Twin Flames 101

☉ ♉, ☽ ♌, ☿ in ♉, ♀ ♊, ♂& ♄ ♒, ♃ & ♇ ♑, ♆♓

When I curbed-parked my car in front of the familiar two-story house, I was struck by how quiet Westwood seemed. The barrio neighborhood in southwest Ivywild, Colorado usually bustled with assorted sounds and people. But today, apart from the gentle whoosh of the breeze blowing through the willow trees, it remained eerily noiseless and unpopulated. Westwood is known mostly for its eclectic collection of vape/massage/marijuana shops and “ethnic” restaurants (which are almost always a front for either an unlicensed massage parlor or dispensary). However, there was one gold mine in this jungle of quasi LLC’s, a little magick shoppe by the name of Metaphysicum. 

I gazed once more at the empty street before making my way through the exotic greenery of the house’s yard, past scads of bright colored flowers, and towards the shed-shop in back. 

Metaphysicum has everything an aspiring occultist could ever want: herbs, teas, potions, lotions, books, and most important of all, the sage knowledge of its owner, Enid Lawrence. The Cancer sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising mystical mixologist has studied astrology, tarot, magick, and metaphysics, and was the first person to introduce me to the concept of Twin Flames. 

I was hoping today she would offer further clarification on the subject. 

Though I spent much of April trying to get myself together, it was time to shift gears and focus on my column for Ecliptic. As per Sarah’s instructions, I dug my heels in and researched Twin Flames, but what I found was both confusing and unreliable. The only concrete “fact” I could find was that Twin Flames are one soul split between two bodies. (Whether or not this is true remains to be seen.)

Metaphysicum’s door was open, but there didn’t appear to be anyone inside. A multitude of plants hung like chandeliers from the ceiling of the shop; larger shrubs stood next to waist-high wooden tables adorned with books, candles, incense, and vials. Behind a sweeping countertop stacked shelves of jars and bottles filled with different herbs and leaves. 

“Hello? Is anyone here?” I asked, hoping I wouldn’t have to ring the damn call bell.

“Yes!” a woman’s voice chirped from behind the counter. “Just looking for my Moonstone massage oil! Ah, Found it!” And with that jubilant cry, arose the frizzy, copper-colored hair and towering zaftig figure of Enid Lawrence. 

“Welcome to– Oh Cosmic, I haven’t seen you in ages!” she cried, her round, full face cracked into a wide smile, which crinkled her pale-blue eyes. She bustled away from the counter and embraced me in a bear hug, smashing my face into her chest. 

“How’s my favorite Gemini-Pisces-Leo?” she asked, upon releasing me. 

“About the same as everyone, I suppose,” I said, smiling as I adjusted my glasses. 

Enid gestured for me to sit at one of the stools in front of the counter before sashaying back behind it, her floral kimono and matching bottoms rippling like waves around her large chest and hips. 

“I’m surprised you’re open,” I said, sitting down. 

“Metaphysicum is an essential business,” Enid purred. “Tarot, magick, herbs, and astrology saves people’s lives, you know. Do you want some tea?”


Enid grabbed two teacups and two herb jars off the shelf, poured the herbs into a mortar and pestle and started mixing them together. Then she filled a bright pink tea kettle with water from the wall sink. Giving me another warm, crinkly-eyed smile, she faced me.  

“So what brings Cosmic Cannibal to Metaphysicum? I dare say it’s been a spell.  I remember the first day we met… It was the Summer Solstice, Jupiter was in Leo, and you came here because you met a dashing Aquarius whom you believed was your Twin Flame.”

I laughed. “That’s… actually why I’m here.” 

“Oh!” Enid gasped. “Has the Aquarius… returned?” 

I shook my head. “No, God no– there’s this dating app that claims to pair people with their Twin Flame, and I’m writing a little column about it. I need some information on Twin Flames, but finding reliable info on the internet is near impossible.”

Enid gave a knowing nod. “Yes, the chasers are the only ones who write about it, because the runners don’t believe in any of it.”

I frowned. “Chasers? Runners? I don’t understand.”

The tea kettle whistled. Enid poured the water into the two teacups. 

“Well, then we should start at the beginning. Give this tea some steeping time.”

She smiled and rifled under the counter, removing a very large, very worn out book. Then she rested her elbows on the book, leaning towards me.

“So you know the basic philosophy of Twin Flames, yes?”

I nodded. “One soul is split into two bodies. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten.”

“That’s a good start!” Enid chirped.  “But there’s so much more to Twin Flames.”

Excited, I reached into my bag for a pen and paper, getting ready for what was about to come. 

“Before any of us are born,” Enid said, her pale eyes flashing, “our souls exist as light on the astral plane. There, in the world of the celestial spheres, we are nothing more than a combination of atoms, tiny rays of the Divine, egoless and androgynous in nature. One day, the light-soul decides to split. The astral bodies then manifest on the physical plane in feminine and masculine forms. We call these feminine and masculine rays of light Twin Flames or Twin Souls.

“There are mentions of Twin Flames in many esoteric texts: the Gnostic Gospels, the Pyramid Texts, the Upanishads. Why, even Greco-Roman philosophers were fascinated by the topic,” Enid said, flipping through the book. “In Plato’s Symposium, for example, we get a story of the origins of love from Aristophanes, who says that humans lived as one half of a whole. We were androgynous — that is, one part male and one part female, with both a lingam and a yoni, spinning around like ferris wheels…” She sighed. “Those were the days, eh? Anyway,” she shook her head, “Zeus, fearing that the male/female humans would become more powerful than himself, assigned Apollo the task of cutting them in two. Apollo obliged! The humans were then split, and their one soul forever lived in two bodies.”

She placed the book on the counter and pointed to a picture on the page: a black and white illustration of two bodies, spliced at the pelvis, holding the sun in their hands and the moon in their feet, a silver cord emanated from their chests. Below the illustration read the legend, “The Lovers Lemniscate.” 

“Twin Flames are two halves of the same energy — both shadows and light manifested in two bodies — and these two halves are bound together by a cosmic chord throughout their entire lives, from birth to death. It is the destiny of every Twin Flame to reach divine maturity at the end of the karmic cycle, so that they can reunite, liberate themselves from the physical world, and dissolve into the cosmic energy source. There, they will once again become light.”

I frowned, looking at the picture and thinking. 

“It sounds like Twin Flames are just soulmates,” I said. 

Enid shook her head, and her frizzy halo of hair quivered. 

“Oh no,” she said. “Twin Flames and soulmates are very different. The Twin Flame relationship is about karmic growth, whereas the soulmate relationship is about comfort and ease. Twin Flames do often feel a great sense of comfort and ease around each other, that’s because they are mirrors of each other, reflecting one another’s deepest passions and worst insecurities and fears. But there are other sensations that come about when you meet your Twin Flame.”

“Like what?” I asked, taking a sip of my tea.  

Enid sighed into her teacup. “Well, there’s an instant knowing, a feeling of wholeness — obviously, because you’ve re-joined forces, so to speak. I believe I heard one person describe it as no longer feeling the ‘chasm of separation.’ There’s also an intuitive understanding of one another’s feelings, be they pain or pleasure, an understanding extending past face-to-face interaction. Remember, Twin Flames share a cosmic chord, so they can feel these sensations from miles apart, even if they haven’t met yet. 

“There are also similarities in habits and physical characteristics,” Enid continued. “Since they are mirrors of one another, Twin Flames usually have the same build, the same palmistry lines, are around the same height, and they also suffer from the same physical and emotional ailments. The combination of parallels extends past the physical body, too. Twin Flames are drawn to the same foods, same colors, same music, subjects, interests, etc. These resemblances are a direct result of one or more astrological affinities between the Twin Flames.” 

Intrigued, I sat up straighter, my pen perched on my notebook. 

“Planets in the birth charts of Twin Flames are often placed at the same degree. For example, their Suns or Ascendants will both be 14°, they have a conjunction between Saturn or the North and South Nodes, or they have the same house placements or aspect patterns. Stuff like that.” Enid stopped and sipped her tea. “Quite frequently,” she continued, gingerly placing her cup on the counter, “Twin Flames will have a high number of squares or oppositions in their charts, especially between personal planets — and if Saturn is involved, well,” she widened her eyes, “there’s always tension between Twin Flames, but tension is necessary for growth and change.”

“Why is Saturn such an important planet? Shouldn’t it be the Sun or the Moon?”

“Saturn is the Karmic teacher, he shows us where we are most insecure and in most need of structure and discipline. And his lessons are seldom painless. Have you ever heard anyone speak fondly of their Saturn Return?”

I thought for a moment then shook my head. 

Enid raised her eyebrows as if my answer proved her point.

“Before all of this, before Twin Souls become awakened, the universe sends them signs of their meeting to come. These signs are usually numbers – 11:11, 11:22, 12:12, 12:21, 111.”

I nodded. “You said the Chasers usually write about Twin Flames. What does that mean?”

“That’s one stage of a Twin Flame union,” Enid said, smiling. “The first stage is when you yearn for your Flames, the second is when you meet and recognize your Flame, the third stage is when you two fall in love — or become best friends, because not every Twin Flame relationship is romantic– this leads to fulfillment found in stage four. But Twin Flames bring out some of our deepest insecurities, which must be purged in stage five. Following this is the Runner and Chaser stage– one flees from the relationship, while the other stays committed. And when both Twins surrender to the reality of their unique union — stage seven– the egos dissolve, and they are ready to reexperience Oneness of stage eight.”

I took another sip of tea and gazed at my notebook as questions buzzed through my brain.

“So, it’s safe to assume that everyone has a Twin Flame, and that they’re looking for them?”

“That depends,” Enid said, frowning slightly. “Not many know this, but the soul plans life events long before the body materializes. Some may have reunited with their Twin Flame and cleared their karmic debt centuries ago. Whereas others may be just beginning the cycle. No journey is the same.” 

Enid drank the last bit of her tea and examined the dregs, a satisfied look befell her face. Smiling slyly, I scooted my cup over to her and she peered at the wet leaves.

“Hmm,” she murmured, trying to hide her obvious curiosity. “You’ve got a spiral near the mark of Mars… Your leaves suggest that now’s the time to take action and solve your problems.”

I gazed at my tea leaves, trying to see the spiral, but it just looked like mush. 

“Enid, do you believe this dating app’s claim that they can match you with your Twin Flame?”

She hesitated. “It is of my belief that Twin Flames will meet when a transiting outer planet activates certain parts of their charts, so unless this app can somehow manipulate the cosmos, I would say it’s unlikely,” she said, giving me one last crinkly-eyed smile. “But one fact remains the same: Love is born into, and available to all of us anytime, anywhere.”

*please note, COSMIC CHRONICLES is a fictional series; Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this series are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.