Written by 9:22 am Horoscopes

Halloween Blue Moon

With this Halloween Full Moon conjunct Uranus, it’s a lunar doozy.

Happy Halloween Blue Moon!

The last time a full moon took place on Halloween was in 1944, so to say this Full Moon is historic is an understatement. 

A Full Moon occurs when the Moon enters a sign and degree directly opposite the Sun. Today’s lunation saw the Scorpio Sun & the Taurus Moon in opposition to one another at 8° (which happened to conjunct Uranus-in-Taurus — but more on that below). This opposition between the fixed earth sign and fixed water sign is significant in many ways, but most particularly because of the signs’ planetary rulers. 

Venus-ruled Taurus & Mars-ruled Scorpio are opposite signs ruled by opposite planets (this opposition gives us a peek into the Venus-Mars opposition that arrives Nov. 9th). The main conflicts between these planetary energies are: 

  • Relationships vs. Freedom 
  • Passivity vs. Activity
  • Personal Resources vs. Shared Resources

Cautious Taurus wants full custody of its material landscape, whereas enigmatic Scorpio invests in spiritual and emotional indwelling of themselves and others. Both signs aim to possess — to own — what they believe is rightfully theirs; they want security of body (Taurus) and soul (Scorpio).

This Full Moon dredges up a feeling of ungroundedness in both our relationships with others and our relationships to ourselves, which inhibits our collective desire for inner and outer security. Our relationship to substance (Taurus) and our desire to cultivate emotional intimacy (Scorpio) are at odds.

When you add Uranus into today’s planetary cauldron, well, let’s just say things get even more unstable. 

Uranus is the planet of sudden change and mutation. The outer planet wants large-scale revolution for its people — whatever the cost. However, with Uranus currently in Taurus, an earth sign that dislikes variety and change on any level, there is a heightened sense of stagnation filling the skies. We want to move forward and progress, but not if it means losing our sense of security and comfort in the process. 

Unfortunately, Uranus cares little about security and comfort. 

When the Moon & Uranus are conjunct (in the same sign/degree), impulsivity and rashness abound, as do severe mood swings and an inability to discipline our time and attention. In the days leading up to and following today’s lunation, we’re impatient with our current reality. We want change, we want something different and out of the ordinary, but we are too frazzled and frenetic to be able to discern what exactly that change looks or feels like. 

Thus, it is important for us today to take the time to self-reflect. Quiet the noise (both internal and external) and explore the mysteries of yourself in order to gain clarity about what changes need to be made in your life. Sometimes the biggest change occurs from the smallest shift in our daily routine. What do you need to let go of in order to grow? 

Because we have three planets retrograde (Mercury, Mars, and Uranus), it is likely that any manifestation we aim to cultivate on this full moon will be delayed. Yes, I know 2020 is chock full of delays already, but that is because we are being encouraged to dig deep and determine whether or not we really want what we think we want. Retrogrades are annoying, but inevitable.

This Halloween Full Moon is a test of endurance. 

Bright side: Mercury turns direct on Nov. 3 (election day), and Mars follows suit on the 13th (though it remains in its shadow phase for the rest of the year), so we will feel a slight collective unburdening of tension and obstacles in the coming days/weeks, though we are, unfortunately, in no way out of the dark. Another eclipse season is on the way!