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Published in The Fear Journal, July 2020
Light incense and wait;
seductive aroma flows,
a mix of
cedarwood, spice, and cypress,
spiraling, snaking all around.

Smell him in the room.
Assurance swells:
He will call.

Sultry scent grows faint.
This seductive smog -- 
this mossy-sweet musk,
with hints of mint and myrrh --
stirs memories of him and me.

I choke on the smoke
and mental souvenirs,
supplicating still—
Make him call. 

Panic possesses me, 
burns away
trust and certainty,
leaving ashes of putrid hope,
smoldering doubt.

Room reeks of weeks wasted
wanting and wishing
to hear his voice
feel his love.

Conjure him
again and again,
whisper pleas and prayers
into the freshly cleansed air;
but my desperate petitions
go unheard until

Sultry scent of incense descends
Invoked words glow 
like embers in the dark:
“It’s more than love.” 

Originally published in The Fear Journal

Featured photo by Jaclyn Moy on Unsplash