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Capricorn Season 2020-21

Capricorn season, which runs Dec. 21st through Jan. 19th, is all about taking care of business and …

Happy Winter Soltice! Following the Great Conjunction, which saw outer planets Jupiter and Saturn “hooking up” in Aquarius, the Sun has also shifted out of spontaneous Sagittarius and into industrious Capricorn. Good news, too: 2021 Capricorn season is smooth sailing, with only a few planetary shifts. 

     An astrological season is simply a term used to describe the Sun’s movement through a particular zone of the zodiac. Each year, each astrological season brings with it a fresh bundle of vibes, which vary depending on the movements and moods of the other planets.  

     Capricorn season, which runs Dec. 21st through Jan. 19th, is all about taking care of business. Whether that’s a literal business, or the business of your home/family/personal life, the Capricorn Sun motivates us to take control, take charge, and get sh*t done. 

     Ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitation, discipline, and inhibitions, Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign that likes to play the part of businessman/big daddy. In plain speak this means Capricorn is destined to lead, organize, and build substantial (read: lasting) success by treating all aspects of life–family, work, love, school –like a business. Collectively, this translates into a widespread desire to work hard and build something for ourselves and others. 

     Known as the Old Goat, Capricorn is a loyal, prudent, industrious, and self-sacrificing sign with loner tendencies. During the sign’s season, we are urged to prioritize work over play and sacrifice over indulgence. By making hard work our primary concern, we make massive strides towards manifesting our goals, all the while (im)proving our self-worth as well as that of our family. 

     For half of Capricorn season, Mars moves towards finishing his transit through rambunctious Aries. But on Jan. 7th, the planet enters Taurus, a shift that brings much needed stability of purpose and caution to our pursuits and ventures. 

    Venus remains in Sagittarius, which means our desire for free-wheeling, friendly flirtations and social excursions is still raging like a wildfire. Come Jan. 9th, Venus enters Capricorn, and collective values shift into that of a more evaluative and sober disposition. Our worth and the worthiness of our romantic partners/friends, become more important than dates and fun.

     Adding to that, Mercury, the planet of communication, also enters Aquarius on the 9th, tripling the amount of airy energy in the skies. (Other two planets: Jupiter and Saturn.) This Mercury transit has us thinking about and visualizing the future. Thoughts are erratic as they are ingenious and original, and focused solely on fraternity and forward progress. 

     Overall, Earth and Water signs will enjoy the solitude and self-enforced introversion Capricorn season brings. Creative goals and personal relationships benefit from the constructive shrewdness. Whereas Fire and Air signs will reluctantly dive into their feelings, work, and family/home affairs with stoicism and reserve, all the while waiting and wishing for winter to end. 

Regardless of your sign, rest assured that you’ll benefit in some way–however small or mundane –from Capricorn season 2020-21. And if you don’t believe me, remember this: at the very least, this Capricorn season makes the sh*tshow year that was 2020 a thing of the past.

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