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Aquarius Season– What’s it all about?

The short and sweet lowdown on Aquarius season.

Bye bye Capricorn! The Sun is leaving the sober and studious season of the Goat in the rearview and driving headfirst into friendly and progressive air sign Aquarius. Ready to plug into the future, try new things, and get a little weird with fellow freaks–uh, I mean friends? Then strap in your seatbelts, the solar ride is bumpy!

Every 30 days, The Sun transits a zone of the zodiac, ushering in a new astrological season. With each season, we get a new surge of energies associated with the zodiac sign. The season of Aquarius, which lasts from Jan. 19th – February 18th, is one of fraternity, independence, experimentation, and unpredictability. 

Of all the 12 zodiac signs, Aquarius is best known best for its curiosity, originality, and tolerance. When the Sun is in Aquarius, we’re more open-minded and inquisitive, with a strong desire to connect with others and help out those in need. It’s true, under the Aquarius Sun, goodwill and sociability are at their highest point of the year. 

Depicted as the Water Bearer, Aquarius is often considered to be an emotional and  empathetic water sign, but that’s bogus information. Aquarius IS NOT A WATER SIGN, Aquarius is an air sign and is interested in airy pursuits like debate, discussion, creative collaboration, and social progress. Water Bearers are as curious about social issues as they are about inventing creative solutions for them alongside their best buds, but they tend to live in their heads rather than their hearts. After all, air is the element of the mind.  

As a fixed air sign, Aquarius stabilizes the goals initiated by cardinal earth sign Capricorn, but the Water Bearer doesn’t accomplish this in ways you’d expect (never expect anything with Aquarius). Naturally rebellious under the Aquarius Sun, we don’t want to follow directions or play by the rules. That kind of prudence is best saved for Capricorn season. Instead, we’re interested in a little anarchy and experimentation. Basically, we want to tear down what was previously built–be it career, relationship, life goal, personal limits –in order to see what is and what isn’t working. From there, we can restructure and move forward. 

Ruled by the oddball outer planet, Uranus, Aquarius has inherited some quirks, including but not limited to: detachment, stubbornness, unpredictability, and eccentricity. Water Bearers reading this won’t see how any of those traits are quirky, but that’s because they aren’t quick to condemn anyone or anything for being different. While that’s a noble trait, it’s also a touch too idealistic, which is yet another characteristic of this sign and season.

It’s true, Aquarians are idealists and well as optimists. On top of that, they’re friendly, and accept others just as they are, encouraging them (if only by their actions) to be more at ease with being their most unique selves. It’s this comfortability with standing out in a crowd that we will most see during Aquarius season. That, and an intense interest in our fellow humans. 

The 11th House, which is ruled by Aquarius and the oddball outer planet Uranus, better explains Aquarius’ large-scale human interest. Ruling such things as social awareness, life objectives and ideals, hopes & wishes, humanitarian concerns, technology, and cliques/group dynamics, the 11th House revolves around the notion of large-scale human interest. 

It is by way of groups and an impersonal link with humanity that we are better able to mentally connect with and fulfill our life’s objectives. This sign/house link influences our actions during Aquarius season, as we’re more excited about pursuing the goals that give back to the world while also satisfying our urge for uniqueness. In other words, we want to express more of our individuality in a group setting. So, don’t shy away from waving your freak flag, if the occasion calls for it. 

Overall, Aquarius season is one of thunder and lightning. It’s a time when we should expose ourselves (not literally) to many different interests and people, break past any limitations, and emphasize our freedom to be exactly who we are and who we are meant to be. 

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