Venus Retrograde

After getting dumped by her Aries beau just days before Venus enters her sign, twentysomething Gemini astrologer Cosmic Cannibal is determined to rally. Scratch that — she’s hell-bent on using the good vibes of the Love Planet’s transit to help her become the world’s most famous astrologer. That means Cosmic has to:

  1. Become a roaring social media success.
  2. Get more clients.
  3. Get a column at Planetarium, a major astrology magazine. 
  4. Save her current job (even though she hates it)

All while locked away at home during the Covid-19 quarantine. 

Cosmic thinks she’s found the secret to her success when she aims to join and write about a brand-new astrology dating app. But she soon learns one of the top astrologers in the ‘biz is writing about the app, which means Cosmic might not get the success she’s after. Just when things are looking up, Venus turns retrograde and three of Cosmic’s former flames return to her life, and the once-determined astrologer realizes that getting over a breakup while chasing your dream isn’t as easy as it seems.

Read this novel and more on Wattpad.

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