Your May 2020 Horoscope

Taurus-ruled Spring is in full swing, but May could get a little moody. After all, it’s not every month you start off with a full moon, but this month we do (it’s on the 7th). 

While most full moons promise a fair bit of drama, this one will be extra dramatic because it takes place in super-passionate-and-intense water sign Scorpio. As if that isn’t enough, three — that’s right, three — planets turn retrograde: Saturn, the planet of karma and limitations turns retro on the 11th (the same day that Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Gemini); swiftly following suit is love planet Venus, which goes retro on the 13th (the same day action planet Mars enters Pisces); and lastly, Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion starts swiveling backwards on the 14th. 

Yes, that’s a lot, but really, the only retrograde that will have any significance is Venus. 

Though Venus retrogrades are good for creativity, and though they also intensify ~love~ energy, we won’t find either of urges easy to express. In fact, existing relationships will be tested, creative projects may get delayed, and an ex from the past will return. 

But like a breath of fresh air, the Sun enters Gemini on the 21st, quickly followed by a New Moon in Gemini on the 22nd, and everything will feel lively and exciting again. May ends on a receptive note when Mercury enters Cancer on the 28th.

Find your Sun/Rising sign below to see what all this means for you.

Aries / Aries Rising ♈

A bright light shines on your shared resources and deepest emotional bonds on the 7th. Others are demanding much of you, and their emotional levees (read: impositions) reach an intense peak; your feelings will either transform or expire. While the pace of life is starting to slow, decision making has been difficult if not downright painful. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so resistant to change? Starting the 11th and straight through September 29th (yes, you read that right), retrograde Saturn provokes a redefining of your life objectives. Are certain friendships or ideals preventing you from solidifying your future? If so, experiment with the idea of separation (and brace for unexpected impediments). There are endless choices cluttering your head during this time. Communication is speedy, schismatic, and there’s lots of talk, but very little action. Unfinished business emerges starting the 13th, and you may find yourself retreating to escape the resultant fear and anxiety. Assertion and compliance go head-to-head; do you pursue or let go? Relationships are put to the test during this time, and an old friend (possibly even an old flame) reappears. Interest in your reputation intensifies beginning the 14th, and you’re determined to gain the favor of others. Starting the 21st, restlessness, rethinking, and indecision worsen; you’re temporarily devoted to overexplaining everything. The 22nd is a good day to ask yourself why you can’t decide what exactly you want out of life. By the 28th, over-concern for comfort and safety makes you impatient about planning ahead. What feels right?

Taurus / Taurus Rising ♉

Try to pay attention to what’s motivating you. Is it lust for money, security, comfort, or all above the above? Neither one of these are bad, but your worldly outlook may be tainted (just sayin’). On the 7th, a stubborn (silent) competition between you, your partner, and/or colleagues leaves you feeling imbalanced. Starting the 11th, Retrograde Saturn takes another trip through your ideals and higher expectations. Clearly define your limits, reinforce your personal philosophies, and remember that you can win at this game called Life, but only if you let go of useless grievances. That same day, you begin to nervously ponder your possessions and personal resources. In an effort to appear more dexterous, you pick up a hobby (like arts&crafts) or decide to learn something new. You further play around with this desire to increase your self-esteem beginning the 21st, but with Venus retrograde, you may not finish any of what you start. On the 13th, self-indulgence and serenity intrude upon your hope for the future. You at once wish to fit in/stand out/be invisible. Though self-assertion within the group proves difficult, intuition reaches new heights. Retrograde Jupiter sees you wisening up about the lack of fairness in your world. Indeed, you’ll find that if you fight the law, the law will win. On the 22nd, into your lap falls an opportunity to grow your natural gifts; break with your routine and experiment with a new intellectual activity. By the 28th, emotions mingle with logic…  

Gemini / Gemini Rising ♊

Gathering wool has been a passive pastime for you as of late. So too is inflating the importance of a spiritual connection to something (or someone) beyond the material world. Spoiler alert: This pining for perfection is disintegrating your creativity. The Scorpio Full Moon on the 7th makes this clear as day: you criticize your daydreams when you should be reorganizing your to-do list and making them real! Starting the 11th, retrograde Saturn repositions your wavering attention on your emotional depths. When you work on properly releasing repressed anger and shame, you get a major payoff. And Mercury is here to help, amping up your expressiveness. Now, you can really make yourself heard. (Until the 28th, anyway.) Beginning the 13th, you’re hurrying towards achievement with a dreamy fervor that fogs long-term plans. Though impediments send you into spells of self-pity, you magically summon the industriousness to stay afloat. Retrograde Venus ensures an erratic rehashing of past courtships, but this commotion need not be bad. Still, your ballooning infatuation with respect exacerbates betrayal issues. Explore any guilt and/or pessimism with seriousness. Activity abounds starting the 21st, and you go from daydreaming to doing. Embrace this junket of bravado by focusing on your wants and needs. A fresh start arrives on the 22nd with the New Moon-in-Gemini. Still, the opinions/approval of others could interfere with your desire for freedom. Let go of any worry related to your reputation, and ask yourself: What changes can I make to strengthen my autonomy?

Cancer / Cancer Rising ♋

Currently, your need to belong is making you feel left out. Isolation affects us all, but it’s weighing heavier on your sensitive heart. These pangs reach their zenith on the 7th, with a dramatic (read: explosive) emotional display involving a lady in your life; spiteful accusations fly, and you can’t just forgive and and forget. Extremely resistant to change and amnesty though you are, retrograde Saturn pushes you to deviate from this path. Starting the 11th, you must either fortify or forfeit your closest relationships and resign to understand what serves your best interest; it’s the only way to move forward. An estrangement — though distressing at first — could be the best thing for you. It’s a good idea to question relationships in private, though; doing so will help you determine why you’re feeling trapped/bored/fragile, etc. On the 13th, there’s an influx of dread regarding reality. Wheels spin as you intensely consider how best to achieve your (vague) goals, while palpable uncertainty surrounds your spiritual and romantic lives. What’s more, your relationship reputation is all-consuming; you want to be liked/respected so badly that it’s just– just… ‘Tis true: you’re feeling more than words can describe, and the pull of the past seems impossible to resist. By the 21st, barriers begin to break, though you’re still in limbo, feeling nostalgic/misunderstood. On the 22nd, you can release this grief brought on yourself, and heal/grow the spiritual and romantic attachments you share with others. Just watch out for self-deception… 

Leo / Leo Rising ♌

Languidly earning achievements is part of your charm, and this methodical (read: lazy) approach to your goals is actually smart: you conserve your efforts while slowly climbing the ladder of success. Still, the critical opinions of others shake your foundations to their core on the 7th; defensiveness and drama ensue as you tend to your inner child. Starting the 11th, Retrograde Saturn advises an assessment of your everyday chores. Are you organized? Perhaps your process needs perfecting… There’s also an unscratchable itch to brainstorm with, and express yourself among like-minded friends. Starting the 13th, Mars-in-Pisces sees you pursuing creative activities in secret, though concentration is intermittently elusive. The flow of creative energy feels deceptively serene; that is, until even the smallest upset sends your feelings reeling. Retrograde Venus spins some excitement back into your group gatherings; watch that you don’t excessively meddle or give in to gossip. Retrograde Jupiter magnifies the importance of productivity; with the swell of efficiency comes more responsibility and more chaos. Get organized to stay ahead. Beginning the 21st, a restless, if not childlike urge for recognition sees you boasting to the masses about all the progress you’ve made thus far. Whether big or small, the audience is open to your ideas, but only when you keep your ego in check. Hopes, wishes, and dreams take center stage on the 22nd with the Gemini New Moon. Brainstorm how best to nurture your future, as this day could very well usher in some exciting changes and surprises…  

Virgo / Virgo Rising ♍

Verily I say unto you that placidly entertaining yourself with seemingly frivolous activities actually serves as an invaluable lesson in self-education. In other words, your current pursuit of higher knowledge is actually a good thing. Indeed, you’ll see the benefits of your jaunt into autodidactism by the 21st, when your recently acquired knowledge helps you achieve all the goals you’ve set for yourself. But these achievements arrive in spurts. Accept this erratic approach to success, and don’t let an overconcern for doing what’s “normal” interfere with the flow of life. Before all this, you get a swell of insecurity about your inexperience in life on the 7th, and feel discounted by those in your immediate environment; the key is to release resentments. Starting the 11th, Saturn retrograde forces you to secure and protect your romantic/creative hobbies; it isn’t easy disciplining your creativity or your love life, but you have to try. Beginning the 13th, you’re extra sensitive about being liked and coming across as the “ideal” partner/employee, which drains your energy; just sacrifice your need to deceive. Retrograde Venus helps you find creative ways to better cooperate with frenemies at work. But by the 14th, retrograde Jupiter magnifies your desire for importance; don’t fall into the role of the stooge simply because you like the attention. On the 22nd, a beacon of fresh light shines on your career. A new job in the writing/speaking/media business could open up. By the 28th, you’re communicating with the masses… 

Libra / Libra Rising ♎

Lust for power is testing your loyalty and attracting adversaries. (They’re all just jealous, right?) Blame your compulsive need for adoration. It’s so sneaky, you almost don’t even know you’re doing it (almost). On the 7th, expect a surge in envy and financial competitiveness; yes, there are people in the world who have more possessions than you — stop keeping score and just get over it. Starting the 11th, retrograde Saturn forces you to clarify your feelings about the past. Have you not learned from experience that guilt and/or insecurity about your family only leads to more guilt and/or insecurity? Practice compassion for your inner child. Just watch that dependency, moodiness, or stoicism doesn’t consume you. Retrograde Jupiter enhances these traits until September (yes, September). Change your thinking, and you’ll change your attitude. At least, that’s the message from Mercury. The planet is also nudging you ever-so-subtly to travel (short distance will do) and learn new ideas. Beginning the 13th, you feel conflicted about perfection. You want to comply with the invisible urge telling you to fine-tune your skills; but such actions seem pointless. When the 21st arrives, you roll in optimism like a pig in slop. Sly, witty, and ever-so-eager to prove your intelligence, you’re connecting with people who really get you. What’s more, commiserating with pseudo-philosophers placates your need to swank about. The New Moon on the 22nd brings a mental/lifestyle change; possibilities are endless. By the 28th, you care deeply about how you are seen… 

Scorpio / Scorpio Rising ♏

Strut your stuff (and stop comparing yourself to others). Though strongly aware of your appearance and how others react to it, you’re also quite certain of your appeal. Indeed, you’re a force to be reckoned with on the 7th, feeling both assertive and energetic, if not a bit angry. Choose to use this assertive/energetic anger as a stimulus for action; just avoid feeling sullen if things get out of your control. Starting the 11th, communication feels obstructed. Thinking, speaking, and listening become burdensome, and you can’t connect with people the way you used to. Chock this up to retrograde Saturn and retrograde Jupiter, which exacerbates the morose idea that you’re fated to talk only with your plants. Don’t anguish: this is a time to restructure your mind. You can find enjoyment in intellectual exchange. Still, there’s a push-pull between diving deep and staying superficial. Use your powers of perception to examine why this is. (After all, nobody knows you better than you.) By the 21st, you commit yourself to more breezy-yet-in-depth self-research, but interest remains playfully curious. Before that, on the 13th, you feel creatively inspired, though there’s a sliver of discontent. Perhaps it’s your pursuit of the intangible? Or maybe it’s that your benevolence has gone unrecognized? Either way, the discontent shouldn’t interfere with your enthusiasm for fun. This is a good time to pen some moody poetry. On the 22nd, the New Moon tickles your need for spiritual change, and by the 28th, your third eye opens…  

Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising ♐

Sensitivity isn’t really your style, but lately your attitude has adjusted. You’ve steadfastly aggrandized your need to be of service — especially at work– and have found that purposefully considering the thoughts and feelings of others is actually good for you in the long run. But on the 7th, you’re at the mercy of your compassion. Don’t get defensive if you feel vulnerable; instead, resolve to nurture the deepest parts of you. Starting the 11th, retrograde Saturn sees you seeking to (im)prove your worth. Overspending is likely, which makes it all the more important that you define personal values and long-term financial goals. Your focus also shifts to what you lack. There’s a quest for equality, and other people become a huge source of interest. Beginning the 13th, you feel aimless and uncertain as to why you’re suddenly taking everything so personally. What’s more, retrograde Venus makes you highly aware of the petty things. Don’t listen to the impulses that tell you to abandon ship when you should stay (or vice versa); your intuition is exceedingly deceptive during this time. Starting the 21st, you’re highly expressive with a pressing need to impress. So partner up and engage in a few light-hearted arguments. Sharing your thoughts always bolsters your spirits (and makes up for feelings of lack). On the 22nd, an opportunity arises for you to harmonize and/or compromise with your beau (or someone new). Bonus: They make the first move. By the 28th, your mind sets on deepening intimacy… 

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising ♑

Concerned with looking good? Indeed, appearances matter to you, but this is especially true as of late, though you’d never admit to being so passionate about vanity. In fact, your desire to look good actually stems from a deeper need to feel important and be recognized. This thirst for appreciation reaches an intense climax on the 7th; anger and competitiveness consume you as you compare your specialness to that of others. Summon some self-possession, and avoid being too condescending with those who have what you don’t. Starting the 11th, retrograde Saturn sees you revisiting old goals (which are actually the “new” goals you set for yourself a few months back). Clarify your approach to these goals and dedicate yourself to achieving them, doing so boosts your confidence. However, retrograde Jupiter may make you overconfident to the point of smugness, so try to keep that in check. Also, remember it’s important to plan. Use the cleverness of Mercury-in-Gemini to analyze what details and day-to-day jobs need your attention; in other words, tackle the smaller goals first. (This will be easier come the 21st.) Beginning the 13th, a short trip beckons you; this temporary respite period helps you recharge your emotional batteries, though you could run into an old friend who tests your nerves. Still, you return feeling serene, creative, and expressive. A metaphorical spring cleaning takes place on the 22nd, and it’s clear to you what attitudes and habits need readjusting. By the 28th, your attention turns to your other half…  

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising ♒

Angst is afoot, so appreciate the mellowness of early May while it lasts. But be sure to pay attention to your routine: Have you been resistant to change because you fear it will disrupt the status quo? Whether or not it’s welcome, change is on its way (see below). On the 7th, your profession becomes a temporary obsession. Anguished by the thought of letting go what you could have been, you withdraw and withhold your affection from those at work (not that you’re all-that-affectionate anyway). Starting the 11th, your neuroses worsen, as retrograde Saturn brings back abandoned fears that dampen your spirit and put you on the defensive. What’s more, retrograde Jupiter has you on a solemn search through your subconscious; you feel trapped, bored, and fragile. Still, if you discipline your imagination and strive for positivity, you’ll crystallize your creative dreams. Speaking of imagination, Mercury-in-Gemini sees you spontaneously creating whimsical works of art simply because you can (since you’re so inventive). You further immerse yourself into crafting art-for-pleasure beginning the 13th; busying yourself with these activities summons some serenity and esteem. Life shifts in a major way starting the 21st: You are all about expressing yourself, and you do so in such charming and persuasive ways that everyone wants a piece of you. Indeed, your social life picks up speed, and on the 22nd, a self-revelation (and subsequent sharing session) helps you grow your popularity even further. By the 28th, you sedately focus on the process of self-adaptation… 

Pisces / Pisces Rising ♓

Pride isn’t really your thing, but both passion and empathy are. It’s a good thing you feel so comfortable talking about your feelings– oh, who are we kidding, you rarely talk. In fact, you almost always find yourself listening to other people’s problems. Just watch that during these pseudo-psycho-therapy sessions you don’t overlook the context or count your siblings’ sins. On the 7th, an intense desire for self-knowledge pushes you to probe the depths of your soul; hone your intuition to sense what overwhelming needs require extra nurturing. Starting the 11th, retrograde Saturn sees you seeking the worth of your friends and group affiliations; isolation is likely. If you are already feeling lonely, retrograde Saturn and Jupiter will exaggerate these feelings. Scary as it may seem, this might be the time to finally put your work out into the world. Beginning the 13th, you get the courage and energy to assert yourself, though you do in such a soothing, unfussy way, that obstacles part like the red sea. Still, retrograde Venus creates friction at home, and both your mood and child within are affected. Indeed, there’s a palpable restlessness, sensitivity, and downright nerviness that gains strength from the 21st onward. Still, you’re able to communicate more clearly with your friends and family. On the 22nd, there’s a chance for you to observe with curiosity your habits, and perhaps logically determine which ones need to stay and which ones go. By the 28th, all you want to talk about is love…

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