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2020 Sagittarius Season

The vibe of 2020’s Sagittarius season– which starts November 22nd and ends December 21st R…

originally published in The Scribe

Scorpio, you’re a wonderful sign and all, but it’s time to pass the solar torch to your successor, Sagittarius. That’s right, the mutable fire sign is our next astrological heir apparent, and this zodiac season shift couldn’t come at a better time. 

     With a surge in Covid case numbers, the uncertainty of the election, and the all-at-once pileup of assignments for pretty much every class, Scorpio season was, in a word, intense. Good news: come Sunday, we wave goodbye to all that intensity and welcome in the optimism and hope of Sagittarius season. 

     An astrological season is simply a term used to describe the Sun’s movement through a particular zone of the zodiac. Each year, each astrological season brings with it a fresh bundle of vibes. These vibes depend on the movements and moods of the other planets.  

     The vibe of 2020’s Sagittarius season– which starts November 22nd and ends December 21st –is unique, since the usual freedom-loving feels of the fire sign are curbed by the pandemic. Still, there are highlights and hallmarks of this forthcoming astrological season we can look forward to.  

     Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and idealism, Sagittarius season inspires us to expand our horizons and achieve abundance each and every year. Collectively, this translates into a widespread urge to let loose and find meaning in our everyday lives. 

     Known in astrology as the world traveler, Sagittarius (represented by the Archer) is an endlessly curious, friendly, and sometimes dramatic mutable fire sign. During this season, we feel an unquenchable wanderlust and thirst for exploration and self-expression alongside our best buds, be they books, pets, hiking trails, or in-the-flesh friends. 

     For most of Sagittarius season, Venus will be in Scorpio, so the desire for closeness is still strong, but affections are bubbling under the surface. It’s best to examine your feelings and passions before you go boasting about them. Adding to that, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Sagittarius on Dec. 1st, which doubles the dose of fiery energy. Think of this transit as a planetary Red Bull– it gives our brains wings, making ideas and exchanges more animated and inspired. If you have any essays to write or presentations to give, this transit will offer a much-needed mental boost. Just watch that you don’t get too idealistic or opinionated! Support your claims the Sagittarius way: with truth.

     And now for the bad news. We have a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on Nov. 30th, which kickstarts our third and final eclipse cycle of 2020, and a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius Dec. 14th. Eclipses are by no means easy to handle, as they stir up emotions like potions in a cauldron. These lunations also initiate major life changes. But don’t fret over the seemingly foreboding tone, there’s always an upside to this and every transit. Important projects and personal issues finish on or around a lunar eclipse, so if you’ve got a major paper or application to finish, aim to do so by Nov. 30th; when you do, new opportunities arrive with the wind of the Dec. 14th solar eclipse. 

     Overall, Fire and Air signs will find Sagittarius season beneficial for creative projects and interpersonal relationships. Whereas Earth and Water signs will be inspired once again to dive into their feelings, work, and family/home affairs with refreshing honesty. 

Whatever your sign, rest assured that 2020 Sagittarius season will deliver on its promises of hope, optimism, and a little drama. 

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