December 2020 Horoscopes

Originally published in The Scribe

Never was there ever a year that we wish would end sooner. Unfortunately, I can’t accelerate the movements of the planets, but I can at least give you a cosmic weather forecast. This month, we are collectively called to lighten up and look on the bright side. 

     December opens with mind planet Mercury moving into adventurous fire sign Sagittarius, a transit that fires up our thinking and makes communication more direct and potentially more impulsive. Indeed, reflection and judgement may be lacking, though honesty abounds. Come the 14th, we have our final eclipse of 2020 in– you guessed it –fire sign Sagittarius. Our lack of reflection could also make us more reckless about change, so be sure to think, think, think before you act (or react). Following this, love planet Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 15th, which encourages us to let loose in our relationships and do something fun with the people we love. 

     On the 17th and the 19th, Jupiter and Saturn shift into inventive air sign Aquarius, putting an emphasis on humanitarianism, social reform, and originality. By the 21st, Capricorn season begins and we go back to the daily grind, but an even bigger shift takes place. Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius for a major celestial transit known as the Great Conjunction. This may be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, but the Full Moon in moody water sign Cancer gets the last word on the 29th. Sensitivity is heighted this day, so be wary of any water works. 

     For a better idea of what to expect this month, read your Sun/Rising Sign Horoscope below.


Adopt an attitude of gratitude and watch your goals grow. Appreciative enthusiasm manifests success, so stay upbeat and thankful as you move towards your newest goal-of-the month. Just keep your intrepid ego in check. Grandiosity can lead to heartbreaking disappointments. The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 14th brings meaningful connections with those outside your circle, which in turn leads to a spiritual epiphany of seemingly epic proportions. Starting the 21st, you sharpen your focus on your vocation, but still seek approval from mom and dad. Buddy up to non-parental authority figures if you want to know which direction you should be heading. The Great Conjunction has you emphasizing your uniqueness. You are exceptional, Aries, but it’s important for you to applaud the eccentricities of others. Altruism engenders massive and lasting gains. The Cancer Full Moon on the 29th underscores your need for a lifestyle change. Don’t let petty insecurities interfere… 


Transitions are never easy, but they are necessary. As you transition into December, you likewise shift into a more emotionally intense phase, and pressure and/or resistance from those closest to you have you questioning your most intimate bonds. The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse sparks an emotional crisis that, though dramatic, shows you who’s loyal and who’s not. The Great Conjunction brings blessings from authority figures– teachers, bosses, parents — and their advice helps form the framework for your long-term goals. Their adage: if you believe it, you can achieve it. Beginning the 21st, sober positivity and wisdom pervade your everyday. It’s like you have faith in the future or something. (Weird, right?) With certainty you charge headlong into understanding more about life as a whole. The Cancer Full Moon on the 29th has you feeling insecure about your family. There’s a confrontation with the family (especially Mom) that could go south… 


Generosity and good vibes abound for half of the month. Optimistic and easy-going, there’s also a hint of the opportunist in you. Ah, but who cares? You’ve got the grace, charm, and confidence to pretty much get whatever you want. (Or so you think.) Just don’t take the positivity for granted. The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 14th brings close relationships to the fore. Romantic and/or professional partnerships, usurp your attention. Can you make the right choice? By the 21st, your tone changes to one of a more serious and somber nature. Contemplative, if not a bit brooding, you ponder your secret self. The Great Conjunction gifts you with visions of the far-off-but-totally-achievable future. Significant opportunities for growth are coming your way. On the 29th, the Cancer Full Moon sees you doubting your value. Don’t fret or get defensive, Gemini, those who really know you, know your real worth… 


Carping, impatient, depleted by your daily routine– yep, it’s that time of year again! Pre-holiday to-do-lists and responsibilities are piling up, which leave you zero time to unwind. The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 14th heightens frenzied feelings, adding a dash of chaos to your day-to-day. Rather than complain, carve out moments for self-care, and remember: disorder is part of the process. By the 21st, pangs of loneliness have you pondering your role in relationships. Are things working out the way you like? If not, it might be time for a break. The Great Conjunction promises a period of rebirth. Powerful changes are on their way, you just need to let go. In doing so, you allow a longed-for transformation to begin. The Cancer Full Moon sees you cracking open your shell and revealing the soft underbelly that is your loving heart. Good thing too, the world needs your tenderness…      


Look alive, Leo, this might be the happiest and hopeful period of the year. Indeed, your need for recognition is too powerful to resist. Restlessly eager to show off to others, you run the risk of coming off ostentatious if not a bit overbearing. But if people can’t handle your exuberance, it’s their problem, isn’t it? On the 14th, the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse brings a chance to boost your radiance even more. It may be a promising love affair, a new creative endeavor, or a social event– either way, give yourself permission to have fun. Come the 21st, you’re back to the grind, but sticking to a routine is hard. Remember: Productivity requires serious discipline. The Great Conjunction materializes gains to your partnerships– both professional and romantic– so prep for a proposal. On the 29th, a swarm of nostalgia and sensitivity arrives with the Full-Moon-in-Cancer. Allow, don’t condemn your vulnerability… 


Vulnerability need not be your enemy, even if your feelings make you restless and defensive. Rather than run, make friends with your emotions and give your intuition some room to wiggle. The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 14th sees you questioning the status quo and hankering for a lifestyle change, which ultimately calms your rapidly swinging moods. By the 21st, your gratitude, confidence, and joie de vivre flower. Covid cabin fever can’t even stop you from scheduling virtual hangouts with everyone in your rolodex. Socialize your heart out, but not before the Great Conjunction, which generates a plethora of ideas about how you can heal yourself and others from the inside out. As you’ll learn, it starts in the mind. From there, the body follows. On the 29th, the Cancer Full Moon brings unexpected insight into your habits and routine. Follow your razor-sharp instincts, they won’t ever lead you astray…     


Life is moving at an exhilarating pace. Everyday you’re chit-chatting with scads of people– virtually and through email. But with so much to do and so many people to contact, you run the risk of mental burnout. Take a step back and let others do the talking. On the 14th, the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse takes everyday casual conversations to a deeper, more philosophical level. Mental pathways are opened. Starting the 21st, your focus shifts to your inner self. What security needs aren’t being met? Are there habits you need to break in order to align with who you want to be? Ruminate sans judgement. The Great Conjunction prompts a boost in your self-esteem and wisdom. A new period of positive growth is set in motion. Sentimentality surges on the 29th. The Cancer Full Moon brings an opportunistic public display of emotion. It’s the right day and time to air grievances… 


Security– emotional and material –is super important to you right now, and you’re hustling your stinger off to get it. Hard work magnifies your self-esteem, which attracts opportunities like flies. You wish this cycle of happy accidents would never end. Sadly, it does, but not before the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 14th, which ushers in more funds to deposit into your bank of self-worth. Starting the 21st, you feel like the boss, but a role reversal is in the offing. Difficult though it is, try delegating tasks every once in a while. The Great Conjunction has you assessing your habits and home life. Once you figure out your true feelings (and maybe let go of past resentments), you’re ready to plant new roots and grow. The Cancer Full Moon on the 29th finalizes travel, graduation, or family plans. Or maybe you just indulge in gauzy dreams about such things…   


Somebody’s birthday season has arrived! That’s right, the spotlight on you, Sagittarius, and it couldn’t shine at a better time. You’ve waited all year, take these next few weeks to enjoy yourself. Start fresh and form how you want the next year to look. What lessons have you learned? What are your new aspirations? The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 14th answers these questions with a bang. Starting the 21st, focus shifts to your gifts– and not just the ones under the tree, I’m talking natural gifts (i.e.: your talents). Take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, and determine how you can use both to further your goals. The Great Conjunction will assist this by generating an epic epiphany that sets all your hopes and dreams in motion. By the 29th, you take a good, long look at your shadows. Heal any holes in your heart with some TLC…  


Compassion is not your favorite feeling. That’s not to say you don’t think about, or want to help other people, you just prefer a tough love approach. Don’t be such a Scrooge McDuck. Give gifts of kindness to others. The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse will remind you why this is so important. Beginning the 21st, you can say Bah Humbug again, and turn the attention back on you. Still, this isn’t selfishness. You’re merely catering to your needs for the first time in, like, ever. But isn’t that what birthday seasons are for? The Great Conjunction upgrades your inner and outer resources. Though it may not be a financial boost, you still reap many rewards, the biggest one being an enhanced sense of self. On the 29th, the Cancer Full Moon momentarily shifts focus to relationships. It’s a rare day in which you actually share your feelings. Expect many emotional confrontations… 

Aquarius ♒

Anticipation about tomorrow gives you random bursts of energy, sure, but it also makes you jumpy, tense, and super chatty. It’s especially hard to turn down the volume of your thoughts. A few minutes of meditation quells nervousness. Better yet, share your ingenious inventions with friends. The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse is a good day to connect with like-minded folks and maybe even someone new. Starting the 21st, you abandon the group brainstorms for more serious solo contemplation. During this incubation period, reflect on dreams, fantasies, and the past, but pay special attention to the feelings this alone time stirs. The Great Conjunction simultaneously amplifies and tests your enthusiasm and integrity about personal aims and goals. This could be the day you commit to an unexpected year-long adventure. On the 29th, the Cancer Full Moon sees you overwhelmed by the to-dos of your daily routine. Don’t freak: Relax with some self-care… 

Pisces ♓     

Perhaps now is the moment for tough love. No more daydreaming about what you want to achieve, go for it. The only person who really doubts you is you, so conjure up some self-belief and set some higher expectations. These next few weeks are a time when idealism and reality merge, but you have to be willing to weather obstacles with a confident smile. The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 14th is the penultimate night for raising the bar. By the 21st, all your efforts pay off, and you might just luck out and find that place where you belong. Before that, the Great Conjunction enhances intuition, giving you a vision of the future, but it’s up to you to make this vision a reality. The Cancer Full Moon on the 29th shines a light on your identity. Is it real or is it just an illusion? Only you know…

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