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Your June 2020 Horoscope

Five planets retrograde… Lunar and solar eclipses… June is going to be a month for the …

Happy birthday Gemini and glad tidings!

Apart from the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse (which takes place on the 5th), there’s very little planetary action during the remainder of your astrological season. Granted, Venus is still retrograde, tearin’ up your heart like N*SYNC in 1997, and Jupiter and Saturn are still retrograde, and Mars is still in super-emotional-yet-apathetic Pisces, and Mercury is now in moody water sign Cancer, making us all want to cry at the drop of a hat, but at least we don’t have to deal with any other major planetary changes, right?! Wrong. The transit reprieve ends on the 18th, when Mercury-in-Cancer turns retrograde. Oh, but the backwards motions don’t stop there! Neptune joins the retrograde party on the 23rd, which means we will have FIVE — that’s right FIVE– PLANETS RETROGRADE. Before that, the Sun enters Cancer on the 20th, shifting the collective energy from agitated and volatile to straight up chaotic and rapacious. Then there’s the Solar Eclipse on the 21st…

Still, there’s good news: Venus turns direct on the 25th and Mars enters Aries on the 27th. Why or how those transits are good news, depends largely on your chart and where all these planets are falling this month. So without further adieu…

♈ Aries ♂

As you reexamine the structures of your home/ family/career, the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th sees you finalizing long-distance travel plans. Or maybe you stay home and finally try astral projection? Travel bug aside, you’re yearning for freedom, and this lunation makes it painfully obvious just how (symbolically) landlocked your life is. Lately, you’ve only dreamed of achievement, without considering the consequences this has on your security and sense of independence. Will you rise to the occasion and establish yourself in spite of an unstable future? Loner tendencies carry you through to the 18th, when Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer. Reflect on family, home life, and the past: what childhood/emotional habits have left you hurting? Summon some shrewdness and sympathy.

Hyper-sensitivity intensifies on the 20th, so too does intuition and imagination. Matters of the home hit you square in the heart on the 21st with the Cancer Solar Eclipse, and an opportunity to make a major move presents itself. No more retreating into fantasies, Retrograde Neptune sends you delving into the core of who you really are; the process is painful, but the effects are invaluable. When Venus turns direct on the 25th, love becomes a topic of negotiation, and you’re better able to communicate what’s on your heart and mind. Self-assertion soars starting the 27th. Mars-in-Aries gives you the courage and drive needed to accomplish whatever aims and goals you’ve put on hold. Life, love, work– you’ve got the energy and confidence to tackle them all! 

♉ Taurus ♀

The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th shines a light on secret emotions you’ve been ignoring. Is your optimism hiding something dark and twisty? True exaltation happens only when you go deep within yourself and be blunt with the shadows you find there. Whether you want it to or not, this lunation will dredge up your deepest feelings. You’re in high demand at the moment, so be mindful that you don’t overextend yourself. Indecision swirls about beginning the 18th; thoughts wax and wane like the moon, and you’re more in tune with everyone’s subtle signals and gestures. Just watch that you don’t assign meaning where there isn’t any. Starting the 20th, ponder how you can best relate to and nurture those around you. Perhaps it’s through writing little love notes or taking a short trip? Either way, there’s a strong desire to express your feelings verbally.

Take time on the 21st to tend to your needs and listen to your intuition. Beginning the 23rd creative and artistic people are all around, but you’re feeling more and more disillusioned with the creative group of which you are a part. Financial dealings get a boost when Venus turns direct on the 25th. Though you might still be overreaching your spending capacity and letting your tastes guide your wallet, you at least feel good about it, which boosts your self-esteem. By the 27th, Mars-in-Aries creates some boundary issues. Don’t let energy vampires get the better of you; practice saying no and sticking to it!

♊ Gemini ☿

Grab yourself some tissues, it’s gonna be a weepy month. And it all starts on the 5th. The emotional extremism (read: mayhem) of the Lunar Eclipse causes a stream-of-consciousness internal rant/identity crisis about what you lack and how you want/need someone to balance you out. You might also realize all that you’ve lost/gained from a partnership, and finally decide to deepen or call it quits; be careful not to project onto others what you should face yourself. As you seek to understand the strength of your deepest emotional ties, you also ponder your potential. By the 18th, Mercury begins swiveling backwards through Cancer, causing a sentimental reevaluation of your finances and value systems.

Memories make you sensitive about your inner resources — esp. what you feel you lack, and this dissatisfaction carries you into the Solar Eclipse on the 21st. This is an opportunity to purify and build your self-worth, and increase your earning capacity. Starting the 23rd, the surrealism surrounding your career fades and it’s time to face the music. What have you ignored about your professional goals? Success isn’t a fantasy; you’ve got enough ambition to make your dreams real. When Venus turns direct on the 25th, a wave of increased creativity and charm lightens and brightens your mood. Beginning the 27th, you’re ready to attack your hopes and wishes and pioneer opportunities for applause. Asserting yourself is a cinch, but you could come across as brusque and rash and to your friends and associates. 

♋ Cancer ☾

Channel some courage, you’re gonna need it. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings a swell of insecurity and restlessness surrounding your routine — particularly those who depend on it. You feel limited by obligations to dependents. What works for you doesn’t work for them anymore (or vice versa). Accept this and move in the way of your life’s direction. A conflict between freedom and security still plagues you. Urgent though you may be to have your security needs met, beginning the 18th, retrograde Mercury-in-Cancer has you holding back out of fear. Remember: not expressing what you want makes it impossible to get, so be honest. Good news: the courage to express your desires arrives on the 20th, and the longing for autonomy heightens. Commit to new beginnings.

The Cancer Solar Eclipse on the 21st is your day to start over, so think long and hard about you and what you want out of life. Days later, thanks to Neptune retrograde, illusions surrounding your aspirations begin to fade, and when Venus stations direct on the 25th, your private love longings finally come out of the closet. Beginning the 27th, Mars-in-Aries has you hurrying towards achievement. Experience has taught you not to prematurely act on impulse — especially when you have commitments– but now’s not the time for hesitance. Decide: Will you make things happen, or will you wait until it’s too late? Existing partnerships require sober contemplation just around the time you begin judging the future payoff of your intimate bonds.

♌ Leo ☉

Love is all you want. In fact, you’d give your left paw to be adored for your impressive creative talents and to also be in love. Well, the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th puts love and creativity in the limelight. This is the day to remind yourself and the world just how unique and impressive you are. Just don’t resort to melodramatics if not everyone worships at your feet. In the meantime, take stock of what you’ve accomplished these past few months, how you’ve improved the daily grind. It’s an ego boost you’re gonna need. Beginning the 18th, Mercury retrograde brings with it a wave of moodiness, melancholy, and deceptive thoughts. Hole away and reflect on whatever dreams/feelings come up. Though painful, this is a necessary part of the process. Introspection continues through the month, as you explore your imagination, spirituality, and secrets.

On the 21st the Solar Eclipse hits your psyche hard, but it’s a lesson in surrender; let fate be your guiding light — especially when it comes to romance. Starting the 23rd, you peel away the layers of your creative depths, and also acknowledge how material dependence impacts you. When Venus goes direct on the 25th, the love (read: recognition) you’ve been waiting for arrives in an unexpected way. Your creative work on a group project is well-received, and everyone is pleased with your ideas. Beginning the 27th, Mars-in-Aries brings out your seemingly dormant playfulness and confidence. As you charge towards your goals, know that faith and passion make you unstoppable…   

♍ Virgo ☿

Visualize yourself in your own secluded hideaway. Now, go there and hibernate all of June, because beginning the 5th, the fabric of your psychological foundations shake like a 9.5 earthquake. Subconscious fears emerge (namely the fear of not doing/experiencing enough), which have a less-than-ideal effect on your family and emotional life. Consciously face your fears to prevent unnecessary turmoil at home. Watch that you don’t fritter away your energy worrying about what others think. Beginning the 18th, dissatisfaction surrounds your hopes and wishes. Your life isn’t measuring high on your voltmeter, and you sense that you could be doing/having more. The irony is that you control your life (not the other way around). When the Sun enters Cancer, you find yourself commiserating with like-minded souls, which assuages your feelings of being left out.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st gives you the opportunity to build on these newly formed friendships. The veil surrounding your loved ones lifts on the 23rd, and you suddenly see your significant other (or business/work partner) in a new not-so-pretty light. When Venus goes direct on the 25th, you no longer have to struggle so much to be valued. In fact, everyone sees your versatility and savvy. By the 27th, Mars-in-Aries has you transforming the way you assert yourself. Dig deep and wake the courage slumbering within you. As you venture towards bolder decision making, this will rub other people the wrong way. But it isn’t their egos you should worry about… 

♎ Libra ♀

Look, 2020 hasn’t been kind to anyone, and that’s not changing any time soon, particularly not for you. (Sorry, I don’t control the transits, I only write about them.) The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th makes you acutely aware of your automatic behaviors, particularly the way you communicate and connect with others. Siblings also become a source of concern. Though still looking for inner peace and stability, you’ve also found yourself reflecting on how to best serve others. And beginning the 18th, retrograde Mercury-in-Cancer has you reflecting on your standing at work and in the world at large. This professional soul-search is slow, if not a bit negative and only intensifies come the 20th. In short, you’re touchy about your achievements (or lack thereof).

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st not-so-gently urges you to change all of this, should you find the motivation to move past any emotional attachments to your reputation. Still, this isn’t a good time to seek advancement on the job. On the 23rd, retrograde Neptune causes some difficulties between you and your employees/employers, though no one says or does anything blatantly, it’s all indirect. When Venus turns direct on the 25th, new experiences for personal growth become more appealing, love feels like an adventure again, and your words reach a wider audience. Beginning the 27th Mars-in-Aries forces more direct confrontations with your partners (either professional or personal). Unless you assert yourself, there is a danger that you will project your anger onto others…  

♏ Scorpio ♇

So the first week of June might get a little bit emotional. Not that you mind heavy emotions, being a water sign and all… Still, the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings out a torrent of insecurity and pain as you self-reflect. Normally, you’re self-satisfied with the gifts you possess, but this lunation forces you to question your values and latent talents. Are you really all that and a bag of chips (what is this, 1993?) or have you exaggerated your uniqueness? Either way, you, better than any other sign, have the power to transform. Beginning the 18th, you revisit thoughts of travel, as retrograde Mercury-in-Cancer backpedals through the adventure sector of your chart. Other areas of introspective interest: the meaning of life. What are your highest aspirations? How can you grow and mature?

When the Sun enters Cancer on the 20th, you’re tapping into universal energy trying to answer these questions. And on the 21st, the Solar Eclipse gives you the tools for an out-of-body experience that just might widen the scope of your third eye. Neptune retrograde on the 23rd causes some disillusion in the love department. This clashes with the ease that results from Venus going direct. Emotional attachments mean everything to you, but the main issue with these two transits is that things with your partner (or lack thereof) aren’t deep or complex enough. By the 27th, Mars-in-Aries sends you charging towards efficiency. Your daily routine revs up and things might get a little hectic… 

♐ Sagittarius ♃

Serendipity usually follows you wherever you go, not so this month. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th takes place in your sign, instigating a heightened interest in yourself. Emotions will run high, but there’s no need for a meltdown. Summon some objectivity as you explore your attitude, assumptions, aims and goals, and ask yourself: Is the way I am seen aligning with how I want to be seen? If the answer is no, your entire worldly outlook may change. While you’re still rebuilding the talents you’ve taken for granted and expanding your earning capacity, beginning the 18th, retrograde Mercury-in-Cancer brings some dysfunction out of the proverbial woodwork. Uncomfortable as it may be, examining your darkest, most secret emotional attachments is actually beneficial: you can figure out what you need to let go of in order to move forward. It won’t be easy, though.

Starting the 20th, you feel like you’ve fallen into a pit of despair; all the feelings are just — so — intense. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st is your opportunity to dive further into the emotional unknown and face your fears. In two weeks time, you’ll be psychologically reborn. On the 23rd, you get serious about getting over your childhood habits, but the memories keep on coming. When Venus goes direct on the 25th, dealings with your partner become noticeably smoother, and there’s less uncertainty surrounding relationships. By the 27th, Mars-in-Aries has you chasing fun, putting all your energy into all the creative hobbies that bring you joy. 

♑ Capricorn ♄

Cast aside your ideas that ESP isn’t real. The Lunar Eclipse is going to prove you wrong. (*GASP* But you’re never wrong!) You’ve been sensing a need for self-reflection and that’s just what you get on the 5th. Whatever feelings you’ve been hiding from will emerge lava-like from the volcano of your repressed psyche as soon as you shut out the world. Beginning the 18th, conflicts with your spouse/significant other arise because you can’t quite express your feelings. What’s more, you’re suddenly aware of the traits you lack: evasion, pretension, nostalgia (mind you, none of these are bad traits to lack, but you’re aware that you lack them nonetheless). On the plus side, you’re more willing to put your partnerships first.

And on the 21st, all of your partnership concerns swell in the days leading up to the Solar Eclipse. After the 23rd, retrograde Neptune strips away all illusions surrounding your communications with others. This transit, paired with retro Mercury, heightens the likelihood of misunderstandings between yourself and your relatives and/or neighbors. Conversations could even be gossipy in nature. When Venus turns direct on the 25th, your daily routine smooths out, and there are less kerfuffles about what to do and when and how to do it. By the 27th, Mars-in-Aries brings conflicts to the domicile. Maybe it’s the stay-at-home stuff, or maybe it’s just the fact that your family gets under your skin (i.e.: you want your freedom/space, and everyone’s being extra clingy); either way, squabbles will ensue…  

♒ Aquarius ♅

All that you dream and desire is in the process of manifesting. Repeat this affirmation, you’re gonna need it on the 5th. The Lunar Eclipse hits that spot in your chart where your biggest dreams, hopes, and wishes reside. It’s a test of faith: Should you give up and start over, or should you keep romanticism alive? The answer is so obvious, it’s almost funny. Beginning the 18th, retrograde Mercury-in-Cancer makes you extra critical of everyone around you (though you’re not entirely aware of this). And this surge of nitpicking festers further inward, making you more critical of yourself.

When the Sun enters Cancer on the 20th, you’re working tirelessly on all your household and family to-dos and also carving out a new routine. Bring on the cooking and cleaning, because these seemingly mundane tasks actually bring you much joy. (For now, anyway.) The Solar Eclipse is your day to adjust your habits to better align them with your routine. Is there something you want to give up (eating meat, for example)? Well, the 21st is the day to do it! Retrograde Neptune, confusion clouds your personal values, but  when Venus turns direct on the 25th, you don’t really care because you’re so comfortable being exactly who you are. By the 27th, the tempo of life gets a burst of speed with Mars-in-Aries, and you adjust by asserting your ideas and communicating bluntly with everyone you know — “selling” yourself, so to speak. Watch for an increase in defiance and overconfidence… 

♓ Pisces ♆

Passivity is your curse. Despite longing for the luxe things in life, you aren’t always willing to work for them. And why should you, when others always seem to provide things for you? The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th aims to change that. Career/professional reputation (or lack thereof) are emphasized, and you question the whys behind of your professional procrastination and self-satisfaction. Usually you favor quietude, but you need the emotional commotion to stir you into action. Otherwise, you’ll forever be relying on others to pad your resume. Beginning the 18th, retrograde Mercury-in-Cancer has you crying for no apparent reason and stirs up drama in your romantic life. Now, you and I both know that, second to Leo and Scorpio, you love when your love life is full of drama. That is, until it causes you endless pain. (It’s all the hopeless pining and nostalgia, you see.) Still, there’s hope!

An opportunity for a new secure-yet-still-passionate fling presents itself on or around the 21st with the Cancer Solar Eclipse. After that, Neptune retrograde makes you intensely aware of the self-made illusions shrouding your identity. When Venus turns direct on the 25th, your home is no longer a bone of contention. In fact, family squabbles and imagined hurts vanish into thin air. Voracity isn’t really your thing, nor is materialism, but Mars-in-Aries aims to change that for a little while. By the 27th, cash starts flying out of your wallet so fast, you can’t keep track of what you’re buying.