6:30 IN THE DAMN MORNING because the wife he lied about no longer wishing to be married to had found our texts and was soon going to kick him out of their apartment and take away his children– that was my moment of Lizzo-worthy empowerment. 

That was the moment I realized the universe was telling me to change.

Seven months of my life had been sacrificed to the Aries. I had shared my deepest feelings and fears with him, laughed with him, phone-sexed with him; sex-sexed with him; bought him tiny love trinkets; sent him sappy text messages; took part in secret apartment / parking lot / mountain makeout sessions; gave him my time, my energy, my encouragement, my support, and basically planned the next six months of my future around him. And he reciprocated by dropping me like a hot potato and saying I was just a fling. What a dick.

As far as I saw it, I had two choices: ignore the call of the universe, and allow my self- esteem to be flattened by lies, deceptions, and betrayal; or do my hair toss, surrender to the universe, and let it guide me to infinitely better circumstances that may or may not include me becoming a world- famous astrologer and star of my own astrology series on Netflix. 

I chose the latter. 

Which brings me back to Venus-in-Gemini. This transit is one of the most important transits of the year — for me, anyway. With the love planet conjunct (in the same sign as) my Sun and Mercury, I can turn its positive, beautifying, pleasureable vibes on me; my creative intellect and charm are soon to be at their peak, and I can get my life where I want it. 

This isn’t going to be like last time Venus was in Gemini, and instead of taking a valuable internship, I wrote a book that has yet to be published, and became involved with a Taurus, who turned out to have a secret girlfriend. (Yeah, I have boy problems — Love it or shove it.) No, this time, Venus’s transit through Gemini is going to be different. 

Well, ok, so there’s the Covid-19 quarantine, which inhibits my ability to do anything except sit and stew at home. And sure, I’m teetering the verge of sanity while wondering how I’m ever going to trust another human being ever again. And OK, I’m 28 years old, I write horoscopes for a zine nobody reads, and I have little more than a fistful of dollars to my name

But none of that matters. 

Venus-in-Gemini is going to resuscitate my life. This transit is lighting up my 10th House, the House of career success and worldly achievement, which is splendid news. Venus in the 10th House attracts tons of career opportunities, making one more charming, while smoothing any rough spots in the path to success. Venus also goes retrograde on May 13th, transiting in reverse until going direct on June 26th, WHICH MEANS Venus will be in Gemini THAT ENTIRE TIME. In fact, it’s staying in the mutable air sign until August 7th. So all the harmony, charm, beauty and pleasure, promised me by the transit will just keep coming and coming from now until August. PLUS, Mars- and Saturn-in-Aquarius are opposite my natal Mars-in- Leo, two transits which instill in one a need to assert oneself and concentrate one’s efforts on manifesting passions. In short, there’s no better time to make up for lost time and get my life back on track. In fact, I’ve already started getting my life back on track. A day after the Aries brutally dumped me, I received a request on Instagram for a chart reading (I don’t even use Instagram very often, so the fact that this person found me is a sign). It’s for an Aries gentleman named Greyson or Giovanni or something that starts with a G, I don’t really know. (I should probably find out before the birth chart reading though; the last thing I want to do is call this fellow by the wrong name: “You see, Giovanni — Oh, what’s that, your name is Greyson? Ruh Roh!”) All I know is that after being lied to and deceived by the Aries for seven months, I need a win. Actually, I need a lot of wins. More to the point, I need to become the famous astrologer I’ve always dreamed of becoming.

*please note, COSMIC CHRONICLES is a fictional series; Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this series are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.  

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