Birth Chart Reports

Wait– don’t you mean birth chart readings?

No, the above title isn’t a typo. As an astrologer/writer, it only makes sense for me to offer astrology reports.

Over the years, I have worked with countless clients to help them gain a deeper knowledge of themselves and their birth chart by interpreting the planets in the signs and their placement in the astrological houses. And while I recognize the value of a verbal birth chart reading, my specialty lies in writing these interpretations. Why? I believe in the power of the written word, and I likewise believe that in times of doubt it is important to have written reminders of our capabilities and strengths. 

Imagine being able to read the story of your astrological personality whenever you want. That’s what my Birth Chart Reports offer.

Every client — just like every chart — is different. As such, I offer various types of astrology reports.

Example Sample, Pisces Sun: “Ever the illusionist, your unspoken devotion to idealism and transcendance, as well as your impressive imagination, conjure things that others cannot see. If only they believed what you believe: just because something isn’t visible doesn’t mean it’s not real.”  

My writings are as conversational as they are informative and empowering, and are suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced fans of astrology. If you don’t speak the language of astrology, don’t fret, just let me know! Click here to order your Birth Chart Report.

Thank you for choosing me to be part of your astrological journey. I look forward to writing the story of your chart!

— Camille, Cosmic Cannibal

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