Mars Direct is the Pick-Me-Up We All Need

originally published in The Scribe

2020 has been a chaotic year for astrology, with a mishmash of emotionally taxing planetary transits, including but not limited to: solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, rare and debilitating outer planet conjunctions, and yes, those pesky, godforsaken retrogrades. But now we can breathe a collective sigh of relief: The worst of these mishmash transits– Mars Retrograde –is finally O-V-E-R. 

Last Friday, Mars, the planet of ego, energy, and enterprise, stationed direct in Aries, halting its two-month-long retrograde motion through the cardinal fire sign. Before you roll your eyes and scoff at the apparent absurdity of this statement, let me first explain its significance.

When Mars is retrograde (meaning it appears to move backwards in the sky– though it isn’t really moving, no planet moves backwards), your motivation, determination, and meaningful goals come to a standstill. Sluggishness, irritability, an overall feeling of I’m-heading-nowhere– these are all par for the bumpy course of Mars retrograde. But now that the planet has stationed direct, we can put these woes behind us and get back on track. 

Perhaps there were goals you set for yourself that tired you out. Maybe the workload in certain classes was beyond overwhelming. Or maybe you wanted to argue with everyone (thanks, politics). Either way, during Mars retrograde, we had to slow down and strategize before charging ahead (or lashing out). Now, with that lesson (hopefully) learned, malaise, overwhelm, irritability, and argumentativeness will no longer interfere with our goals. 

Even though Mars is still in its shadow phase, the retrograde fog has lifted, so we can be more mindful about how we use our energy– especially as we head into the end of the semester. Bonus: Mars direct will give us a boost of vigor to help us power through finals week. Is life going to be smooth sailing from here on out? Eh…no, but with this difficult transit over and done with, getting through everyday will be a lot easier– just so long as we channel our energy, enthusiasm, and ego productively

Mars Direct Horoscopes for your Sun/Rising

Aries ♈ 

As it’s your ruling planet, Mars’ retrograde hit you and your confidence like Thor’s hammer. Being the headstrong optimist that you are, you took these hits in stride. Mars direct rewards you with a surge in enthusiasm and energy. You’re also armed with the courage needed to tackle any challenge…  

Taurus ♉

Though emotionally and physically sapped, you somehow made it through Mars retrograde. With the planet direct, action takes place behind the scenes. Hidden problems arise, so too do intense urges to escape. What parts of the past feel unfinished? Target your energy there, and you’ll charge through 2020’s remaining obstacles…  

Gemini ♊

Group endeavors take off like a Roman Candle with Mars direct. You’re connecting with like-minded souls and speaking all sorts of truth to the masses. Assert your uniqueness without coming across as antagonistic or defensive, and this adventure in large-scale communication will hurtle you towards major personal and professional progress…  

Cancer ♋ 

Confidence and recognition don’t come easy to you, but you secretly wish they did. With Mars direct, wishes can become reality if and only if you commit to your long-term goals. No more zig-zagging or nursing fears of insecurity, Cancer, it’s time to take the lead and go for it… 

Leo ♌ 

Lucky you, Leo. You’ve been working your tail off it and not seeing results, but Mars direct is hurrying you towards new possibilities and that big goal you’ve been eyeing for what feels like eons. Success is so close, you can practically taste it. Give your goals that extra push…   

Virgo ♍ 

Vacantly awaiting transformation doesn’t serve you, Virgo. No, you must hurl yourself towards change. Good news: with Mars direct, you can do just that and more. Watch for your tendency to self-shame. In fact, as you concentrate on self-discipline and change, you should also concentrate on letting go of hostilities… 

Libra ♎

Let go of the conflicts in your relationship(s). While retrograde Mars had you projecting animosity onto your partner– it’s not you, it’s them (isn’t it always?)– with the planet direct, it’s time to unite. Motivate yourself and others towards a common goal. Who knows, maybe that goal is love… 

Scorpio ♏

Survival comes naturally to you, and be glad it does. Only a Scorpio could survive the chaos of Mars retrograde. With the action planet direct, the pace of your everyday routine picks up considerably. Productivity surges, and your desire to perfect and improve your day-to-day work and everyday tasks intensifies… 

Sagittarius ♐

Surprise: Mars direct electrifies your desire for importance. You’re once again friendly, flirtatious, and eager to take some risks for recognition and romance. Be careful that this confidence boost doesn’t turn into a superiority complex. People always like you, but only when you’re true to your light-hearted and unstuffy self. 

Capricorn ♑

Change isn’t your bag– you’re too busy. While Mars retro had you longing for, but unsure of disrupting, the status quo, with it direct, you can to chase a new lifestyle and/or residence. Nbd, right? With new habits and/or a new home setting, there’s more room to grow…  

Aquarius ♒

And just like that, you’re back to being your curious and social self. Retrograde Mars (and Covid) may have slowed both your social life and brain, but with it direct, you’re undaunted by the seemingly unstimulating virtual meet-ups. Bonus: you’re already inspired to invent a new form of online communication. 

Pisces ♓

Procrastinate no more! Mars direct pushes you to take the incentive and take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Are you in conflict about the two? Don’t be: identify your innumerable natural talents to release any doubts about your self-worth. This self-fondness gives you the push to secure your future… 

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