Jupiter Trine Uranus

Aspiring astrologer Cosmic Cannibal wants nothing more than to become a famous stargazer. Trouble is, the spunky and self-involved twentysomething (real name Camille) doesn’t have any clients. Determined to use the luck promised by her Jupiter Return, a rare planetary transit when fortune comes full circle, Cosmic clambers her way through celebrity birth charts, networking disasters, birthday parties, and episodes of her favorite astrology game show — all while trying to nab a client, get her name in a major magazine, and survive the criticism of her Mom/roommate. 

But after an identity-altering discovery in her birth chart, Cosmic must put her goals on hold and determine if Urban Adonis — a gorgeous guy she met at the grocery store — is the key to unlocking the luck of her Jupiter Return.

Using humor, romance, and astrology to drive its narrative, Jupiter Trine Uranus is an uplifting coming-of-age new adult fiction novel about the value of chasing your dreams. Featuring a diverse cast of female characters, JTU combines the humor of Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic with the puckish charm of This is Not a Love Story by Mary Hargreaves.

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