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August 2020 Horoscope

All that the planets have in store for August 2020.

Summer 2020 has thus far been a vortex of retrogrades, eclipses, and emotional upheavals. The slow build up, and eventual surge of the Covid-19 second wave didn’t help. And while we’re still betwixt and between expectations for the future, one thing is for certain: the show must go on. There is no better proof of this than the planetary transits. Currently, the Sun is moving through Leo, a fire sign devoted to drama as well as faith, love, and the joy of life. The collective mindset has thus shifted towards that of the astro-Lion. Still, there are a number of other transits taking place this month that will inevitably cause bumps, bruises, and blaming.

  • August 3rd — Full Moon in Aquarius
  • August 4th — Mercury enters Leo
  • August 7th — Venus enters Cancer
  • August 15th — Uranus turns Retrograde 
  • August 18th — New Moon in Leo
  • August 22nd — Sun enters Virgo

Curious about how these transits will affect your life? Find your Sun & Rising Sign below. 

♈ Aries

Amuse yourself, Aries, and let your love shine. The Sun and Mercury in Leo brings heart back into your life, also rekindling the flames of romance and passion. Life is definitely more active, if not a bit dramatic, and you feel like a kid again. Still, that’s the joy of living, isn’t it? On the 3rd, the Full Moon in Aquarius forces you into isolation, which gives you insight into your hopes, wishes, and dreams. Is your desire for appreciation steering you in the right direction? If not, take a risk and change — even if it means being “outed”. After all, no one becomes a hero by sticking with the status quo. When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, more time at home stirs your sentimental instincts. Parent or child relationships come to the forefront, while memories of past loves have your heart aching for closeness; don’t pine too hard, just ride the waves of feeling. Starting the 15th, retrograde Uranus in Taurus shakes up your values, prodding you to radically shift away from the “old way”; that means freeing yourself from material dependence and mundane responsibilities. On the 18th, the New Moon in Leo has you wishing for romance and recognition; set the intention to love yourself. By the 22nd, you head towards a new routine and start charting your habits, both good and bad… 

♉ Taurus

Take pride in your past, Taurus, it’s what got you where you are today. Indeed, Sun and Mercury in Leo are asking you to embrace your insecurities, family, and the child within. Know that this act of courageous self-compassion doesn’t go unrewarded: Intuition heightens. In the midst of mothering yourself), the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd brings an abrupt memory about father figures (or lack thereof), which sends you reeling into overwhelm about issues with authority and what it means for your goals, limits, and career. Solitude is the panacea. When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, align with, and find comfort in sibling-like friendships; just use caution when making a choice about love. Beginning the 15th, Retrograde Uranus in Taurus (momentarily) disrupts your freedom and sense of identity. Break up. Break free. Break loose. More importantly, be flexible. This is a time to restructure your view of the world and set new goals for yourself, but you must be willing to improvise and go with the flow. On the 18th, the New Moon in Leo encourages more nurturing and self-examination; an opportunity to be magnanimous with your parents or move into a new place arises. By the 22nd, Sun in Virgo you take a more matter-of-fact approach to life, remembering there’s a lot you can be grateful for: friends, health, romance… the list goes on.

♊ Gemini

Great Scott, thanks to Sun in Leo, the urge to voice your opinions, seek variety, and satisfy your curiosity is at an all-time high. And it only gets stronger starting the 4th, when Mercury enters the fixed fire sign. A day before that, the Aquarius Full Moon brings a healing conclusion about a goal and/or belief — SURPRISE! — it’s not what you expected, but your world view changes for the better. You survived retrograde Venus in Gemini, and hopefully, the love planet coaxed out some self-love and aligned your head and heart (there are also more than likely lots of creative projects left unfinished). Well, on the 7th, Venus enters Cancer, ushering in a shift in values. Tenaciously take inventory of your gifts and sift through your possessions, just curb the instinct to trust things over people. It’s important to cultivate healthy (i.e.: non-possessive or deceptive) relationships with others, as it builds self-worth. On the 15th, retrograde Uranus in Taurus rocks your psyche, unearthing dreams, illusions, and maybe even hidden enemies. Abandon resistance to trapped emotions; miracles happen when you uncage yourself. The 18th brings a new opportunity to express yourself and use your creativity to connect with others. By the 22nd, focus shifts to your home, family, and early foundation. Irritating as this stroll down memory lane may be, try not to nitpick over your fam’s faults too much… 

♋ Cancer

Contentment colors your August, Cancer. As your temperament warms with the Summer temps, you loyally attend to your familial and romantic obligations. In doing so, you build your self-worth. With Mercury in Leo, you want recognition for your ideas, and find satisfaction in friendly conversations. Still, you can’t ignore your feelings, which inflate the importance of security. On the 3rd, the Full Moon in Aquarius forces you to revise your investments (emotional and/or financial). There’s a brief, but extreme conflict between freedom and security, but you must decide to separate from controlling relationships. Endings are a hard but necessary step in the path towards spiritual change. When Venus enters your sign on the 7th, nurturing needs take over. You want to receive more than give, and aren’t as tentative about expressing these desires. Starting the 15th, retro- grade Uranus in Taurus forces you to pause and reassess your hopes and dreams. Are you settling for less than what you want? Don’t be afraid to rebel against group pressures and find what brings you joy. On the 18th, the Leo New Moon energizes this need-for-joy, pleasure, and personal freedom, forcing you to question your values. Set the intention to make your happiness a priority. By the 22nd, the Virgo Sun shifts your focus to learning and the health of your mental state. 

♌ Leo

Let go of the past, new beginnings are in the offing. With the Sun in your sign, you’re inspired to inspire others and use your magnanimity for good. When Mercury enters your sign on the 4th, you’re inclined to verbally express your individuality, but it might be more prudent to write what you want to say before you say it, since you’re so outspoken and self-involved atm (it isn’t megalomania, just plain ol’ insensitivity). Before that, the Aquarius Full Moon on the 3rd lights up your relationships, but romantic companionship isn’t all that’s on your mind. Your career as well as potential business partnerships require your attention; a karmic conclusion could be reached. Starting the 7th, Venus in Cancer has you feeling more spiritual and a tad touchy about love. Sympathy, understanding, and intuition help you undo any romantic grief brought unto yourself. Beginning the 15th, retrograde Uranus in Taurus brings back conflicts with authority figures whom you feel are holding you back from your true calling. You feel like quitting and starting afresh. New-but-actually old work opportunities arise. On the 18th, the Leo New Moon gives you the energy and enthusiasm to start afresh; set an intention for growth. By the 22nd, the Sun shifts into Virgo, bringing a welcomed period of self-reflection and relaxation. 

♍ Virgo

Visualize where you want to be in a month, then wait a month because this month kinda sucks. Dreams, deja vu, and drama plague you, pushing you into voluntary confinement. Silver lining: your compassion for others surges, and you can use it (along with Mercury in Leo’s urge for creative self-expression) to help someone in need. On the 3rd, the Full Moon in Aquarius has you insecure about your efficiency. Let go of this quest for perfect productivity, think about your health and habits, and take a progressive approach to change. When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, you’re maternal towards your friend group, taking a break from hibernation to satisfy your tenacious craving for appreciation and acceptance. Beginning the 15th, Retrograde Uranus in Taurus shakes up your ideals, goals, and expectations. (Travel) Plans for the future need to be reassessed, as does your worldview. Desperate though you are to make drastic changes to your routine, don’t let restlessness force your hand in major decisions. On the 18th, the New Moon in Leo heightens sensitivity, so do yourself a favor and escape to a quiet place; there you can explore your feelings and reflect on how to manifest your deepest dreams. By the 22nd, the veil lifts with the Sun in Virgo, bringing with it a sense of purpose; you’re primed and ready to face the world… 

♎ Libra

Loneliness is often the by-product of being an individual. With the Sun and Mercury in Leo, you’re all about expressing your individuality with fun, force, and flair — regardless of the consequences. Friends who know you already love you, but what about the people you’re about to meet? Your desire to belong, in addition to your hankering for appreciation, may leave you feeling left out. On the 3rd, the Full Moon in Aquarius puts a spotlight on your love life and ego. You suddenly finish or fold on a creative project; or you take an abrupt romantic risk. Either way, you’re infatuated with the results. When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, your reputation attracts a ton of love. Authority figures (parents, bosses, etc.) are smiling down in approval of all your hard work; enjoy this surge of public appreciation, just don’t get too self-indulgent. Starting the 15th, Retrograde Uranus in Taurus asks you to find meaning in your intimate dealings. Relationship crises and challenges are meant to wake you up. New friendships form on or around the 18th with the Leo New Moon. Despite the lack of waterholes at which to convene, your social life is still alive and kicking; party invites abound. By the 22nd, Virgo season sees you seeking asylum from all the festivities; and so begins a new cycle of rest and relaxation… 

♏ Scorpio

Someone has high expectations for their life. As you should, Scorpio! Leo season has you courageously taking pride in your career and reputation. (If you don’t yet have a career, this is a good time to bravely go after one!) What’s more, your leadership abilities are at their highest. On the 3rd, the Full Moon in Aquarius has you questioning your lifestyle. Are recognition and flashy achievements really what make you feel safe and secure? If not, let your intuition guide you towards that which does nurture your inner child. When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, you’re making global connections. Even if you’re not physically mixing and mingling with other cultures, you can still connect with those who share a different world view and learn about yourself in the process. Don’t get offended by their beliefs, cultivate compassion instead. Starting the 15th, Retrograde Uranus in Taurus challenges you to question the value of your relationships. Stagnant agreements (either romantic or business) may need to be broken if it means reforming your life. On the 18th, the New Moon in Leo presents an opportunity to nurture your professional goals; use this lunation to grow your commitment to yourself and your legacy — just wish for more than recognition. By the 22nd, the Virgo Sun sees you fervently seeking freedom; watch out: life is full of surprises… 

♐ Sagittarius

Speak your truth and teach the gospel of love, freedom, and passion, for both Sun and Mercury in Leo are giving you the confidence to put yourself out there. Still, you need the freedom to roam and explore as you plan your big dreams for the future; just be on guard for burnout. On the 3rd, the Aquarius Full Moon has you itching to get out of your immediate environ- ment. It’s your allergy to monotony, and it’s flaring up something fierce. High strung as you are, you get a flash of genius: your need for change can be satisfied with a short trip (just be sure to bring your face mask). When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, a sexy and compelling new relationship theme begins. You find these intense nurturing instincts confusing. Don’t get obsessed trying to solve the puzzle of passion, just let it flow. Beginning the 15th, Retrograde Uranus in Taurus challenges your productivity and health, making you abruptly aware of your flaws; reform your routine to bring order to this inner chaos. On the 18th, make a wish to attract abundance; the Leo New Moon expands your confidence and convictions, and you believe anything is possible; don’t be afraid to be grandiose with your intention.) By the 22nd, Virgo season brings career goals and your professional reputation to the fore… 

♑ Capricorn

Controlling your environment is second nature to you, but thanks to the Leo season, this need to control causes some crises. Power plays are likely, as is drama between you and your intimates. Really, these challenges are a test of self-control. Crisis shines a big bright light on your inherited dysfunctions: pride, egotism, etc. A wave of insecurity about your values and self-worth arrives on the 3rd with the Aquarius Full Moon. This lunation sees you (or your kiddo) reacting in a rebellious — almost smug — way, resisting closeness. When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, a surge of sympathy for your partner replaces the aloofness. Agree to disagree and find comfort in the emotional exchange between you and your loved ones; get ready to nurture and be nurtured. Beginning the 15th, Retrograde Uranus in Taurus aims to shake you out of passivity by challenging stalwart ideals about your “specialness”; children, romance, and creative hobbies are all affected by the unpredictability of this five-month-long transit. Nurture your sixth sense on the 18th; the New Moon in Leo presents an opportunity to investigate the mysteries of your creative and emotional depths. Set the intention to transform attitudes towards intimacy and joint resources. By the 22nd, the Virgo Sun brightens your path, fixing your mind on the future. Travel, school– How will you expand your worldview? 

♒ Aquarius

As you aim to take control of life, think about this: how much is validation driving your actions? With the Sun and Mercury in Leo, the need to be liked has you overemphasizing your self- importance. Indeed, your current desire for drama may create unnecessary conflicts between you and the competition (or people who feel like the competition). Get excited about compromise. On the 3rd, the Aquarius Full Moon sees you making significant decisions in defense of your independence; avoid the impulse to emotionally explode, and instead keep your eye on the future. Release whatever is obstructing your freedom. When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, your social life calms down, though there’s still a bit of romantic drama. Prioritize self- compassion and make the necessary arrangements to bring balance to your chaotic daily routine; self-love makes bad habits disappear. Beginning the 15th, Retrograde Uranus in Taurus dredges up family issues from the past. Try not to care so much about your parents’ approval (or lack thereof) and instead brainstorm practical ways to break out of the status quo. On the 18th, the Leo New Moon opens up opportunities for growth via partnerships (business or romantic), so set the intention to attract or deepen an ongoing bond with a new beau. By the 22nd, the Virgo Sun emphasizes the need to resolve your issues with intimacy…  

♓ Pisces 

Pause and partake in some self-care. With Leo season, there’s an emphasis on “me” time — baths, yoga, self-massage, etc., all of which help to balance your mind, body, and spirit. Indeed, this is your time to help yourself and get rid of any harmful habits. On the 3rd, the Full Moon Aquarius highlights unfinished business related to the future. In order to move forward, you must deal with the dilemmas of the past; miracles happen when you abandon delusions and self-delusions. When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, your love life, creativity, and sense of self get a subtle-yet-satisfying boost. Indeed, you’re in your element during this transit, as sensitivity, gratitude, and the urge to nurture have you extending your compassionate heart out to everyone in your inner circle. Bonus: what you give, you receive in spades. Starting the 15th, Retrograde Uranus in Taurus breaks you out of your mental habits, and pushes you towards maturing your mind. Though jarring at first, this unexpected impulse to learn new things helps you to grow as an independent and innovative thinker. On the 18th, the New Moon in Leo presents you with the opportunity to pick up a new habit and create a new routine. By the 22nd, Virgo Season takes attention away from self-care and fixes it on finding oneness with others.