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Venus Opposite Mars transit, explained

What can we expect with the oppositional pull between the two divine lovers?

Ah, the divine cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars. Every so often they kiss among the stars. Sometimes the kisses are loving, sweet, or passionate (trine, sextile, conunct aspects) and other times, the kisses are hard, clumsy, or awkward (square, opposition, quincunx). Today, with Venus-opposite-Mars, their kiss is fervent yet haphazard.   

In myth, Venus (Aphrodite) and Mars (Ares) were divinely drawn to one another because deep down they sensed they had what the other needed. 

Venus is a luscious, lotus-eating, let-them-eat-cake lover of harmony and hedonism. The Roman Goddess of Love is also the goddess of pleasure, desire, beauty, sex, fertility and prosperity. Mars, however, is a brash, fast, and rash, animalistic brute who is as strategic as he is passionate. Venus attracts. Mars pursues. Venus loves. Mars fucks.

The mythic Love goddess and War God had an erotic extramarital encounter that brought a temporary spell of peace to the otherwise combative Mars, while also firing up the typically passive Venus before it was interrupted by the latter deity’s husband, Vulcan. 

What can we learn from this tiny tale of fatuous infidelity?  

Archetypally, Venus and Mars represent our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, respectively. Today, the two planets’ opposition takes place in the signs of their rulership– Libra and Aries –which only further exaggerates their energetic pull. 

When they oppose one another in the sky, their energies must converge. Venus needs to be shaken awake from her hedonistic slumber in order to fully prosper, and Mars needs to have his untamed passion softened in order to relate to others. Like every pair of Twin Flames, they need to clash before they can even think about clicking. (In rare cases, they click and then clash.) 

With this transit of Venus-opposite-Mars, we can thus expect a tussle between closeness and independence, between relationship and freedom, and between passivity and activity — both in our love/professional relationships, as well as our relationships to ourselves. With focused intention, we can utilize Venus-opposite-Mars’ upsurge in sexual desire and divine creative energy to mate, merge, and blend with our opposite (be it internal or external). 

But like the myth of Venus and Mars, we only have a short time in which to do so. Opportunity knocks with brief planetary transits like this one, and we must take advantage of them.