2020 Cancer Full Moon

     On Dec. 29th, at 8:29 pm MT, we will have our last full Moon of the decade in cardinal water sign Cancer. And why not? We opened 2020 with a Cancer Full Moon (lunar eclipse, to be exact), so it’s only fitting that we should close the year with one too.

     Taking place at 8° Cancer, December’s final Full Moon evinces themes of security/insecurity. In astrological numerology, the number 8 corresponds to Saturn, which rules earth sign Capricorn. Known as a karmic number, 8 is the number of patience, responsibility, inferiority, caution, restriction, and self-control. However, we may find these qualities more difficult to tap into come Tuesday.  

     In astrology, the Moon is the luminary of our emotions, instincts, habits, and imaginations. It is also the planet that rules cardinal water sign Cancer. So, this Full Moon shouldn’t feel all that unusual or emotionally upsetting, right? Eh, not so much.

    Full Moons shut away our logic and stirs up our most primitive inner selves. This is what causes hysterics, heightened anxiety, and emotional outbursts. But the type of hysterics and outbursts– rather, the focus of our hysterics depend on the sign in which the Full Moon occurs.

     As a cardinal water sign, Cancer is the penultimate sign of emotional motivation. When Cancer is activated in the sky, we feel the urge to act on our feelings, regardless of how irrational they are. This energetic drive directly opposes that of stern and stoic Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign concerned with material wealth, security, status, and professional authority. 

     Cancer, represented by the shell-loving crustacean, the Crab, is committed to family, home, children, and security (both emotional and material). With the Full Moon in Cancer, home, family, enmeshment, codependency, and security issues will surge. There will be an inner contest about what we’ve achieved in the professional world and how those achievements (or lack thereof) affect our home and family lives. 

     Because both signs represent parental figures, Mommy/Daddy issues will rise to the surface, or you might experience a literal squabble with your parental figures. Suddenly (it will feel), you’ll get a vision of yourself as part of a “happy” family living in an “ideal” home, then burst into tears because the happy/ideal elements of the reverie feel unattainable or unfeasible. 

     This is a nasty habit of Cancer, which is a negative polarity sign. That is, Cancer is not an optimist. Instead of focusing on releasing negativity to attract the positive stuff that will make us feel secure in our home and family lives, the Cancer Full Moon will see us dwelling on the past and on what is missing from our lives. Nostalgia for what was and what could have been nurses a sense of undue dissatisfaction, emphasizing a sense of lack. 

     Uranus, the planet of revolution & the unexpected, is retrograde and also making a loose sextile to the Sun and Moon. Since Uranus is in Taurus, an earth sign concerned with material security, issues related to our finances, money earned/spent, stability, and personal possessions, will also arise. If something is building, something else must break, and vice versa. Anything can happen with Uranus transits, so expect the unexpected. 

     Also activating some angst on Dec. 29th  is a square between love-and-values planet Venus in Sagittarius and dreamy Neptune in Pisces. When these two planets (which are octaves of one another) clash in this way, disillusion about our values, self-worth, and relationship results. You may find yourself confused by a relationship, friendship, or creative project that you were so certain of a few days ago. Or you may even feel your self-worth plummeting. Know that these feelings are temporary. 

     For the Full Moon in Cancer on the 29th, watch out for excessive moodiness, hypersensitivity, and unhealthy sentimentality. But keep in mind that these seemingly negative feels of the Cancer Full Moon can be immensely purifying in the long run. When we allow ourselves to really feel our emotions, we also allow ourselves to overcome unhealthy attachments and move into the future with more self-confidence.      

     So, cry, wail, and sob about whatever home, family, and security insecurities are plaguing you, without telling yourself you’re a big baby. Show yourself some sympathy, but avoid dwelling on past injuries just for the sake of it.

     Full Moons are centered around release and the conclusion of cycles, especially as it relates old emotions and detrimental habits and insecurities. Tuesday’s Full Moon is aiming to close the cycle that we started back in July with the Cancer New Moon, aiming to resolve all the emotions, habits, and insecurities we’ve accumulated since then. So, set aside some time for self-reflection and ask yourself what cycle in your life is resolving? Remember that Cancer is as much about the beginning of cycles as it is about the end of them. 

      2020 has been an unkind year to us all. It’s better that we enter 2021 emotionally nourished and cleansed than still attached to grief, sorrow, melancholy, and dissatisfaction over our home/family lives. Eveoke some of the magic of the number 8, and be cautious as you release the feelings that no longer serve you. Above all esle, get ready to shift into a new beginning!

For more astrological logic from Cosmic, check her out on IG. And if you’re hankering to learn more about Cancer, Capricorn, and the planets, check out The Zodiac Abstract.

Feature Photo by David Cole, via Unsplash.

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